In the skies now …. Venus at 29 Sag! Venus / Vesta / Mars / Moon / Neptune YOD (Finger of Fate)!

Venus 28 Sag yod

Blessings everyone.

Venus is at the Anaretic (Final, or 29th degree) of Sagittarius. At this critical degree, the energy of Venus reviews all the lessons it has brought us through its Sagittarian transit and gives us the opportunity to use what we have learnt in preparation of it’s shift into Capricorn. There is a certain intensity associated with our sense of attachment and value systems we use in matters of romance, material attachments – and particularly in Sagittarius – our relationship with ‘grand ideas’ / philosophies / paths. Sagittarius can be pretty opinionated about what it believes is true, eschewing all other ways of knowing – and when Venus is convinced that what it knows is ‘true’, it intensifies our emotional and psychological attachment to those constructs. Hence, yesterday’s post on how All Truths are just as Valid as our own – see .

At 12:33 am, December 11th 2014 (GMT + 8), Venus will enter the sign of Capricorn – the Earth-Crone, the Sea-Goat, The Tomb and the Mountaintop. When the time for that comes, I’ll tell you about the wisdom She brings to us then. Until then, enjoy the lessons, the intensity and the passionate convictions that Venus in Sagittarius continues to bring to you – and allow yourself to transcend these passionate attachments if you so choose.

At this time, Venus is in a loose conjunction with Vesta (The Priestess). They both sextile Neptune in Pisces and point via inconjunct to the Moon in Leo, which is currently opposed Mars in Aquarius. The intense, shifting energy of Venus at this time, features into this Yod (Finger of God/Goddess/Fate/Karma). We are asked to evaluate our judgment of our spiritual paradigms as we begin to acknowledge the material and manifestation of that Path of Facilitation. Venus may be holding onto some ideals which are out of resonance with the material path of service – use that energy to ‘break through’.

Venus and Vesta sextile Neptune in Pisces, which asks us about what we consider to be ‘real’ in our understandings of what it’s all about. The reality beyond the veil of illusion, the trappings of the material world. We are called to see both the truth and the illusion that makes up our subjective experience of a transcendental reality.

Finally this energy apexes with the Moon in Leo that seeks to express its truth for all the world to see. You may find yourself at a karmic point of culminating in which you are asked to re-evaluate sub-conscious perceptions and/or emotional connections with issues to do with the Heart and Sacral Chakra. Be it in matters of romance, creativity, childhood/children, honoring/healing the wounded child – this is your time to learn how to express yourself authenticity, shedding all the masks and personae that surround your Truth in layers of learned behavior and conditioning.

With the Moon opposed Mars, this can be a time in which we find these dynamics playing out emotionally through the Mother Archetype and the Masculine archetype. Mars represents your own masculine (yang) energy and often, the energy of the male lover. The Mother archetype represents your ancestral connection with the Goddess, your own ‘Mother’ within and also your relationship with your biological Mother – among many other things.

This is an excellent opportunity to reach a point of decision wherein these energies, now polarized, find a sense of Balance. You/ the male or masculine lover or energy may find an unconventional way of demonstrating and expressing what makes you feel original and Unique. This can feed into and manage to heal aspects of the tender, wounded inner Child that calls out for expression and longs for recognition.

All in all, a potent configuration for Venus to be a part of as she exits Sagittarius. The yod lasts until 2:35 am, December 11th 2014 (GMT + 8).


Venus – 29 Sagittarius

Vesta – 3 Capricorn

Mars – 4 Aquarius

Moon – 4 Leo (at the time of writing this)

Neptune – 4 Pisces

Remember that we are moving towards the 6th (penultimate) exact square of Uranus and Pluto – due on December 15. Hang onto your hats!

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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