NEW MOON AT 19 LIBRA, 12/13 OCTOBER 2015 – The Dynamics of Power, Control and the Abused/Wounded Masculine Within Partnerships

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Blessings to All. New Moons are times in which we set the seeds for a particular cycle of growth, only to reap the rewards of the same 6 months later, under the Full Moon of the sign. In this case, what we sow now will come to fruition during the Libra Full Moon (March 23, 2016, i.e. at the time of the Equinox).
The energy of Libra is one that deals with partnership, and more generally speaking, our ability to relate to different aspects of ourselves through others. It can refer to professional and personal aspects of life.
At a deeper level, Libra’s energy also teaches us how to find greater pathways or perspectives that lead to balance, detachment and (ultimately) a more Zen-like place of non-judgment. Judgment as we understand it now is more of a human concept, and I suspect it looks a lot more like acceptance and tolerance the further we progress as individuals, and as a species. It’s also an energy that teaches us about the boundaries needed to actually exist in relation with another in this material reality.
Within partnerships, the inability to draw such boundaries can be linked to psychological labels such as ‘codependency’, ‘borderline personality disorder’, ‘narcissism’, the ‘victim-vs-abuser’ dynamic and so on. We need to be very careful about the way we use these labels in trying to understand ourselves or others (especially when they have hurt us in some way). It’s very easy to project a vision of the self or other that simply reinforces certain ideas about who you and and what you deserve. Sometimes these views may not entirely be resonant with the deeper parts of you – and sometimes they will.
We also see Libra energy as the gateway to understanding the Shadow or hidden side of the self. It’s the first astrological gate the truly begins that process within the evolutionary cycle. We tend to also work through our own stuff, as we process the needs and demands of relationships we are a part of.
During this Libra New Moon, that takes place at 19 degrees of the sign (at 00:05 am, 13-Oct-2015, UTC) – we’re going to be given the opportunity to really sow the seeds of living a more balanced existence. Bear in mind that your relationships and partnerships are reflections of a much vaster partnership that you are always a part of – a co-creative collaboration between you and what you might call, Divinity, or All-That-Is.
So – really – the lessons you might see erupting or arising from partners now represent far deeper lessons that you need to take heed of, as part of your evolving relationship with Self-and-Cosmos. It’s not just about ‘you and him/her’, it’s about ‘you and everything that exists’. When you view the various relationships that come and go in your life through this lens, you get a little closer to what various traditions have referred to as detachment. (Being compassionate about being detached is a different kettle of fish – hello South Node in Pisces 😉 )
In the skies, this particular Libra New Moon is caught up in a Grand Cardinal Cross, is conjunct some significant conduits of Divine Masculine energy, and brings us to the precipice of making powerful choices as to who we are and the ideals we now stand for. Now I tend to work with the asteroids, and I see them as extremely important astrological bodies that more sensitively map the lessons of the stars. Most reports will focus on the New Moon-Uranus opposition instead – but I like to get into the details of things, as most of you know anyway 🙂
Those of you who’d like the gist of this energy, feel free to stop reading here. Others who want the in-depth scoop, keep on reading.
The Sun represents the focused awareness of our consciousness, whereas the Moon represents the Sub-Conscious. The two also relate to the polarity of Masculine and Feminine, or Mother and Father archetypes. These bodies conjunct one another at 19 Libra.
Zeus and Osiris, both bodies that reflect different aspects of Divine Masculine energy, the energy of the Patriarch are close by at 17 Libra. You might see such dynamics coming through in partnership. Whilst Zeus represents the power of leadership, it can also refer to the overbearing nature of the Masculine that does not recognize the need for honoring the boundaries of the Feminine. Osiris, on the other hand, a the mirror of Zeus. His masculinity and sexuality has quite literally been torn apart, and he requires the intervention of Lady Isis, the Dark Mother-Nurturer. Here we see the Masculine resurrected through the intervention of the Feminine. So really, two vastly different expressions of the Masculine coming through at once.
Niobe, at 20 Libra, warns us of becoming overly proud about or attached to our ideals of/partnerships. Vanity in/about partnership has the tendency to backfire at this time.
Haumea and Typhon at 22 Libra tell us about different ways in which primordial, elemental energy – that without coincidence – poses a threat to the established status quo can be unleashed. Haumea is a Hawaiian Goddess who pretty much creates land through the movement of lava through the oceans, and the alchemy that ensures. She’s a powerful creatrix who works fearlessly with the elements. Typhon, originally, referred to a powerful monster whom even the Greek Gods feared. In modern astrology, it refers to an elemental force, much like the force of Nature herself, both creative and destructive at once.
So, taking those elements together, we see that the Sun and Moon lie in close promixity to several bodies that actually make the energy of this New Moon quite a complex one to navigate.
The Sun/Moon conjunction is opposed by Karma-Persephone (17 Aries), Uranus (18 Aries) and Eris (22 Aries). Asteroids Karma and Persephone, respectively, ask us to discover our independence. We do not need the Mother to step into the Underworld and rescue her Daughter from Pluto. We do not need to re-play the karmic role of the helpless, young victim who cannot manage for herself. We are also asked to discover the Goddess within who simply refuses to be contained or make to conform in any traditional way.
Partnerships that are built on traditional male-female dynamics may see a significant challenge at this time, as the Feminine begins to awaken into her more Individualistic, Assertive, Self (Aries). So those with volatile partners, particularly ones liable to various forms of abuse – if you’re going to rock the boat (as lopsided as it may be) and demand what you deserve, make sure you have a support network in place and take required precautions. Where Uranus is involved, we can’t quite predict the ways in which things may play out, but that’s more so for extreme imbalances.
Other challenges to this New Moon are posed by various bodies in Cancer/Capricorn, squaring Sun/Moon/Uranus – and therefore completing a Grand Cardinal Cross.
Cyllarus warns us of the consequences of impetuous behavior, rushing madly into a domestic/familial/maternal situation without proper thought and preparation. It’s also close to Thereus (21 Cancer), an asteroid that speaks very much about the dynamics of abuse. Again, those of you in fairly volatile situations, find a safe space.
Narcissus (19 Capricorn) asks us to confront the illusions of power that we hold about ourself, or in dynamics where we feel that others hold power over us. It’s a time to reflect upon the mirror through which we see ourselves – and others, and to smash it if necessary.
Okyrhoe (17 Capricorn) tells us that re-discovering your gifts and power is quite possible at this time. Again, the stars caution us to exercise some discretion in how, when and where we speak our truth. Okyrhoe was a young oracle who was punished by the God Apollo (the Masculine) for revealing the gods’ plans for humanity ahead of time.
Generally speaking, it seems as though this New Moon in Libra truly asks us to explore the dynamics of power, control and the abused/wounded Masculine within partnerships. Tact and diplomacy might be a better way to reclaim your power now, as you rediscover your sense of worth, given the implications of multiple placements. Set the intentions to re-claim that space, be it within or without the partnership in question.
Questions to ask yourselves (especially if you’re in a partnership):
Is this collaboration or energetic partnership working for me?
Is it balanced, does it honor who I am? Am I honoring the other person for who they are?
Who do I feel holds the reins of power in this dynamic, and is that view valid?
How can I decisively make changes in my domestic situation, one step at a time?
Does my partnership actually facilitate the expression of the Sacred Masculine, or a more distorted version of itself – in me/my partner?
Finally, the Sun/Moon also trine Damocles (20 Aquarius) and Hephaistos (21 Gemini), creating a Grand Air Trine. Damocles asks us to truly face the position of power, stewardship or authority that we may believe ourselves capable of handling. With such authority, comes certain risks and vulnerabilities that also comes with the job. It’s a time to look at those ideals of ‘the self in power’ and to see if they really fit with you reality, or not.
Hephaistos talks to us of the need to take the baser energies (chakra-wise), be it anger, rejection, pain, sorrow – and to rediscover ways in which they can be transmuted for greater purposes. The role of forgiveness is also highlighted here as a great catalyst for energetic transmutation.
So, again, it’s a very complex set of energetic dynamics that come into play with the skies, this New Moon. The way in which you navigate this space will be reflected in the harvest that you reap during the March Equinox of 2016.
Love to All,
Stay Safe.

6 thoughts on “NEW MOON AT 19 LIBRA, 12/13 OCTOBER 2015 – The Dynamics of Power, Control and the Abused/Wounded Masculine Within Partnerships

  1. Marie says:

    Very deep and on target…been witnessing my parents’ marriage dynamics and a specific incident has triggered an internal debate –wanting to either protect my mother or give her insight on her plight. After about a day of being present to all the issues that were arising within, a good amount of spiritual work in silence…a wholistic, loving and judicious perspective has appeared thereby providing the understanding that was asking to be born…Yes, there is no victim, no martyr and remarkably at the heart of it all is the symphony of forgiveness being played out. How beautiful and perfect it all it! Your post completely validates the unfolding. Thank you, beloved Priestess…<3 <3 <3

  2. Bee Love says:

    Thanks sistar! Bless beautiful you 🙂 BB Love <3 😉

  3. Doctapaul says:

    With my natal Neptune at 17♎️, your wisdom is helping me to discern truth from illusion twixt my masculine/conscious self and the whole me that I project to the universe – specifically the inner female whom I know least about.


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