Coping with Mars

Look to Scorpio in your natal chart (Google can help you with free sites to do that is a good place) and see which house it is in. Whilst it is our deepest place of transformation, it, along with Vesta (also in Scorpio right now) also shows us our path to regeneration. Here’s a few ideas – but bear in mind each chart is unique, and each house works differently when influenced by other planets within it:

Scorpio in the 1st house: Release through exercise, meditative practices that involve a recognition of the flow of chi and prana in the body, remember to ground regularly. Martial Artists, Dancers, Athletes, you know what I mean.

2nd house: Have your feet on the physical ground-Earth. Sit in nature, be joyful, try laughter therapy if you haven’t already. Find a reason to really get down and dirty (in the wholesome sense on the term) – quite literally, roll in the mud. (I have a happy memory of doing that with a friend when I was 16, and walking back to my college dorm past a hall full of tuxedoed and gowned guests)

3rd house – Open that voice. Shout. Sing. Write. Post. Express. All that muck, just vent it to the waters run clear once again. Find a friend willing to listen and just talk (but respect their boundaries as well)

4th house – Snuggle up at home, visit your spiritual place of birth. Spend time with your biological or spiritual tribe. Be comfortable in a shared space of connection. And relax.

5th house – Be creative! Be joyful πŸ™‚ Be expressive. And don’t be afraid to ROAR. Play with kids, nurture, teach them. Pick up a paintbrush, go wild with it. Just be you, and allow yourself to ‘let it all out’ on canvas, in dance, whatever touches that artist-creator within . Find love, Be Love, Make Love πŸ˜‰

6th house – Reach out to those around you and see who needs what. Before you do that, make an inventory of what you need first. And fulfill that before anything else. Take the time to enjoy the familiar, the little rituals that make up your life and your connection with Spirit. Priest/esses and spiritual facilitators are going to be called to serve no matter what, at this time.

7th house – Collaborate. Co-Create. Reach out and share your energy with a partner to create something new. Let your demons look at his/hers, only to realize there’s nothing to fear. Do some shadow-working. Black Obsidian is a great stone for this, Apache Tears , a little less daunting to work with.

8th house – Whoo! Sacred Sex .. Doing your Taxes *I hear a groan*, looking into the occult and esoteric (what feels comfortable for you), honoring past commitments, ensuring that power dynamics flow with integrity and balance in all that you do. Whatever pulls you into that Core of Intensity .. and Uncompromising Truth.

9th house – Get your Indiana Jones hat on and saddle up for a new adventure! Can be travel to a Scorpionic place (a cave, a shrine to a Dark Goddess), find a new way to bring out and express that 8th house energy. Equally, you can start to read a new approach, way of thought or expression that takes you to deeper levels of insight and expression. Remember, the focus is not so much on what you learn specifically, it is on what you experience – and whether it resonates with you. (Truth is so so subjective, isnt it?)

10th house – Put it all out there. The public eye is looking at you, and you have the choice to be intimated, or to rise to the occasion. Embody your Truth and your Deepest Authenticity. Without Fear, Without Ego. Let the Phoenix Re-emerge through this transit. And all will See. Some may choose to manifest this through an intense emphasis on their careers and through financial and other mergers.

11th house – Reach out to like minded souls and raise the vibration. Share, care and learn from one another. Support networks and groups feeling the same energy only get stronger when they choose to release and embrace what they need to. The Soul Tribe calls πŸ™‚

12th house – Rest. Stay indoors. Take the time to ‘be alone’ and process. Simply meditate upon the Divine. Calm the mind and let whatever will be, be. A trip to a retreat in the mountains could also work. Or whatever equivalent you have at home. It’s a place where the formless reigns, so holding onto things just does not work.

Again – take what works, leave what doesn’t. Each chart, each house, each experience is unique. And the houses one another in subtle and powerful ways. Ultimately, find what makes you feel renewed in spirit, with hope revitalized.

I hope this rough guide will be of benefit.

Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you Priestess Bairavee, this is kind of spooky!
    Scorpio is in my first house..
    So recently I have been grounding every day if possible, started hiking again after a long break, meditating more, been getting acupuncture and noticing how the chi feels all tingly as it flows throughout my body.
    Maybe not so much the martial artist, but better than nothing πŸ˜‰
    Blessings <3


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