The Virgo New Moon. 25.8.2014: RE-CLAIMING THE VIRGIN

Reclaiming the Virgin

This New Moon is Here to Serve. Whilst powerful in its own right, its purpose in the grand scheme of things is to set the stage for: the conjunction of Mars/Saturn in Scorpio (squaring Lilith/Venus), 3 Yods (Fingers of Karma), with an opposition to Neptune Retrograde, the shifting of a Grand Sextile (if asteroid Bienor is included), and the build-up to the formation of the Final Grand Cross of 2014. Virgo spiritually and energetically facilitates the powering of these aspects, true to its mission of Earth-Plane-Service.

First I’ll tell you a little bit about the nature of Virgo energy. It’s important for those seeking to understand themselves through astrology to cast aside the many misconceptions surrounding Virgo Energy. Then, I’ll tell about the New Moon and its aspects.

The Energy of Virgo

Many mistakenly equate Virgo energy with submission and subservience, or with sexual frigidity and neuroticism – you couldn’t get further from the the truth. The energy of Virgo is represented by the Virgin Priestess. Vestal Virgins, in ancient times, referred to female spiritual facilitators (priestesses) who had the right to choose their own sexual liaisons. They were not ruled by any law of man. They chose to ‘serve’ others, but were women of independent means.

The reading of ‘Virgin’ as a single woman – presumably unattached due to frigidity and non-compliance with male desire – who is also undesirable on account of her mental acuity and ability to realize plans, and ideas into concrete manifestation – is one that needs to change. It is all too easy to read the imprint of patriarchal thought in the re-imagining of a powerful female archetype, and Now, we are collectively called to Re-Claim the Virgin, acknowledging her Right to Choose, her Power and her incredible Gift of Service.

Virgo Energy is the Mutable form of Earth Energy. If Taurus (Fixed) refers to the Soil of the Earth, ready for seeding and later reaping a harvest from, then Capricorn (Cardinal) refers to the lofty Mountain – the form of Earth that Builds in the name of Legacy.

Virgo, to use the metaphor, is the farmer who has managed to provide for his/her self and family, and is learning how to share the fruits of labour with others. S/he may give some away in the name of charity, or she may learn to set a price that honors the effort put in and the needs of others, in balance.

Virgo is the giver of abundance, and the maker of space. She – as priest/esses and spiritual facilitators often do – ‘hold space’ for another person to exist, to be, to understand their relationship with the Material, and the Source of Spirit that makes it all possible.

Ideally, Virgo gives because she has so much. Because she’s connected to that Source and so she can never run dry.

In modern manifestations of this energy, the many cliches surrounding Virgo emerge when one attempts to fill another’s cup whilst their own is empty.

To truly honor the lessons and gifts that Virgo bestows, it is essential to make yourself able to bless and service or facilitate others from a position of strength, or at least self-sufficiency. This is why Virgo is also associated with health, routines at work, rituals, and the day-to-day activities that keeps our lives moving along. She takes care of the details – and ideally, creates a material life that resonates with the spiritual ideals and path of Service that She stands for.

Make no mistake. She is not a delicate, gentle, compassionate flower (unless she chooses to be), but a powerful facilitator who will not hesitate to stand up for the underdog. She can be both, but it’s important to remember the role of choice in her mode of self-presentation.

The challenges that most spiritual facilitators and seekers (who are bound to have a strong Pisces-Virgo dynamics in their charts) face is getting that balance down. This dynamic is highlighted by the New Moon’s Sun/Moon’s opposition to Neptune Retrograde in its home sign of Pisces. Too often we (and women in particular) are conditioned to learn that service (Virgo) can only happen through sacrifice (Pisces). Whilst that’s a part of it, service can also, and must also, be facilitated through an equal emphasis on self-nurture, and setting the appropriate boundaries that Pisces often seeks to dissolve. We need both Spirit and Form to work in harmony to anchor the spiritual into the material, as so many of us seek to do now.

With Neptune Retrograde in the mix, it’s time to get real about what we can and cannot afford to do as part of our commitment to Self, Spirit and the Path of Service.

Here’s the scoop on the other aspects in the Sky, starting with a review of the New Moon herself:

The New Moon, 25th August 2014

The Moon and Sun are conjunct at 10:11 pm, GMT + 8 at 2 degrees Virgo. This is a powerful portal of opportunity to set intentions to Serve in whatever way you are called to (on the self-nurture/service spectrum). This window lasts for 3 days afterwards.

25-26 August 1995 was the last time we had a New Moon at this degree. Look to the that time in your past to see which cycles you are revisiting and starting a new chapter of, at hopefully, a more evolved, more loving vibration.

At this time, we’re also having the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. This energy is asking us to look into the deepest, most hidden parts of our past. Issues of energetic/spiritual/sexual violation may rise to the surface for deep healing at this time. Outstanding debts may make themselves known to you out of the blue, from a long time back. Spiritualists may feel compelled to work with the energies of the Resurrected/Resurrecting Masculine in the Underworld (Osiris in Egypt, and a liminal aspect of Christ Consciousness, for example).

This powerful energy is strongly squared Lilith and Venus in Leo. Such violations, if they occurred in childhood, or if they impacted some aspect of your ability to create, lead and embody your own power are likely to be highlighted

Three Yods or Fingers of Fate/Karma are also present in the sky: Mars/Saturn – Uranus Retrograde – Mercury; Jupiter- Neptune Retrograde – Pallas and Pluto Retrograde – Jupiter – Neptune Retrograde. Mercury (communication, analysis) and Uranus Retrograde (inner awakening, the element of surprise) work together to allow these pathways of energy to ‘bring you back, to take you forward’. You will face karmic situations in need of reconciliation in some form, so that you can then move ahead.

The New Moon’s opposition with Neptune – and the challenge of balancing Service with Sacrifice has already been addressed. It’s important to note that this opposition will activate the yod involving Jupiter (abundance, amplification, higher guidance, ‘the guru’) and Pallas Athena (conviction, judgment, wisdom, analysis, strategy).

Very briefly – this New Moon comes at a time of intense shifting. The Grand Sextile is present in the sky – with the inclusion of asteroid Bienor (7 Taurus) whose influence is largely to test our integrity in uncertain times in the face of potential stability, abundance and a (possibly false) sense of security. The G.S. is shifting its emphasis from Mercury to the Sun, and from Neptune Retrograde to Chiron Retrograde, in the days to come.

At 8:20 am, August 26th 2014, the Final Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014 will form, involving Juno, Uranus Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde and Pallas Athena. I will write more on this aspect as its influence will grow in the coming days.

Both Grand Sextile and Grand Cardinal Cross cease in the final week of September. Juno, the Goddess Asteroid, plays a tremendous role in both alignments. I will also be writing more about her soon.

So I hope this information will help you understand just what’s happening in the sky and some of the challenges and opportunities it brings with it.

So much Love to all – and remember – To Service, does not always mean, Self-Sacrifice.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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