SUN TRINED JUPITER TRINED REQUIEM: GRAND EARTH TRINE – Paths of Awareness, Exploration and Movement through the Descent (3 May 2015)


Blessings 🙂 The Sun is blazing in through the glass windows here in London! Very appropriate for today´s astrology …

The Sun (13 Taurus) represents the Light of Awareness or the Focus of our Consciousness. In Taurus, it concerns itself with the sensorial, immediate, tactile, physical relationship with our bodies and other people, things and aspects of the material realm. It´s about being in the here and now and experiencing the body and its progress through this Earth as fully as possible. (and other things). It´s a very powerful energy of Be-Here-Now and asks you to speak within the language and consciousness of the body itself, rather than the more abstract mind. (They are of course, linked.)

Jupiter Retrograde (13 Virgo) brings us abundance, growth and expansion – in ways that can help us further understand our respective paths of service and the forms they take in thie material reality. Due to the retrograde, Jupiter´s energies can either be focused entirely upon the inner world, and/or be catalyzed by a teacher figure – travel – philosophical / religious / ideological / academic explorations and so on that you have had some previous exposure to. Be it this lifetime or ones prior. Either way, growth comes – but from within.

When the Sun trines Jupiter, we see this as a time where our consicous pursuits are aligned with the principle of expansion and the multiplier of energies (abundance). This can be a fabulously positive, uplifting experience depending on what it is you focus upon – or the absolute converse. I do not class Jupiter as a benefic, but a more neutral amplifier of energies. (Much in the same way Saturn can be a really really good thing, and is not a ´malefic´ in quite a few cases – though a tough teacher, to be fair)

Practically speaking, my suggestion to you is to step out of the mind and fully into the body. Do stuff. With your hands, your feet, your belly, your chest, your back.

Get into movement, motion and connection with the world around you and let Nature herself guide you and teach you through the rhythms you experience.

It´s also a wonderful time to focus on healing practices, especially of the holistic kind. Similarly, a lovely window to perform rituals that honor and rejuvenate the Earth (tune into Her consciousness first before doing so). Be She Gaia-Sophia, Bhuma-Devi, Gayathri-Devi, Pachamama – or whatever conceptualization you use – it´s a lovely day to honor Her 🙂

In truth, this is a Grand Earth Trine – if you were also consider the asteroid Requiem at 13 Capricorn.

Long story short – Requiem watches over the rites or passage through Death / the realm of the Underworld. In Capricorn, she draws strongly from the archetype of the Crone and her deep, rich, Earth-Wisdom. A fantastic day for performing rites of this nature (which – as fate would have it – is exactly what I´m going to be doing today with my family at a temple).

Metaphorically speaking, it is an excellent energy to work with if moving through the various stages of death, grief-work or the descent process in general. Working with Crone figures such as Hekate, The Cailleach, Pechiamman (The Grand Mother Goddess) or similar deities / archetypes / vibrations would be of added benefit at this time.

Gemstones that can support someone through the stages of grief include chrysocolla, apache tears and rose quartz. That is also an excellent way to bridge the material-physical focus of the Grand Earth Trine and the kind of spiritual work it can allow us to open up to at this time.

Also – Bear in Mind that the Sun is sextiled Neptune (11 Pisces), opening a bridge to the Sacred Waters of Spirit at this time. If you have placements between 11-13 Libra, you will experience this as a powerful Yod or Finger of Fate, swiftly bringing you into deeper karmic currents (or the choice to move out of them entirely).

And as an added note – at the time of writing – the Moon is also conjunct Chiron (The Wounded Healer) in Pisces. Allow your deeper fears and vulnerabilities the chance to surface and express themselves through the work that you do at this time. Rather than suppressing this side of things, you may find it a gateway to fuller growth and a richer spiritual process.

Blessings and Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam <3

The Sky Priestess

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