ASTRO-ALERT (23/1/15)

The double yod that dominated most of January is now over! (whoo!) In the next few hours, we will see the Moon conjunct Mars (7 Pisces), Neptune (6 Pisces) and later Chiron (14 Pisces), whilst opposing Black Moon Lilith (6 Virgo). This is part of a Wedge alignment with Ceres (5 Capricorn) – making a sextile to Pisces and trine to Virgo. Wedges provide us a means to harmoniously channel these various energies to a single point. Whilst we may find a tension between our sense of Spirituality / connection with the Metaphysics of Spirit (Pisces) and our more grounded path of material service (with an emphasis on the Dark Feminine), we may find Ceres to be a fertile meeting ground for both energies.

Ceres represents the energy of the Nurturer – and in Capricorn she encourages us to think about what kind of material legacy we leave for ourselves and all of life on this planet. She literally acts here as a nurturing bridge between Matter and Spirit, and shows us that the two need not be opposed. She seeks to facilitate profound healing, of the Masculine and the Feminine, in this alignment.

In other words – no matter how frustrating the Pisces-Virgo opposition may seem – allow the nurturer within to emerge! See what material needs of yours can be creatively met during this time – chances are they will have to do issues such as your career, status, achievement, public appearances and/or social recognition.

Those with placements at or near (6-14) Gemini or Sagittarius will either feel this as a Mutable T-Square or a Grand Mutable Square. The focus here will be upon how well you can adapt!

This energy will last all of tomorrow (23-01-15). The Moon will also reactivate the Pluto-Chiron-Juno yod by way of transit.

Blessings to All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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