Aug 15, 2014 11:13 pm – August 16, 2014 7:28 pm , GMT + 8

Blessings to all,

We’ve been having a nearly-perfect Grand Sextile in the Skies, owing to the motion of the Moon through Taurus. The sky is lit up with this energy and it is a wonderful opportunity to manifest abundance in whatever form you desire it (externally – as wealth, or internally – as self-esteem and other inner resources). Remember to check with Spirit to see if the intentions you put out there are aligned with your Path, or if they are just serving the Ego.

The Grand Sextile is slightly imperfect owing to the lack of a trine between the Moon and Pluto Rx, as well as Mercury and Pluto Rx. A weak Moon-Pluto Rx trine does come into being, but it’s the Mercury-Pluto Rx channel of energy that we need to focus on in order to activate the Miracles of Manifestation inherent in the Grand Sextile.

Mercury has just entered Virgo (12:38 am, August 16) and is seeking to trine Pluto Rx at 11 Capricorn. Mercury is particularly strong in the sign of the Priest/ess, the Self-Sufficient Being able to Manifest Needs and still Serve Others in this Earthly Plane.

The charts show us what energies the planets bring to the table as it were. here’s nothing to say that we can’t manifest those energies for ourselves with focused intention and spiritual alignment and attunement.

The missing energies from this configuration (that make it a near-Grand Sextile) are trines between the Taurus Moon and Pluto Rx, as well as Mercury and Pluto Rx. A weak Moon – Pluto Rx trine does form later on through its own motion in the sky, however, the Mercury-Pluto Rx trine is one which we shall have to bring into our lives through our own efforts.

Virgo (where Mercury is) and Capricorn (where Pluto Rx is) are both Earth signs. Consider how you exist and live in this material plane, and what you wish you could manifest and dissolve. Use your intellect, analysis and perceptive abilities to gain a better understanding of how you are embodied in this world, and how this world is embodied through you. Thinking about what your choices are and how they relate to society’s understanding of what is ‘successful, appropriate, legitimate, desirable’, etc. can help you see if your desires are driven by the Super-Ego, or not.

This is a time to Use the Mind to Penetrate your Understanding of the Material World and find Your Authentic Relationship with it.

In addition to these aspects, we will also be experiencing an intense T-Square. The Taurus Moon opposes multiple bodies (Ceres, Vesta, Mars) in Scorpio. A classic conflict ensues between your assertive desires and energy of transformation – with – your emotional desires to feel secure through comfort and stability. The Moon seeks to enjoy what already is, whilst Mars and Ceres and Vesta are pushing you to dig deep (through the Earth that Taurus dances upon), to find what is Powerfully and Truly Your Own Vision of Material Incarnation.

This powerful opposition will form, on both sides, a square to the energies of Jupiter and Venus, preparing for their conjunction on August 18th. This is the apex of the T-Square. Here, we are challenged to refine the way we judge, perceive, evaluate and relate to the material world. We are challenged to learn and embody the lessons of balance and stability – along with profound transformation and disruption (where necessary). We are called to find a relationship of loving detachment (owing things, but not being owned by them) to all aspects of material life, spiritual/religious teachings, understandings of femininity and romantic partnerships. Women, in particular, are likely to feel an intensification of those aspects which they associate with their femininity. In the sign of Leo, housing Jupiter and Venus, this T-square is likely to erupt and emerge in the form of a bold declaration of self, or self-assertion. Great creative works that celebrate the beauty of loving detachment are possible at this time. Great writings and teachings on the subject that allow you to live and love your earthly body and life, without losing sight of the Spirit that runs through all is possible, and encouraged.

So this is what’s happening now in the skies, and will continue for the next 15.5 hours.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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