I’ve been reading quite a few posts and comments about ‘spiritual egotism’ and what is ‘true’ or ‘false’ in our search of spirituality. Whether we even need a Path, a Title, a Destination, Money, Status etc. – there’s been a lot of judgment on these matters flying about today on the Internet – some of which I agree with, and others not so much.

Based on my study of astrology, and the readings I have done – I see how each Path is unique. We try so hard to find Universals that seem to apply to all, but truly, there is no Ultimate or Absolute Standard.

No matter what I personally might or might not agree with, I see that each path is Unique, just as each Chart is. You’d be surprised at how much of a person’s deepest spiritual understandings is reflected in the birth chart.

Yes, that too is a product of Free Will, but what I’m saying is that it’s Unique for each person. Some people have to have a Title to do their job, and others need to stay away from it. Some have to charge so they themselves learn the worth of their work, and others simply can’t, even if they want to. Some people have to have a structured goal (that they later transcend), and others have to be more fluid and flexible (till they get to a greater understanding of the structure behind it all). Some people have to give up their fears of failure and become leaders, and others have to give up their insecurities and learn to follow another. Some will embody their path in a dynamic way, and others will be more receptive (and combinations thereof).

It’s so so varied – these are just a couple of examples I’ve seen cropping up in posts, etc.

So honestly …. what is the point of judging another’s path? If you’re headed for a different destination (and yes, each Soul has a different understanding of where it needs to go) .. and your tasks along the way are different,

then Yes… your take on the Road getting there will also be different.

So please be aware of people who claim to know what the ‘true’ path is for you, and how you should follow their understanding of it. The ‘Truth’ as I have seen it (or as close as thus far in my life) is that there is No One Path that works for everyone.

If there was, we would be a very different sort of species.

The great irony I find in all this is that spirituality is often touted as a means to discover our authenticity. And to celebrate the differences that make us who we are.

In the moment we try to apply standards to what qualifies as ‘spiritually authentic’, surely we defeat that purpose?

The moment we see fit to deem who is a true seeker and who is not, are we not engaging in the same kind of division that spirituality, at its essence (as I see it), seeks to erode?

Remember that the Soul does not know division, but the the Ego-Mind does.

As we judge another’s path (and ‘we’ includes ‘me’ as well), let us remember that it’s probably not that deepest, truest parts of ourselves we consider ‘Soul’, ‘Spirit’ or ‘Essence’ doing the judging.

Perhaps we could take a step back from those moments. And move behind those layers of thought and perception.

Perhaps then, we will be able to find that Authentic Connection that so many of us are looking for.

Release the need to judge another, and the need to judge yourself. (My take on all this). You’ll probably enjoy the spiritual process and all that it can lead to a lot more.

And yes – even then there will be things that you don’t agree with. And that’ you’re not in resonance with. So – it isn’t for you. Leave it at that. Walk away if you have to, but let the need to judge go.

Just as water does, when it can’t move through an obstacle. It winds its way around it. And keeps on moving …

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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