How do you Honor your Body? Going beyond exercise regimes, diets and rituals of prayer …


A friend of mine asked me to elaborate on the concept of ‘honoring the body’. We’d had a conversation a few weeks ago where I discussed some practical steps to generally improve the state of one’s health: healthy food, exercise, adequate sleep – the stuff that we all consciously know and (hopefully) try to incorporate in our lives. She’s a spiritualist herself, so making sure there were structured blocks of time, either through ritual, or just free-styling communion with the Divine was an understanding we both shared. 

So when she contacted me again, with the same question, earlier today – I was surprised. Turns out, she’d been doing all the practical stuff to be healthy, etc. and so I asked: Well, what’s missing?

Neither of us knew at that point. So I turned to a handy dandy reference book I have for this sort of thing: The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing by Deanna M. Minich, PhD – an excellent resource for those into holistic medicine. 

I looked up some emotions, rituals, herbal essences and affirmations linked with the topic we were discussing and as I was writing to her – this just flowed out of me – and the ‘missing link’ clicked in place (for her, my, and your edification). I said:  

Sometimes honoring the body … is less about the physical things we do to heal it, and more about the emotional baggage we choose to stop carrying in order to un-burden the physical form.

So many of us in the intuitive, holistic and alternative healing fields – ‘know’ this information at a cognitive level. When asked about the Body-Mind-Spirit connection, we nod saying ‘Yes, of course’. But in practice, many of us (myself included) still hold on to unreleased fears, emotions, anxieties and worries without realizing what toll they have, over time, on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

We’ve gotten so used to carrying so much around that we may not even be aware that we’re carrying it. Strong mechanisms of denial, or simply the consequence of becoming ‘too comfortable with discomfort’ can make it a lot harder to ‘get real’ with your emotional state. It’s amazing how blind the most perceptive people are, as to their own individual needs – I find it one of the Universe’s ironies. This is where finding the right healer, therapist, doctor, or friend to hold up a mirror for you (if they’re willing to play that role) – goes a long way in the healing process.

Very often, our bodies are screaming at us to take notice of what we are (willfully or accidentally) blind to. I think a lot of time is saved if we simply started listening to its needs and observing its pains, pressures and weaknesses. 

So the concept of ‘honoring the body’ goes farther than setting healthy personal boundaries, taking vitamins/supplements, exercising regularly or eating organic produce  — it also involves maintaining a state of emotional, mental and spiritual mental balance as well. Becoming aware of and sensitive to these less visible parts of us.

A simple idea, but one that we could all do with integrating into our material lives to a deeper and more profound degree

…in addition to all that stuff we know we should do anyway: regular sleep, less refined sugar, less caffeine, more exercise, eating healthy foods, and so on.

So, let’s use the the energy of the Virgo New Moon (that thinks about this topic quite a bit), and set out intentions to manifest a truly holistic state of health, whilst honoring all aspect of your multi-faceted Spirit-in-Human-Form.


Blessings to All, 

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

(Just to be clear – I’m not telling you to abandon your usual health-care provider or medical approach – it’s your body, and you decide how you want to treat it. Please consult a qualified health-care professional before attempting major lifestyle changes, especially if already diagnosed with a health condition)






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  1. veledalantia says:

    I’m make a Self-Sacred-Ritual where I sacred every one of my Body.It gives me Ground, Stand . 🙂
    blessed be )O(


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