I notice that when people talk to me about their charts they say ‘I AM’ a Scorpio, or ‘I HAVE’ a Scorpio Moon, or something like that. Those are statements which, too often, become badges or labels which people fixate on themselves. I am X, therefore I will act as X does, therefore I will have X , Y, Z, challenges and weaknesses. It’s that kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that can be incredibly limiting.

You’re not a Scorpio, or Virgo, or Pisces or whatever. You were simply born at a time when the Sun transited through a particular part of the sky. The way that interacts with and is expressed through You, Your Essence, your Boundless Soul – depends upon so many factors: other planets nearby, aspects made, where your Ascendant is and so on.

So not all Pisces/Aries/Taurus/pick-your-sign-people are the same. It is a quite damaging thing to claim that you are one thing, your essence is one definable energy, because of one element in your chart. As an intuitive astrologer, I can tell you it does not work that way.

For instance – For some people, the role of the Sun isn’t particularly major in their lives – they’ve got other things going on in their chart. I’ll use myself as an example – I was born whilst the Sun was in Capricorn. As per the astrological cliche I’m supposed to be emotionally reserved, calculating, domineering and fixated on success and ambition (to the point that nothing else matters). Those of you who have interacted with me are probably like – eh?

Whilst I know there are learned astrologers in my group of friends and subscribers – this is a message for everyone who isn’t. The power of such damaging stereotypes is one that is not fully acknowledged in the field of astrology.

Equally, I would consider the very rigid definition of houses and planets in ‘exalted’/’detrimental’ states to be equally damaging (Venus in Aries, for example – tell me, are you really surprised that the energy of the feminine in the sign of the path-breaker is seen as a threat?).

I find that the definitions, of what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in astrology, tend to be steeped in the shadow of patriarchy and a very narrow understanding of Spirit.

Let’s take Virgo as another example of an independent, archetypal feminine energy re-written in a patriarchal time. She held her own, she was dependent on no man – and so she was labeled as frigid and difficult. She liked to make sure the details were taken care of – and so she became nitpicky and neurotic.

Does that sound like the energy of the Vestal Virgin that Virgo originally referred to? The sexually liberated, wholly independent energy of the priestess or female spiritual facilitator? …

Feel it… go with your gut. And come to your own conclusions.

(One of many examples I could give you. )

So, for those who are interested in continuing their journey of self-understanding through astrology – I would only ask you to be more cautious with the material you deal with. If something is telling you think a certain way and your gut says something else, follow your gut. As with so many things, there is a whole lot of unnecessary and outdated dogma and tradition surrounding the field of astrology that we really need to shed off and move away from.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be the world’s greatest astrologer or claiming to have a monopoly on the knowledge of how astrology should be interpreted.

There are gifted, astrological geniuses out there in the world – and when you have a reading with one of these people – you’re not going to be filled with fear and dread each time you look at your chart. Only today did I hear someone who was told that many planets in the 12th house meant she’d have many hidden enemies.

No one is born with the destiny or karma to fail in love, to be loveless, to never see success, etc. If someone is telling you ‘this is who you are’, ‘this is the way your life will be’ – my advice would be to find a different astrologer.

You are Boundless. Spirit cannot be fully explained through any one method of interpretation. No matter what anyone tells you, ultimately, it is YOUR Chart, and YOUR Life will only manifest through the Choices that YOU make.

Nothing is written in stone.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD




Image Information: “Antoine Caron Astronomers Studying an Eclipse” by Antoine Caron – [1]. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

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