Query: Relationship & Relocation – Sample 3-Card Tarot Reading with Custom Graphics


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ON SEPTEMBER 11th, 2014

Query: Relationship and Relocation

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Dear ____________

Three cards were drawn for you – each represents a different position in the reading. I used the Tarot of the Spirit Deck.

The First Represents your Self

The Second Represents your Situation

The Third Represents the Challenge and Opportunity you currently face

Self: Mother of Earth (Queen of Pentacles/Coins)


This card suggests that you are a woman with access to Spirit through some Method of Divination. Others may turn to you as a sort of Oracle or Spiritual Facilitator owing to the proximity of your Consciousness with Spirit. You are in possession of a deep wisdom which you can understand through engagement with all levels of your presence in this incarnation: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. You bridge Matter and Spirit, Heaven and Earth and cannot afford to forsake one for the other. It has to all come together, in Balance for it to ‘Flow’.

You are one who already has all the answers within you, and so this reading indicates a lack of faith, or disconnection with the Wise Woman Within. You are advised to seek refuge in nature, and to reconnect yourself with Earth Goddess/Gaia energy to come back into balance and become centered once more.

Generally speaking the Queen of Pentacles is one who toils hard and shares the fruits of her labour freely with others. She is not, by nature, stingy and she believes in rewarding herself for hard work. That is the balanced expression of the energy of this card. You may want to look at the give and take balance in your life right now and whether you are embodying the Queen within to your greatest ability.

In an unbalanced expression, you may find yourself as a codependent in a relationship with an emotionally damaging person (channeling all your life-giving energies there), or as one consciously playing the ‘martyr’ role and persisting to stay in some other energy-draining situation. It is an squandering of the gifts of channeling, creation and healing that you are naturally privy to. So if you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself: Is the the best way for me to Honor the Divine within Me? The She I Love within my own Flesh?

So often those of us who help forget that we deserve the benefits of our own gifts, from time to time. So often we forget the healing energy that creating something, for ourselves, can bring.

Situation: Brother of Fire (or Knight/Prince of Wands)


[Jupiter seducing Callisto in disguise of Diana]

This is a reflects the boyish enthusiasm of a young recruit about to engage in his first battle, not knowing the horrors of war or the toils of conflict he may (or may not see). There is one in your surroundings who, simply put, is wanting to charge and to do things to support a sense of boyish adventure and idealism that may be wholly inappropriate for his age or context.

The Knight may also be so unexperienced or unseasoned in life that he may believe that all things must be a grand, epic battle or adventure. The qualities or values of temperance, humility, foresight and wisdom are missing from this person.

There is also a quality of impulsivity, restlessness and impatience associated with this card. It may also reflect a ‘man-child’ who has simply not grown up. Charismatic and enthusiastic, this person may make you say yes to things which you are not truly interested in – hence the overcommitment and fatigue in the cards above and below you. The Knight of Wands may also be a ‘drama queen’, stirring up trouble where there isn’t any to get his/her ‘fix’ of emotional intensity. (Like a drug addict or alcoholic looking for ‘their fix’)

It does suggest that, if you wish to stay in the relationship that you’re in – you’re going to have to make a lot of adjustments for his character. The charming narcissist comes to mind – the one you can’t seem to get away from and yet desperately desire leaving.

For me, it doesn’t seem that you’re internally ready to give this person up. Relationships like these tend to cycle and continue over and over again until that inner detachment is finally achieved. You can go through that dance with him – or – heed the advice of the Four of Swords (below) before making your decision either way.

Challenges/ Opportunities: Four of Wind (Four of Swords)


The card strongly speaks to you having over extended yourself. You have made yourself the center of activity, when this does not have to be the case. The balance of give and take has been upset, with you doing all of the giving.

You are advised to seek sanctuary or retreat to a familiar place, one that provides you with a sense of nurture and grounding so you can reconnect with your Spirit once more. That will teach you all you need to know and revitalize you for the days ahead.

A pilgrimage to a sacred land would be an excellent idea at this time. Something which has to do with your personal spiritual heritage – however you define it. Return to whatever feels like ‘home’.


In terms of your relationship – I do not see a parting in the cards, at the very least not yet. It feels that making such a decision would be premature on your part. You need to fill yourself with Spirit once more and find your own strength. Sometimes postponing the decision whilst you take ‘time out’ can often lead to the resolution of a situation quite naturally, without any interference.

The most important work you have to do right now is to retreat and replenish. You’ve given the world, others, your family, your current partner enough of your time.

It’s time for you to give the same quality and quantity of care, nurture, consideration and love to yourself. Cut away from the relationship, from your worries, and whatever distracts you right now and find a ‘cave’ (material, metaphorical) for you to rest in. You don’t need to pressure yourself with the weight of decisions now. They will come and flow once you reconnect with your Goddess Self.

She is in need of your care at this time. We bring back the Goddess not only through rituals and temple celebrations. But also by nurturing the Goddess within.


Take your time. Don’t force any decisions yet. But you do need a clear ‘break’ from your current reality, place and circumstance right now. That is paramount – and you have to do whatever you need to do to make that happen. Time, and space – for yourself to Heal Your Spirit.

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Jupiter Assuming the Form of Diana in Order to Seduce Callisto LACMA M.83.119.5.jpg By Hendrik Goltzius (after) (Holland, Mülbracht, 1558-1617), Hendrik Goltzius (Holland, Mülbracht [now Bracht-am-Niederrhein], 1558-1617) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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4 thoughts on “Query: Relationship & Relocation – Sample 3-Card Tarot Reading with Custom Graphics

  1. zjannae baen says:

    Oh My! I am stunned to read this ‘sample’ 3 card reading, as it is without exception the most fitting and perfect response to my own ‘Super Moon’ focus..and general query for this time in my journey. Nothing is by accident/ still, I read and searched my mind to find if I had asked or in some way solicited these questions to you on-line.. I have been following your site and writings with heartfelt delight.. Athena is my Archetype and the Queen of Discs is my tarot significator. B/D is 12/24/19434/SanFrancisco..5:11 pm. natal Neptune in Libra 12* 4 minutes in the 5th house.. (7th and 8 house sun..merc in the 8th. I would love to have a reading with you..haven’t found that option on your site yet..but am looking. I want to say, I lova, lova. lova you my dear Priestess..Thank you for being. zjannae, Blessings Farm,

  2. Wandy says:

    Dear Priestess Bairavee

    I also follow all your postings and as i received this sample reading early in the morning I also believed it was precisely tailored for me, didnt know until now it was a general postings, I believe this happens for a reason, I was going through some tough changes and situations as well as going through tremendous heartbreak leaving someone which i felt more emotions than ever in my life , leaving him was very painful but i know in my heart was the right thing to do and this reading was so accurate to how my emotions where on a rollercoaster. Thank you so much and if you do readings please let me know I feel in my heart you will help me heal and move forward with my calling and listen to my intuition. Namaste!


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