Planetary influences 4. 8. 14 by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Planetary Influences 4 8 14

Blessings to all,

A few quick notes on the astrology / planetary influences of 4.8.14.

Venus remains in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron Retrograde, indicating that the Spirit-Form manifestation (birthing) process is still underway. So many of us have felt the immediate experience of ‘shifting’, but our realities and perceptions of them will take a little while to keep up Some have already seen instant manifestation. The Venus Pluto opposition has ended, meaning the most crises oriented, sometimes painful, part of the birthing has ended. Know that Juno will come along in September and kick the process up again, but in very different ways. After that, we see little activity of the kind for some time, barring the Moon’s transits in Cancer.

The Moon has just lit up the Mars Ceres Vesta stellium in Libra, activating its square to Jupiter and Mercury. I speak about that in more depth here:

We are also likely to feel an intense sense of being pressured or constrained, particularly in the expression of our emotions when the Moon conjuncts Saturn towards the end of the day. This can become an opportunity to learn how to put appropriate limits or boundaries on the way you share your intimate resources (energy, time, sexuality) with others.

Now.. for the big aspect I’ve been wanting to tell you about!

Sun-Mercury-Jupiter are in a stellium (conjunction at orb 7 degrees) together in Leo, forming a Yod with Pluto Retrograde and Neptune Retrograde. I’ve not talked about this yet, so I’ll spend a little time on it here.

The Sun represents our Light of Awareness, the point or sphere of life in which our vital energies and waking consciousness is drawn towards. Whenever the Sun is someplace, it is as though a flashlight has been turned on and a magnifying glass held up to one aspect of your self – passages highlighted in a familiar book.

Pluto Retrograde is the agent of manifesting soul-shaking, shadow-healing crises that lead to phenomenal spiritual transformations. It can be perceived as a truly painful aspect, but its lessons are ones which (like Saturn) teach us in ways that transform us (for the better). Coming out of a Pluto transit might feel like you’ve just survived a boxing match with Ali or Tyson, but you leave holding a precious box, lined with the greatest jewel of all – Your Authentic Being. In Retrograde, these crises are likely to erupt in the psyche on the basis of personal perceptions about others and their actions, instead of anyone literally trying to you in any way.

Neptune, when direct, is that kind of hazy, ethereal mist that lightly twinkles upon the world, weaving its seductive spell over us all as we become entranced in illusion. This can make for a wonderful romantic or spiritual experience of love, but can equally spell the ingredients for being deceived. It is the dual edge of the sword of Illusion – beautiful, but deadly if you live in it for too long. In Retrograde motion, Neptune’s energy often uses its own sword to ‘cut through the crap’ and help you see the inconsistencies and idiosyncrasies of wishful or magical thinking and spiritual fluffiness. It can help you see where you are willfully deluding yourself, and in so doing, holding yourself back from becoming all that you can be.

I refer you to the link above for a summary of Mercury and Jupiter, and the energies of Leo.

When you take these energies together in a Yod configuration, what you essentially get is Pluto Rx in Capricorn sextiling Neptune Rx in Pisces, both inconjunct the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Leo. This is an extremely powerful combination. The inward crisis of Pluto is trying to get you to change superego/ societal perceptions of ‘success’, ‘career’, ‘achievement’ or ‘legacy’ – this blends harmoniously with Neptune Retrograde telling you to get real about your spiritual choices and perspectives. The two make a powerful combination in themselves. When both are inconjunct to the Leo stellium, what you see is a situation which creates a (perceived sense of) crisis emanating in your Capricorn and Pisces houses, that then call upon or greatly impact the way you manifest the Sun (conscious focus), Mercury (intellect, analysis, travelling between realms) and Jupiter (philosophical position, authority, teacher-student relationship, blessings) in Leo. The outcome of this Yod will be in the sign of Leo, linked to the 5th house of creativity, love, children, innocence and the Purity of the Inner Child construct.

Strictly speaking, this is not a ‘perfect’ Yod, but intuitively I sense it still has the full effect of one. This Yod lasts until August 5-6th. By that point the Sun and Mercury will be closer to Lilith – and you will then have to face their inconjunct to Chiron Retrograde. I will write more on that later.

Blessings to all,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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