Merc Rx Aq 2

(1) Cherish your friendships.

(2) Be open to the idea that you don’t know what’s what. You might not know the answer to everything. You might have an idea of yourself, what you came to do etc. that is in need of revision.

(3) Be open to people (especially friends, soul groups) giving you information that asks you to shift your perspective, or at the very least to reflect on it. They might be right, they might be wrong. But stay open-minded. Opening yourself up to answers and alternate points of view would be greatly beneficial at this time.

(4) Assume the best intentions in communication. Someone might not have said something with the intention you assume them to have.

(5) Take the time to reflect. On your ideas of who you are. Your role in a friendship. Your role in a group. Your most cherished ideals. The gifts you feel you can share with the collective. The vision that you may have with/for the collective.

(6) Be especially cautious about sensitive electronics, including computer programs. (Just had a near-fiasco here!) Backing up your computers is also a good idea.

(7) Generally speaking, Mercury Retrograde Periods are not the time to buy expensive and/or electronic items or initiate new projects (unless they’re a continuation of the old). Look through the details one, twice, thrice, on anything that you sign or purchase right now.

(8) Keep the Faith. Mercury Retrograde periods can feel sluggish, as though the energy needs to work a lot harder to get to the same destination. Trust that this minor lull is also a necessary part of your Journey. Practice gratitude 🙂 It helps, it really does.

(8) Finally – and possibly the most important – Keep the Flow of Love Going. If you receive unexpected information, news, messages, perspectives from friends, soul/groups. Give gifts of love, tokens of gratitude, or simply shower your dear ones with waves and waves of beautiful energy.

** Be aware that Mercury will take a little while to fully ‘wake up’ as it were. Expect it to resume full function from March 4th onwards.

I hope this mini-guide is of use to you. I will be writing a more detailed astrological post on this soon. You might also want to check out a lovely guide by my friend Laurie O’Driscoll – Priestess & Witch:http://www.laurieodriscoll.com/…/chill-out-its-only-mercury…

Image and Write-Up by

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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