CURRENT ASTRO-HIGHLIGHTS (Energy of the Week Ahead: Feb 18-24, 2016)

SoD 18 feb

Feb 8 – 24 : Major Yod (Finger of Fate) involving Vesta, Eris, Uranus, Mars, Juno, The Moon, North Node, South Node, Chiron, Jupiter Retrograde and Black Moon Lilith. Long story short – we are asked to explore new paths of Service, at times releasing paradigms, paths, teachers who no longer resonate with the same. As we do so, we are called to explore the various archetypal energies that reside deep within the sub-conscious. Some may be drawn to deeper shamanic work and/or energetic awareness that takes the influence of ancestry into account. The role of the Dark Goddess is heightened as part of this alignment, as She asks us to seek a form of Balance and Justice that honors the Self – as a new Path, or Embodiment, of Service. Many will be developing a new relationship with their perception of the wounds they have borne, and in a general sense, with the wounded healer archetype. I have written elsewhere on how this awareness is part of the larger wave of awareness that the Age of Aquarius seeks to instill within us, as we move away from Pisces´ legacy (with its gifts and its burdens).

Feb 13 – 15: Grand Sextile / Star of David Alignment involving North Node, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Chiron, South Node and The Moon. In terms of more commonly known bodies, this is a Near-Perfect Grand Sextile, with the ´missing´point between 16-23 degrees Cancer. The asteroids Thereus (relationship with victimhood-abuser dynamics, perceived entrapment, fears, etc.) and Urania (connection with astrology and astronomy through the Goddess) are at 16 Cancer, completing the Grand Sextile. The Grand Sextile or Star of David alignment is a six pointed star. It appears as a smoothly connected series of six sextiles, housing an upward and downward facing pair of equilateral trianges. Essentially, the Grand Sextile alignment hands you a blank cheque from the Cosmos that says: Manifest what you will. This can work both ways, depending on how well you work with the energies of the alignment, and how they relate to your personal natal, or progressed, chart.

Feb 18 – 19: Grand Sextile / Star of David Alignment involving the same bodies above, minus Mars, but with Juno instead. The Moon is now in Cancer, making the ´missing point´ between 16-23 Taurus. The asteroids Eurydice (agency, codependency, relationship with darkness and descent) and Hera (projections unto the feminine, the forgotten goddess, the controlling mother archetype) are at 19 and 20 Taurus respectively, completing the sextile. Sedna is at 24 Taurus, quite notably – her energy asks us to consider the wounds of abandonment, betrayal by masculine energy, and the process of rebirth that accompanies the surrender of descent.

Feb 18: Sun enters Pisces. For the next month, our attention is more strongly pulled towards matters of spirituality, surrender, sacrifice, past life karma, the mystic´s path, the role of the wound (particularly those that are difficult to recognize), and so on. A powerful time to be inspired by the formless, ever-shifting energy of the Cosmos and its Mysteries.

Feb 22: Full Moon in Virgo. Look back to the previous Virgo New Moon (13 September 2015, Solar Eclipse) to see what seeds you set into motion that you will now harvest. Matters of health, service, chastity, ideas and ideals of purity, organization and the daily routines of life will come into greater focus. A powerful Moon for those who serve as Priestesses or other types of Sacred Facilitators.

All in all, it´s going to be a very energetically intense week!

Bear in mind that Vesta is now conjunct Eris, and the Uranus-Pluto-Black Moon Lilith T- square is still exerting a powerful influence in the skies.

Also – for those of you who are interested – I have begun a new type of session called Eris Awakens. Do get in touch if this piques your interest.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

6 thoughts on “CURRENT ASTRO-HIGHLIGHTS (Energy of the Week Ahead: Feb 18-24, 2016)

  1. kunghur says:

    Cool. I have mars at 23 cancer – so i guess that fills in the “missing point”. Am i gettin the point . . . Hopefully 🙂 butterflies n daisies make me crazy

  2. mamma2004 says:

    Blessings and gratitude x

    Please could you explain more about surrendering to the the descent?

    I am torn between Eris and Vesta. I realise I am closer to knowing Who I Am. I have just had a very painful relationship breakdown of a twenty two year bond. We have two kids. I am chaos and uncontrollable nd don’t get invited to weddings. I am peaceful and loving but fierce and fiery in the face of injustice. I am anti patriarchy and believe we can change the world one heart at a time. By finding peace in ourselves first.

    I’d like to let go even more of attachment. Deeper and deeper.

    Grace x

    1. Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD says:

      Hello darling. I have been thinking about your question. It´s a fairly subjective process that really depends on what you hold onto, and whether, in fact, that is a valid thing. Perhaps my most recent article might shed some insight for you. Blessings, Bairavee xxx

  3. Ailish Farragher says:

    I loved this post – I really hit hime the balance that women walk..whether to be the fire of change and transformation or the steady foundation of all growth and possibility..and trying to marry those two opposing forces. Also, than you for sharing your personal experience.


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