Blessings to All. The Pisces Full Moon brings us the culmination of intentions set during two powerful Pisces New Moons: February 18, 2015 with the Aquarius-Pisces-Hybrid Supermoon) and March 19, 2015 (Eclipse, Supermoon, Equinox at 29 Pisces). Both of these New Moons carried with them powerful opportunities to break out of karmic cycles from lifetimes past and to discover new ways of deepening one’s connection with Spirit.

By nature, Piscean energy brings us to other realms or states of being. This is the watery realm in which all forms, definitions, boundaries and labels cease to exist. It represents, in its purest form, the energy of Unconditional Love and Absolute Compassion, associated with more mystical and transcendental spiritual experiences.

Piscean energy has the capacity to unconditionally sacrifice itself for the betterment of another, without expectation of reward, recognition, status – or even of reciprocation. It can give, and give, and give, drawing from the Infinite, without paucity – and without seeking anything in turn. We venerate those who absolutely operate at this level of spiritual vibration and unconditional love as saints, Messiahs, Ascended Beings and so on.

I associate Pisces energy with Compassionate Masculine figures such as Lord Shiva from the Hindu tradition and Lord Christ from the Christian tradition (unsurprising as my Mars and Jupiter are both in Pisces). In both instances, the act of physical sacrifice or unconditional surrender is woven into the mythology, or narratives that establish key aspects of their Divinity. Depending on your own inclinations and natal chart, you might identify the same energy in other spiritual figures or archetypes.

Whilst the compassionate waters of Pisces encourage the flow beautiful, tender and vulnerable expressions of love, spirituality, altruism and unconditional giving, they open the self to possibilities of projection, (self) deception, escapism and so on. Pisces is equally the energy of Maya, or Illusion, the veil that separates some idea of transcendental Reality from the immediate present. It may seem beautiful, but may be deceptively so.

The blurring of facts, boundaries, ideas and identities that Pisces is famous for can entrap a spiritual seeker into something that looks and feels great, but may be wholly unaligned with their spiritual needs and actual level of awareness or realization. Ever met someone claiming to be an Ascended Being, only to see their ego blow up all over the place when you don’t fall at their feet in awe and worship? Well, then you know what I mean.

At times these illusions are harmless, but at other times, they can cause harm – to one’s self or to others who believe a person’s claim to spiritual gifts, expertise or alleged sainthood.

At the everyday level, Piscean energy can be used to project self-serving acts as the epitome of martyrdom and selflessness. You see this a lot with care-taking behavior that becomes resentful when unacknowledged, “Look at how much I do and sacrifice for you and see how little you appreciate me?” Those with codependent traits are likely to see this line of questioning (or the energy behind it) emphasized during this Full Moon.

A further danger of Pisces lies in its ability to escape. When in balanced form, spiritualists can work with Piscean energy to experience otherworldly realms and states of being, beyond the veil of Maya as it were. When unbalanced, Pisces seeks to escape through a variety of mechanisms – projection, dissolving one’s identity in another person, obsession, substance abuse – and in extreme cases, even suicide. Those who seek ‘ways out’ may be unable to face the vulnerability that Piscean energy almost inevitably asks us to fully experience and immerse ourselves in completely.

This is not something to be ashamed of – it just means that you might need to find support groups, friends, or organizations that can help you through a rough time. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people or institutions that you think might help, but don’t take it personally if they’re not available for you. It’s an intense energetic time for everyone, and we’ve all got our karmic baggage to sort out. Some of you might find solace in a mental health retreat or simply a support group of some kind (AA, Al-Anon, etc.).

A further dimension of Piscean energy deals with the karmic heritage of the individual soul. Pisces Full Moons are ones which quite literally have the capacity to dissolve karmic contracts, or to clear the karmic slate as it were. This is especially true of this Full Moon as its seeds were also set during the March 2015 New Moon at 29 Pisces  – the Anaretic or Terminal degree of the Sign, and the Zodiac as a whole. We quite literally set the seeds to move past a whole cycle of energetic lessons, a turn in the wheel as it were – and are now witnessing that process of release unfolding.

Now is a time of great energetic release in which a person can realize just what attachments they may be holding onto out of fear, or other egoic needs. It can be a scary process, especially for those at the verge of a critical breakthrough/breakdown and can involve the experience of profound vulnerability, along with the humility of absolute surrender to the Divine. 

Now is a moment that calls for absolute surrender – not to the will of another being – but to whatever it is that you have Faith in. It is an energy that asks you to trust in whatever outcome that emerges without seeking to control or contain it in any form. As a general rule, Pisces can create Miracles, that is, it can manifest just about anything it needs to when powered by Faith, rather than expectation.

In a direct, everyday sense, try to avoid major conflicts and simply process what you need to in solitude. You might find tears as a potent form of release or even simply feel the need to sleep longer. Grounding out under a tree or in a natural setting can be calming at this time. If you need support, go to organizations or people who can help hold a space for you (ritually or even in a practical sense, or both) as you process. Avoid excesses of anything, especially if you’re trying to distract yourself from deeper realizations. As the Pisces Full Moon opposes the Sun in Virgo, chances are that you will be called to draw a line, or find a certain boundary that actually (somewhat paradoxically) lets you open up to the Divine in a more direct way than before. Watch the experiences that come your way and act accordingly – Pisces is notorious for blurring the waters, so whatever comes up may appear in a distorted form.

Try not to jump to conclusions and allow your intuition to guide you – it’s the time to trust it.

And -as a general rule – this Full Moon is bound to be a fairly tender time for most people – that includes YOU. Remember to practice compassion, and be gentle with yourselves and other people. Allow people to be what they are, and you just be what you are. Avoid control dramas and conflicts unless you feel that standing your ground is absolutely what you need to do.

For those of you feeling up to it, try to do something which inspires you, that makes you re-member that you are a Channel of Divine Will – be it through art, dance, or whatever activity that makes you feel ‘in tune’. Others may consider helping out at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or in other contexts where the simple act of giving is done without expectation, question or negotiation. If you can, hold space for someone who is charting their spiritual journey through the rougher tides of Piscean energy – but not if you’re trying to avoid the same work/journey within yourself. Remember that the the idea is to help out another, and not to take on their baggage!  It’s also a fantastic time for pilgrimages to sacred sites and for spiritual ceremonies conducted by grounded, experienced facilitator.

For those looking for a more specific guide to coping with this Pisces Supermoon, I refer you to a 12-house coping strategy (by the Ascendant/Rising Sign) I wrote for the same alignment last year:

Other Alignments:

The New Moon of February 2015 was conjunct Nessus (0 Pisces), commonly referred to as the ‘abuser’s asteroid’. We are all going to be, at some level, processing deep karmic experiences and memories which may have _appeared to_ disconnect us with Spirit. We are never truly disconnected, however, experiences that are particularly traumatic can create the illusion of disconnection. Healing the Nessus wound requires us to recognize the illusion for what it is and to acknowledge, once more, our indivisibility with/from Spirit. We are always surrounded by with the Love of Divine, even when we believe all has been forsaken or lost. Here is where the test of Faith comes, and with it, the capacity to manifest Miracles with Piscean energy.

For most people, Nessus triggers the sensation of having one’s personal, intimate, psychic and/or sexual boundaries violated. These wounds may not have been sustained in this lifetime, or even acted out by people you’ve met this time around, but can easily refer to events that transpired many, many, SuperMoons past. Do not feel the need to locate what you feel at a physical level and accept (if you can) the idea that your Soul has experienced a lot more than what your Conscious Self is aware of. This can avoid a lot of unnecessary pain, stigma and fear in interpersonal relationships.

Neptune Retrograde (8 Pisces) will be close to the Moon, whilst Jupiter (3 Virgo) will be close to the Sun. Neptune’s influence will only intensify the experience of the Piscean Moon (as Neptune rules Pisces), whereas Jupiter will amplify the Sun’s focus in Virgo – an energy that seeks to delineate, find form, structure and function of material vessels designed for a path of Earthly Service. There’s going to be a somewhat of a tug-of-war going on between the two – with Neptune as the Teacher of Formlessness, and Jupiter as the Guru that shows you the road ahead.

Chances are that we’re all going to be called to find a more grounded, earthly, practical way in which we can manifest, or carry forward the lessons that we experience at the more emotional and intuitive level during this Full Moon. The tension between Virgo and Pisces will be highlighted – as we discover the balance between setting a boundary and opening the self to the Divine. Both are equally important in the Road Ahead, especially with Jupiter’s year-long lessons in Virgo and the North Node’s upcoming shift into Virgo in October 2015.

To quote a conversation I was a part of last night: it is the archetype of the Guru vis-a-vis the Saint. One Knows, and another Experiences. Both are equally valid.

Also bear in mind that the Mercury, Black Moon Lilith, Super-Galactic-Center and North Node conjunction in Libra sextiles Saturn in Scorpio – and that Venus Retrograde prepares to meet Mars in Leo within 2 days’ time. There’s a tremendous focus upon our relationships, the ways in which we relate with others and the parts of ourselves which we do not acknowledge or simply tend to disown (the Shadow Self). The decisions that we make now will, due to Saturn’s & the Super Galactic Center’s influence, form a significant part of the energetic blueprint we carry for a long time henceforth.

In short, it’s a quite a significant Full Moon and one that I hope will bring us all to a greater awareness of just what it means to Be and Love ourselves and others as The-Divine-in-Human-Form.

Much Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: ‘Nessus’, kindly gifted by Theresa Luttenegger. You can find more of her work at


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    I wish you could read my journal entry today. It’s as if you plucked every metaphor from my words and popped it into your post! This has been a deep dive. Thanks for the write up I’m glad I’m not crazy 😉


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