Vesta conjuncts Mercury Retrograde (May 1 2016): The Priestess, The Land and the Message <3


The Priestess Asteroid meets the Messenger-in-Retrograde. A powerful time for us to examine the way we think, communicate and express ourselves to other people. The focus may be on the physical throat itself, or about the ways we connect with land, our phsyical environment and the way we relate more generally to the material plane. A wonderful day for us to reconnect with those on similar paths, or with whom we have a sense of spiritual kinship.

Vesta´s role encourages us to examine how our communicative modes fulfill a form of service in themselves, through multiple tropes. For some, service comes through silence – for others, confrontration, or avoidance. You may find cases where kind words of understanding build the bridge, or where more assertive words must be said to draw the line (or even destroy a bridge no longer wanted). In some cases, what it takes is simply non-attachment and the realization that some words, for them to have power, must never be spoken.

We live in a world full of people (and other things). And everyone has a different message for you.

Sometimes they gel, and sometimes they don´t. Sometimes the message is for the sender, rather than the receiver.

And it´s healthy practice to be able to say –

Hey- thanks, but … not feeling it.

No matter who´s doing the talking.

If you´re triggered by the message, maybe there´s something in it for you.

If not, then say thank you, smile, and carry on  🙂


For those of you who observe the cycles of the year through the Sabbats, I wish you a Blessed Beltane (Northern Hemisphere) and Samhain Greetings (Southern Hemisphere). I have had a lovely day reconnecting with lovely friends and making new ones on the Isle of Avalon. The land here whispers to those who heed its call – more often than not, to the quieter spaces.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


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