23 8 14 astrology heads up

Been a while since I did one of these. Well, there’s a massive buildup of energies in the sky. We’re heading towards a powerful New Moon in Virgo on the 25th, along with the Mars-Saturn conjunction just a short while later. I’ll give you the degrees and times in another post – for now let’s just talk energy.

Mars and Saturn in Scorpio are the biggest players in the sky right now. So many of us, particularly empaths, psychics, priest/esses and other types of sensitives are feeling the building intensity. Sometimes it’s being blindsided by emotions from the past, another’s desire for power over you (often through indirect forms of control), an intense, almost obsessive emphasis on sexuality, occult knowledge, or the deepest form of intense self-knowing and transformation. (or combinations of the above) Those who act without integrity are likely to use the energy to acquire energy, property, currency, anything that is not morally theirs to have. The 8th house, Scorpio, is also associated with the formal distribution of wealth among partners, which can equally apply to a divorce proceeding or reading of the familial will.

So Mars is giving you that drive to act (however you choose to) and Saturn is making you face a test of integrity, karma and whether you have the necessary self-discipline to harness this energy and act in a way that helps you break out of old cycles, and into new heights of understanding.

The two can be a very destructive force, but also a very empowering on (albeit through an intense feeling of stress). Remember that the 8th house is also associated with regeneration, healing and renewal.

With this going on, we’ve got Jupiter in Leo squaring Vesta, and are building up to the exact moment of that aspect. Here the Teacher, the Guru who understands the legitimate, accepted and socially sanctioned Path meets the Priestess who Guards the Underworld. She holds her staff, and strikes it down in the face of Un-Truth, Fallacy and False Interpretations. I expect clashes between understandings and approaches to the spiritual, particularly between partners of some kind (Scorpio). This is also a time where Vesta is unlikely to remain quiet if she feels her faith has been wronged (knowingly or unknowingly) by Jupiter (the guru, the public speaker, the teacher) in a public stage/format/arena (Leo). Parents, watch out for this dynamic when you interact with your kids as Leo also rules over your offspring.

Venus squared Mars is also building up. That classic clash of dominance between one archetype of feminine energy (in Fiery Leo) and another archetype of masculine energy (in Deep Watery Scorpio). This can be powerfully channeled as passion in the bedroom, but more destructively, as interpersonal conflict that takes an all-or-nothing approach to the ‘battle’ of wills.

Mercury trined Pluto not too long ago as the Communicator met the Transformer in energetic synergy. Our vision of how we Serve, our understanding of Sub[ordinance and Authority met our understanding of ‘Success’ and ‘Legacy’ (as seen through society’s eyes. We would have articulated in some form or another, ways to see through the lofty ambitions of Capricorn. But with Pluto retrograde involved, this communicative or analytical act of expression may have simply erupted or emerged, almost beckoned, from the depths of the psyche.

Mercury, Pluto, Juno and Neptune are part of a Mystic Rectangle. All these elements combine to create a great creative flow, if harnessed. Should you repress your emotions and thoughts and feelings at this time, you are likely to feel deeply blocked. Remember to keep yourself flowing and grounded.

The Near Grand Sextile is still in the skies and continues to be till September 21st. Powerful energies of manifestation that continue to anchor the vibration of our collective consciousness, imbued with the imprint of Divine Feminine Energy.

As part of the NGS, we have a powerful Grand Water Trine between Juno, Ceres, Vesta and Neptune Retrograde. The Spirit of the Feminine Half, The Nurturer, The Priestess energetically synergize with the Maya-Maker/Maya-Breaker Neptune.

If it hasn’t been already, your spiritual world is about to be Rocked! Goddess Style!

There’s lots of other aspects in the sky right now. But these should provide you with a solid guide to the most intense of them.

Blessings and Love,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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