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The importance of this Libra New Moon (1 Libra ’08) cannot be understated. It is conjunct the Supermassive Back Hole at the SuperGalactic Center and the dwarf planet Makemake. This essentially bridges the microcosm and the macrocosm. The changes we make at the individual level have a far-reaching ripple effect, beyond our wildest imagination. As we align ourselves with the Ideals of Justice, Balance, Fairness and Equity that Libra Represents, we also align ourselves with the teachings that resonate at the heart of the galactic cluster that we are in. The energy of Makemake invites the birth of a new consciousness, a new paradigm of creation.

So… a very significant New Moon indeed.

The New Moon makes several key aspects of note:

a Novile to Lilith in Leo – this indicates that the ‘fruits’ or eventual outcomes of the seeds we set right now will have great relevance to the Rise of the Dark Feminine, the Suppressed energies of the Goddess – in the bodies of her Sons and Daughters – particularly in the realms of leadership, creativity, authentic self-expression, ideas of parenting and the Inner Child Construct.

a Septile to Vesta in Scorpio – this is the energy of the ‘fork in the road’, a direct inspirational channel from Source that asks you to make a pivotal Choice as it pertains to the unfolding of your Destiny. Vesta questions what you would sacrifice all to attain, and what you would sacrifice to attain all that you desire. Spiritual Facilitators in particular will have to reevaluate that which they are willing to give up in Service, and that which they are willing to give anything up to attain. In Scopio this is related to a mastery of Self, a sense of Power, Control, Dominion, Sensuality, Intimacy, Vulnerability, Integrity, Honor, Death-Rebirth, Transformation and Mastery of the Psychic Underworld. At a collective level, we will all be called to reevaluate our understanding of Service, Sacrifice and Power.

My personal feeling is that we can move past the construct of the spiritual facilitator or seeker having to renounce all and give up all in order to pursue their Path. We can stop associating pain/sacrifice/ego-death as the _only_ means of transformation. We can move past the memories of death and being victimized by the abuse of power that so many (especially female) spiritual facilitators have. This is not to say that none of this is important – it is – but it’s only half of the story.

For a more Balanced Path is now available for creation.

Can we imagine a Priest/ess as a famous CEO? Head of Government? UN Secretary General? Or anyone situated in the Corridors of Power who openly acknowledges and supports the Rise of the Divine Feminine?

Right now we do see Strong Women (typically Performers or Artistes – linked with Leo) who are speaking about Balance (of Wo/Man) and/or representing the Dark Feminine in their work. Angelina Jolie (Maleficent), Scarlett Johansson (Lucy), Alicia Keys (We Are Here), Emma Watson (in her wonderful speech at the UN!), and so on — all this as Lilith is in Leo. It’s a fantastic start as cinema and politics are fantastic arenas through which an idea can gain instant legitimacy or recognition. I look forward to seeing more Trailblazers Rise, from other walks of life. It need not be limited to the Arts or only to Women.

Just looking at Ms. Keys nude pose for the ‘We are Here’ campaign in which she poses nude with her pregnant belly painted with a white peace sign is a statement of all that I have said. It honestly sums it up (and it was the exact type of image I had in my mind as I searched for picture for this post – I only saw her image afterwards – an exact match). Brava, Ms. Keys!

Right now more and more men and women are coming forward and trailblazing the way for this to happen. Some are still holding onto the weight of the baggage, expectations, memories and karmic imprints that have conditioned us to believe that being in the public eye is somehow dangerous, un-spiritual and to be avoided. So many have yet to claim their spiritual heritage for fear of ridicule and persecution even in their day to day contexts, let alone a global stage (i.e. Leo, where Lilith currently dances).

Remember that Vesta is conjunct Saturn, squared Lilith and trined Juno at this time. There is a strong flow of Divine Feminine energy available to us, and it feeds into the New Moon through the Sun/Moon – Lilith novile.

— The New Moon also makes a triseptile to Neptune Retrograde (who is squared to Mars in Sagittarius). Neptune Retrograde is seeking its Authentic path in Pisces whilst being pressured by Mars that claims to know what is the right and proper path for all to take. You may find your own masculine energy, or the energy of a male who challenges your path at this time, seeking to judge and label it through their eyes. However you choose to respond, remember to do so from the Heart and not the Defensiveness of the Ego.

Neptune Retrograde’s Authentic Choice triseptiles the Sun/Moon conjunction. A triseptile effectively indicates the creation of a collective destiny through the sum of collective decisions. So – no matter how perfectly balanced your own choices may be – know that you are in a much larger construct in which the decisions of the collective shape the energy, and experience of reality experienced by the collective.

This is why I feel so strongly about this Libra New Moon and how important it is for each and every one of us to consciously align ourselves with the principles of Balance. Remember there are multiple ways to reach the same point of Balance. Some roads will be bumpy, others harmonious, some emotional, others intellectual, some through strife, others through peace … It’s not a matter of whether we’ll get there – it’s a matter of How?

So – when do we see what we manifest? Typically you can already see the results of the intentions you seed during a New Moon 6 months down the line, with the Full Moon in the sign opposite. So you’d be seeing the first signs of whether this Opportunity to/for Balance has been acted upon (or Not) sometimes during the March Equinox of 2015.

However, this full effects or results of this New Moon will not be seen until (approx.) the September Full Moon of 2034, 23 years down the line (and coincidentally close to the Equinox once more, as this Moon has been). Here we will have a Full Moon in at 1 degree Aries, exactly opposite the position of this current Libra New Moon.

What I find particularly delicious, as a confirmation of what I’m telling you is that Lilith will be conjunct that particular Full Moon, 23 years down the Line. I also take comfort in that fact that the 9 Days of the Goddess (Navaratri) starts tomorrow (September 25th) and that Jupiter trines Uranus Retrograde (September 26th). We’re going to see a powerful kick-start to this new cycle we’re all just entering.

So what I can tell you is this – Right now, we have the Chance to Find True Measures of Balance and Pathways of Harmony in our individual, interpersonal and collective lives. We have the opportunity to literally create a New Reality. Bring in, Birth A New Wave of Consciousness.

The outcomes of the choices we make as individuals and as a collective (that includes what our governments do) will continue to unfold over the next 23 years. We will reach a greater Balance in the way we honor Rising and Healing of the Suppressed Feminine. But whether that Path to Harmony is Gentle/Bumpy, Peaceful/Conflict-Driven depends upon us all.

As you Seed your Intentions for this Libra New Moon – ask yourselves – What kind of world would you want to be living in, 23 years from Now? And what is the best way to reach that ideal?

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


A very related radio interview of mine aired earlier today (we had no idea how relevant it would be at the time of recording) – all about breaking stereotypes in spiritual thought and practice and Honoring the Rise of the Dark Feminine – in our understandings of Spirit and the way we treat flesh-and-blood, human, women. (You’d be surprised at the double standards that exist between scriptures that preach feminine quality and social practices that do the absolute opposite in the same context). I also discuss the taboo of menstruation, the practices of female infanticide/foeticide, the need to engage with Spirit at the level of text, context, practice and scripture , and ways to avoid cultural appropriation and the unconscious perpetuation of damaging stereotypes in spiritual discourse. I also discuss the many faces of Kali-Ma and some of her Mahavidya aspects.

Breaking the Spiritual Stereotype: The Dark Goddess and the Lives of Her Daughters with myself and host Chessie Roberts on Get on the Grid With Chessie Roberts Radio Show – –


For audio-visual learners, my Youtube Video on the Libra New Moon:



Image Information: Hubble Ultra Deep Field. jpg – By NASA and the European Space Agency. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Modern neo-pagan art depicting a dark-skinned water goddess.gif – By Berlinhistory (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons [Deep red tint, my own]


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