The Lightning Strikes (Again!). Mars is now conjunct Uranus in Aries at 15 ’00. The intensity of the Uranus, the Great Revealer, the Great Awakener now meets the Fires of the Warrior Planet of Assertion and Action. We’ve been feeling a profound build-up to this (and other energies) for days now, and here we see the first lightning strike that precedes the full-blown cosmic storm. That comes later, in the final square-off between Uranus and Pluto on March 16/17. This will be a moment to remember, and Mars has just kicked off this intense energy!

Mars deals with our desires, willpower and actions taken to assert ourselves in the pursuit of ‘getting what we want’. In Aries, it is focused upon the Body, the Ego-Personality and that sense of ‘I am, I want, therefore I will get’. That can go terribly wrong when you want something that does not want you, something to bear in mind… Mars also deals with the Sacred Masculine, the male/masculine/yang partner as well as the animus (male aspect of the psyche).

Uranus is the Great Revealer and Awakener – It’s that electric bolt of Awakening that can quite literally Transform perceptions, ways of seeing and understanding, ways of knowing and being – and embodying the Self, particularly in Aries. It’s a giant wake up call for us to honor the wisdom that we innately possess, and our right to self-assertion – to discover the Spiritual meaning of ‘I AM’ Consciousness.

Stay grounded, but be receptive to messages from Spirit, from kindred friends, from those within spiritual groups or communities today. To paraphrase Leah Whitehorse from Lua Astrology, it’s a not a day where you want your own agenda to get in the way. I’d say that involves leaving your ego-rooted desires at the door and tuning up the etheric antennae.

My take on this is that some of what you receive is going to challenge the very ego-self that Mars’ ability to desire and assert stems from. It’s also going to transform your the way you assert yourself and how that links with your sense of Masculinity – irrespective of which gender you identify with. In other words, it’s an electric time for the Sacred Masculine. And that can go either way …

Whilst this energy can open up tremendous doorways to change and allow great revelations to come through, it can equally be felt as the lightning strike that crumbles the once-mighty tower. Remember that Chaos is another mode, or channel through which Spirit works it magic. It’s not always a bad thing, and very often it washes away the old, so that something new can take its place. Resist it and the process is ten times worse – go with it, and you might actually find it an interesting, engaging process.

Some may find this as a day where their (male/masculine) romantic partners issue edicts or change the very nature of the relationship in one fell swoop. It’s hard to prepare for the unexpected, but that’s how Uranus works. Sometimes it’s surprises are ones we celebrate, and at other times, not so much.

As Mars conjuncts Uranus, it squares Pluto. The Mars-Pluto connection is usually felt as a stressful, tense, one. And we’ve all been feeling Uranus-Pluto intensely, since 2012 (when its exact squares begin). In some sense, Mars has lit the flare for the final square-off, coming up in 5-6 days. You might find the catalyst to be the male/masculine romantic partner and/or some aspect of your own animus (male aspect of the psyche). Quite a lot of this will have to do with the way you choose to assert yourself and pursue what it is you desire – if appropriate.

This already intense alignment is amplified by the role of Jupiter and the Grand Attractor, part of a GRAND FIRE TRINE alignment with Mars/Uranus. Jupiter, the Teacher, amplifies the energies of anything it touches – and it is in Leo (Heart/Sacral Chakra, creativity, sensuality, romance, joy of life, children, inner child dynamics, etc.). So you can be sure that the lessons you’re receiving through this electric, fiery energy are going to teach you more about these Leo-related areas – the focus seems to be on the Sacral/Swadisthana Chakra and reawakening the gifts of the Inner, Wounded Child that have been suppressed (often due to fear conditioning coming from the Imbalanced form of the Masculine).

The Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius, forms the other corner of this immensely powerful, electric, Grand Fire Trine. The Great Attractor (GA) is an intensely powerful gravitational anomaly that draws objects towards it, though it lacks an event horizon (like a black hole). It possess so much power that it can even bend light. In astrology, the GA, when activated, draws a person to various Pathways of knowledge, philosophy and experience. Some people will get polarized to finding a narrow understanding of Truth that excludes all else – whilst others will (to paraphrase Philip Sedgwick, the astrologer who first explained what the GA meant to the world – ) find Truths that intersect and co-exist with one another.

In the context of this Grand Fire Trine, the GA’s role ensure us that we will be drawn towards the teachings, experiences and pathways of knowledge/knowing that will help us make the choices as to One, or Many, Truths? Some of us will also find our teachers/guides/mentors as the facilitators that open us up to these experiences, often through Uranus’ propensity for sudden, unexpected messages. Bear in mind that Jupiter is Retrograde. The lessons may not come in the expected form, and they may actually lead you to a deeper level of self-mastery – beginning to awaken the Teacher within.

The Nodes continue to exercise their influence as part of this potent alignment. Many of the dynamics you experience now will be playing out powerfully karmic chapters in our individual paths of spiritual evolution. Whatever is being dredged out now is very likely material that you’ve been hanging onto for far too long.

Also bear in mind that Saturn will begin its Retrograde on March 14, and that we have an Equinox/Eclipse coming up on March 20-21. This is an incredibly potent time, that will be reminiscent of the final week of April 2014, when we had the Uranus-Pluto square woven into the Grand Cardinal Cross.

In terms of practical advice and guidance for the next 8 days:

(1) Leave your baggage at the door. This isn’t the best time to push through with an agenda that comes from the Seat of your Ego, and not your Soul. Stay open, grounded and receptive. Let your drive towards action be moved by something beyond the Ego, in alignment with Spirit.

(2) Stay still if action feels unnatural, forced or unnecessary. People process differently. Some do better when they apply it, and others when they process it. Don’t feel the need to look busy or like you’re doing something just because it’s an energetically busy time – or because other people may seem like they’re running a marathon. Some people process better by just Be-ing. Stay true to your own process.

(3) Stay hydrated. Get enough sleep. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol. This would be an excellent time to lay off processed foods a little (go with what’s comfy for you).

(4) If you have a spiritual or religious practice … do it 🙂 Faith is very often, the most powerful ally we have, when we find ourselves in energetic times like these.

(5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a decent support network. It’s a tough time and everyone is experiencing it in different ways. Know that people have stuff on their plate too, so try not to take ‘I’m kinda busy dealing with my own stuff’ as a rejection.

(6) If you can be there for a friend or loved one in need, try to 🙂 At least show them some support, if your circumstances permit it.

(7) If you absolutely must say something decisive, or break through something, or take a stand – do so with words of love and compassion. Getting into a heated discussion and trading blame/insults at this time isn’t going to help anyone. Pick your battles wisely.

Blessings to All, and I hope this information is of use to you <3

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Page: Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Image: Modification of ‘Blitze IMGP6376 wp.jpg’ by Rainer Knäpper under the Free Art License. Downloaded via Wikimedia Commons
Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015


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