A Brief Note on Words and Energy


Words are vessels for our energy.


They are capable of inducing strong emotional responses based on your unique strengths and vulnerabilities.


Words can bait you to become further entrenched / hooked in / entangled in a particular dynamic.


And sometimes they can set you free.


We´re about to enter a phase where our modes of expression and communication – with the material beings/world around us – is going to be thoroughly re-examined. That´s of course the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Taurus.


Mercury (communication) conjuncted Vesta (service) a few days ago, and both remain in a trine with Pluto (transformation) and the North Node (new directions). All in the Earth signs.


But distilling that info – what that means for us all now – is to:


Use the power of your voice to draw the line where it needs to be and articulate – with power – with grace – and integrity – just who you are and what you have come to do on this Earth Plane.

It´s not about your audience, or what response you get to it.

As attached as you may be to the message, or the words you use – be detached to the response you get.

As that has nothing to do with you, whatsoever.

It´s an act of self-representation. And what that means for you.

With that comes a new chapter in your journey of self-assertion, discernment and healing.


Sometimes Love smooths over the rough, jagged edges.


And at other times it says – I´ve tried my best – it´s the same dynamic over and over again – *waves goodbye* – and keeps on walking.


Given other dynamics in the sky, for many – I would see the ´walking away from crap´ theme probably the more dominant expression of this energy.
You are what you are.
Take it or leave it.
As far too many of us have compromised far too much.
Just be clear about your energy, and resist the temptation to get hostile or defensive if someone chooses to see you differently.


There is of course a space for healthy communication and deep sharing that allows transformation to happen.


Some of you will see those opportunities emerge as well, over the next few weeks.

But – remember – it takes to two tango.



<3 <3 <3

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2 thoughts on “A Brief Note on Words and Energy

  1. K.A. says:

    Beautiful! Clear! And so spot on. Xx Kimberly


  2. Meghan Cook says:

    Love. Grateful for your sharing today.

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