PRIESTESS IS A VERB, NOT A TITLE: COMING INTO YOUR OWN POWER AND BEING COMFORTABLE WITH IT – by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD + Quotations from a friend

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I wrote this in response to a post I saw earlier today. It struck a nerve, but it was a nerve I know tapped into some collective wound, which I – and all beings are enmeshed in. A wound that triggers deeply rooted attitudes of judgment and shame when one seeks to balance ‘being spiritual’ and ‘being powerful’.

The two are not mutually exclusive – a lesson that women, in particular, are beginning to remember at this time.. You are not egotistic if you let your power shine through you and if you are seen as powerful. By the same token – ego can come in even when you falsely pretend to be less than you are, or hide away from your birthright.

The original piece as a whole (which I commented on, which sparked this post) was beautiful and contained much wisdom. I focus on this aspect as it is the one that looked like it needed to be expanded upon. Together, we’ll get there! :

“” You’re right in saying that our connection to Goddess is not dependent upon external validation and titles – but that does not mean that we have to hide from what we are, or that we need to fear coming out and embodying that which we are. She calls us to Awaken in Silence, just as she calls us to Roar forth and Embody.

I have been a priestess for many lifetimes. I don’t see it as a fancy title, it is who I am. It is certainly not one that I – or others who use that title- take for the sake of prestige or to be trendy.

Not being who we are, and hiding in the ego, refusing to ‘own our Paths’ … is just as problematic as associating those titles with true spiritual connection – it’s very context specific and hard to generalize because each Path is Unique.

As a woman in an Asian context, taking my own title is nothing short of an act of absolute rebellion, and I did so listening to the quiet guidance within. My ego was terrified, and I calmed it. I knew it was the right thing to do. But that is my life, and perhaps – that too resonates with others. All else you have said I agreed with. “”

Between you and me – for far too long as the title of priestess, and the right of woman to serve in religious and spiritual institutions been denied. For too long have our beliefs and spiritual alignments been condemned. Be-coming those states, those beings, once more is not to surrender to your ego. It all depends on what your Path is.

If She asks you to embody that external sense of authority, power, then that’s what you gotta do. If your task is to work in the background and embody in silence, then to do that. But neither path is lesser than the other, and it would be a mistake to associate embodying that power and owning it with the sheer trappings of egotism.

Ultimately, you can’t generalize what your path of Awakening will be – nor it is fair to judge another’s. This is the point I wish to make and hope that the message can be seen for what it is.

To conclude, I leave you with the words of someone on one of my pages said – in response to the original article and my commentary – and it really struck the right chord:

” When you turn Priestess (or Priest) into a VERB, it is no longer a title. It’s what we DO. We DO things like perform ceremonies, fundraise, listen, heal, love. It’s so much more than a title or a status…

Priestess is a VERB, not a title. ” ~ By Tiffany Dembek

Blessings, Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

[Postscript: In retrospect, I see no reason why it can’t be both 🙂 Best of both worlds! <3 🙂 ]

Images: John Collier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; By Mwhs at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons; Flickr user ”Mantas LT” on Wikimedia Commons

40 thoughts on “PRIESTESS IS A VERB, NOT A TITLE: COMING INTO YOUR OWN POWER AND BEING COMFORTABLE WITH IT – by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD + Quotations from a friend

  1. hkrowe says:

    I really love this and resonated with your words here. So true. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Roche says:

    What a nice empowering article, thank you !

  3. Carol Cooper says:

    Thank you so much for this. So needed to hear this today. Yesterday in meditative dance I was being called to embody the role of Dakini fully – I was afraid thinking what would people say and think, such was the fear rising in me of lifetimes of persecution. I let go and surrender today. Your article has made me see it is not a title of pretence, it is what I was born to do and today I step into my power and move towards being comfortable with that. . Thank you xxx

  4. Doro says:

    What a beautiful and encouraging article! Women have been hiding in their shells, mostly created by the society. We think that getting attention needs to be done through our body image, but the real beauty is within our minds, deeds, thoughts. There is a lot of power in women. I believe women are the real warriors, priestesses, healers, mothers with their eternal endurance, hope, and faith. United, we can make this world beautiful again.

  5. Anna-Saqqara ,Priestess of Avalon says:

    Inspiring thank you for standing up for us all as we reclaim the right to embody our full soul selves as Priestess , and yes in this life it is very much a verb,as well as a title , and it can be very scary to stand up and be seen as the eternal Priestess’s that we are especially as quite often it has been the cause of our deaths many times over ! So thank you sister priestess keep spreading your light and truth and may we all gain from your courage ! Blessed be xxx

    1. Bairavee Balasubramaniam says:

      Oh ho, you too 🙂 *hugs* Blessed Be sister, I would love to stay in touch with you 🙂 xxxx
      And Avalon has been on my mind these days, intensely so <3

  6. Tara Greene says:

    i have always remembered my past lives as a Priestess of the Goddess in many temples in many cultures. I remember being tortured and burned at the stake for being a “witch” more than once. I served her as a Tantric priestess, midwife of life and death, lover of the Ancient Mother Goddess who created all. My heart broke many times as the invading patriarchs destroyed Her beautiful temples, raped and killed her devotees, and all that i loved and worshiped.was despised.. But millions of us women have returned now awake, knowing, sharing, growing, remembering the Ancient ways, honouring the Goddess within and all around. The Divine Mother, Qwan Yin, Lakshmi, Shakti, Durga, Isis, Diana, Kali, Goddess of a thousand names you are returning again. We embody you as earth Goddessess and must learn what the Divine Feminine is again.

  7. Molly McNeilly says:

    I’m glad you reposted this. Rereading it touched a place in me that it didn’t touch on the first go-round.

  8. Tamu Ngina says:

    What a wonderful and affirming post! Thank you!! I began to embrace the “title” Priestess fully in the last two years. Why? Because that is what those around me began to refer to me. I suppose I had already been Priestess in action but in our Western society everyone expects a certificate for everything, which I do not agree with. You can learn any actions but just because someone taught you something does not mean you are able to EMBODY it.

    I knew in my heart of my Priestess role but it took many years before I claimed it. I claimed the title but the truth is I was already that and needed no certificate to validate it. In actuality my validation came from my community as in those close to me who started to refer to me as a Priestess.

    Thank you for echoing my feelings. So happy I found your site!

  9. moonlily says:

    So lovely! This has me remembering when I was dubbed a Priestess and thought.. funny.. I don’t ‘feel’ any different. I thought it interesting how we sometimes feel more ‘worthy’ from external validation or sometimes it doesn’t even matter, it’s all about how we feel about it.


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