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I’ve been thinking about what lessons this Mercury Retrograde in Libra has brought. For me, the biggest lesson has been self-reliance. Whilst I value the support of friends and family, I realized that everyone speaks from their own perspective of life – and truths that one person may hold dear may simply not apply for another’s situation – no matter how wise, authoritative, experienced and/or mystical they are/may seem to be.

I saw the need for detachment, to learn to interpret and discern information on my own accord – to be willing to make that judgment call for myself and honor my own wisdom. I saw the virtues of silence, and the peace that comes with patience. I began dancing (Dance – very Libran) after a long time, with some care taken not to stress my injured shoulder. I decided to surrender certain things to Fate and realize that other things I needed to Act Upon. And a lot of other stuff.

So it’s been quite a learning curve. And not an easy one as Merc Rx is trined my natal Chiron (wounded healer). Some of you may have noticed me posting less than usual – I’ve needed some time out to process deep lessons during this phase (and not damage my arms). So here’s what I’d like to share:

No matter how well-intentioned anyone else may be, at the end of the day – it is your own choice to live in the way you choose to. The most helpful spiritualists, mentors, friends (that I have seen) are those who encourage you to think for yourself, instead of becoming dependent upon the will and wisdom of another.

That’s always been my perspective, and I do my best to make sure that my clients/friends/anyone seeking advice from me understands and accepts that principle first and foremost. I tend not to encourage ties of dependency on the basis of some superior claim to knowledge or authority. Help is one thing, seeking guidance is another – and submitting your Will to Another (not talking about the Divine) is a whole other kettle of Fish.

For the Choices You Make Determine the Life you Lead. Not how well you followed the advice of another, but how well you decided to choose and act on your choices. And at the end of the day, the only person whom you are answerable to – in the spiritual sense – is You and Spirit Within. So this is what the whole Libra Stellium has been teaching me, personally. I suspect it will have resonance for you too.

(1) Be Yourself. That’s Good Enough. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be here, reading this. You’re just as much a part of Everything and have the Divine flowing through you/as you – as anyone else. This isn’t an invitation to egotism or arrogance, but rather a recognition that we are, at a purely spiritual level, Equals.

(2) If you don’t know what the next step is, wait for your Guidance to show you. If you seek a Guide, ensure that person is able to advise you towards finding the pathway to your Inner Wisdom – instead of simply seeing the world ‘through their eyes’. If someone is trying to convince you that _they_ know what you must do…. at the very least do a double-take, a gut-check and a heart resonance test (i.e. see if your deepest energies agree) before simply agreeing to do it.

(3) Treat others with respect and make no assumptions. We all come with our baggage, our perspectives, our needs, our wants, our desires. I have yet to meet an Ascended Being – in the flesh – so I can’t speak for their human manifestations yet. But for most of the people we meet – this applies. Know that all that is said by you, by another, by anyone – passes through a specific, subjective filter. Very rarely do you get information that is ‘straight from Source’ without the Ego-Mind playing a role in it. So take what comes, respect another for their time/energy/effort – and do not ‘attach’ to the information as though it were gospel itself. Keep an open mind/perspective and allow things to flow instead of ‘fixing’ on something that you think ‘must be’ because ‘someone said so’ – that applies to this post as well! (and certainly something we need to talk more about in spiritual circles – it’s not going to be an idea that everyone likes, but it has to be said)

This review comes just as the North Node (Rahu) conjuncts Mercury Retrograde at 12:33 pm, Oct 21 2014, GMT + 8 (in about 11 hours’ time). We essentially have an opportunity to make the kinds of decisions which the North Node (point of inexperience, direction of greatest Soul Growth) is pointing us to, in the sign of Libra. Mercury Retrograde brings in the energy of Review or Re-visitation of past dynamics, particularly in the context of relationships and collaborations – places where you interact and engage with others. Coupled with this, we have the movement of Pallas Athena, the Goddess Asteroid of War, Wisdom, Strategy and Healing exiting Libra and entering Scorpio (2:23 am, Oct 20 2014, about 23 hours ago). Pallas Athena’s energies are now focused upon understanding the inner dynamics of something, getting to the ‘root of things’, understanding how to wield and use one’s power in subtle (yet effective) ways, drawing appropriate boundaries between Self and Other, particularly in an energetic/intimate/sexual sense. Mercury stations direct (stops it retrograde) at 12:26 pm, October 25th. And don’t forget we’re already well into the buildup to the Scorpio Eclipse on the 23rd!!!

So watch the choices you make in partnerships/ relationships/ collaborations and past ways of relating which may not have served you well – and remember this if you can/if it fits your scenario –

(4) There has to be an I, a Self, a Perspective that is You for there to truly be a balance between you and Another. I’m not talking about dissolving boundaries in a transcendental sense, or the idea that we are all One. I’m talking about the human experience of this in 3-D reality. Do not be afraid to be yourself – walk your walk, talk your talk – no matter who you face. You have just as much right to have an opinion/path/perspective of where you’re heading as the next person. What I would suggest is to value your own instincts as well! Appreciate the perspective and wisdom that _you_ bring to the table. And that’s something that even the best of us forget at times.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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    Love the wisdom, contained in this article!


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