No matter how deep the friendship, how passionate the love, how powerful the connection – No One – has the right to cross your boundaries – and by the same token, nor do you have the right to cross Another’s. Unless there is the express invitation or consent given to do so, and all relevant parties consciously accept.

I suspect this will be an issue coming up with the Moon’s conjunction with the North Node and Mercury Rx in Libra. This energy opposes Uranus Rx/South Node in Aries – both of which square Pluto in Capricorn making a T-Square.

Do not be afraid to set your foot down with someone who is overstepping their mark. By the same token, treat others as you would wish to be treated and choose not to invade another’s sense of boundaries. Unless you have been ill-treated or the recipient of unjust behavior – it’s not the best time to be commenting, passing judgment on or making e/valuations of other people and their lives (particularly their careers/work).

Libra teaches us the need for healthy boundaries and the North Node (in this sign) challenges us to find a way to both define and maintain what they are. You do not need to be meek, silent, or acquiescent of someone overstepping the mark just to remain in their good books. That is a choice you can make, of course, but consider its implications. Try your level best to avoid passive-aggressive behavior and/or adopting a persona of victimhood if the other party calls you up on it.

Be very wary of projection dynamics, at this time, especially with Mercury Rx’s role in the whole thing.

The South Node in Aries tells us to draw strength from our sense of self-assertiveness and to be unafraid of saying I …do not like x, y, or z. It warns us not to give into a sense of isolated superiority, or the idea that you can pretty much ‘charge’ into anyplace/anyone’s sense of space without consequence.

Uranus, nearby the South Node, tells us that this is an opportunity to gain higher awareness of the kind of self-assertiveness that you can draw on now. The circumstance triggering this is likely to be an abrupt, unexpected one – not a ‘pleasant’ surprise for most. It is likely to arise through some form of electronic communication, potentially from a friend group, association or a network for charitable/altruistic acts.

Pluto – the energy of Crisis-through-Transformation in Capricorn indicates these energies to fixate upon some understanding of one’s career, legacy, understanding of ‘success’ and ‘achievement’. Issues around authority and work may be the ‘battleground’ upon which these energies play out their drama.

Try to be kind, try to be patient if it’s an innocent case of mis-perception. But if someone is seriously taking you for a ride, well… speak up. Know that some individuals will start something up out of the blue – and you are well within your right to simply not engage with them. You do not have to play that role.

Not the most pleasant of energies to deal with – maintain your integrity as best you can. These are karmic lessons you’ve been working on for some time now.

I’ve saved the best news for last. The Moon/Merc Rx/North Node sextiles Jupiter, Jupiter trines Uranus/South Node, creating a ‘Wedge’ Formation. This indicates a potential for healing a situation of crisis by turning to the energy of Jupiter in Leo. Leo, of course, deals with our ability to be truly ourselves – to acknowledge the beauty, authenticity and vulnerability of the Self. It asks us to Express who we are, be it through words, dance, art, creative endeavors. It indicates a potential teacher in the form of a romantic partner or child who can give you perspective on the situation you face.

The Moon’s role in the activation of this T-Square and Wedge will be present until 1:45 pm, October 23, GMT + 8.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: Clash_between_the_armies_of_Bardas_Skleros_and_Bardas_Phokas.jpg – By Unknown, 12th/13th century author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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