Glimpse November

We currently have a powerful Yod or Karmic Finger of Fate in the sky involving Pluto (11 Cap) (with Mars already beginning its approach towards it), Chiron Retrograde (13 Pis) conjunct the Pisces Moon, and apexing at Juno (9 Leo). Remember that Juno is a part of a powerful Grand Fire Trine along with Vesta (13 Sag) and Uranus Retrograde (13 Ari).

Karmic situations in which we are powerfully called to confront our spiritual wounds, our fears surrounding success, status and power – and in which we have the choice as to how we relate to soulmates and/or the flow or aspect of the Feminine we work with.

For Juno ultimately seeks to complete and complement who we are. She is seen as the ‘marriage partner’ or soulmate – I find – due to a patriarchal reading of astrology which sees the male subject as the dominant one. A quick study of Juno’s worship shows her invocation in matters of birth, liminal crossings, marriage, defense, etc. I interpret her energy as one of completion, to augment one’s connection with the Divine Feminine Herself.

Will you follow your Heart’s truest call? Will you mask your emotions and wounds with a charming persona? Will you settle for illusion, or seek truth?

This situation is likely to be triggered by an established authority figure and/or someone who represents the Mother Archetype in your life. As the apex of the yod is in Leo, It may culminate with a changed dynamics between yourself and a romantic partner, a child, or even your inner child archetype. Yods are typically felt as crisis-oriented energies – to the best of your ability maintain a sense of centeredness, groundedness and detachment. Try to observe before responding to rapidly changing situations.

The yod will break soon as it is formed by the Moon’s proximity to Chiron (at 11:25 pm, November 2nd, GMT + 8 – roughly 3.5 hours from now). However, on November 5th, 3:11 am, it will reform with Chiron Retrograde itself and continue to intensify. The yod intensifies with the powerful conjunction of Mars and Pluto (Nov 11), and lasts until November 23. It is reactivated on Nov 25/26 by the Moon’s transit through Capricorn, close to Pluto.

This is not an easy energy to work with as it will unearth long-standing dynamics that trigger your core wounds. Those who have transcended them, congratulations – you’re headed for places words cannot begin to describe. Those who are still holding on to expectations, attachments, wounds and desires not in alignment with their Soul’s Purpose will have a rougher time with this uncompromising energy.

It is best you seek to learn its lessons sooner rather than later. This will be one of the most powerful Yods of the year – and its energies – along with the Grand Fire Trine and a powerful stellium I’ll tell you about soon – dominate the energies of this month.

Blessings to All

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


  1. jaguarspeaks says:

    Dr. Bairavee~Thank You for displaying the zodiac depicting the YOD, so that we can see what it looks like; a great teaching tool, Jill


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