PLUTO TRINED NORTH NODE TRINED MERCURY RETROGRADE (More Info on the Grand Earth Trine) a.k.a. Prepare to Be Butterflies!


Blessings! The Grand Earth Trine brings to us powerful possibilities of manifestation in the material, earthly realm. Owing to the bodies involved, we experience it to be an alignment of great power, depth and potential catharsis / breakdown / breakthrough. I´m going to take a slightly deeper look to highlight some of the other themes that also come through at this time:

Pluto Retrograde (17 Capricorn): Breaking down old ideas of authority, power, structure and legacy. Discovering ways to develop the same in a form that is authentic and regenerative.

North Node ( mean – 18 , true – 19 Virgo): Forging new paths through the examination of how we structure our physical lives in day to day reality. Also reconceptualizing notions of health, wellness, service and preservation.

Mercury Retrograde (17 Taurus) : Examining thoughts, ideas, concepts and forms of communication surrounding our relationship with the material world. How do we coexist with this planet, with our physical bodies, and the biosphere we are a part of? Mental habits that lead us to see ourselves as either controlling or being controlled by the material sphere are also under scrutiny at this time.

In themselves, these bodies make up a powerful Grand Earth Trine. There´s so much growth that can be achieved as much is cleared away to make room for a healthier, more embodied, more grounded co-existence between matter and spirit.

Let´s also look at some nearby bodies (taking an orb of +/- 3 degrees) either way to see what else comes through at this time:

14 Taurus: Atlantis, Bienor, Atropos: In a nutshell ,we are asked to understand the control dramas we play out or are a part of, using forms, relationships and people in the material realm. It is time to cut away from these habits and patterns of relating, if imbalanced.

15 Taurus: Venus – ditto. She brings a special focus onto relationships, but equally, the very consciousness of what it means to be embodied and feminine (does not apply purely to those who identify as female)

18-19 Virgo: Hebe & Hygiea: Hebe´s energy asks us to take notice of the way we have allowed ourselves to become energetically entrapped and/or seduced by another. Hygiea shows us how this exploration can lead to the discovery of greater healing within. Rhodonite is an excellent stone in holding the space for this kind of exploration.

14 Capricorn: Requiem: A fantastic time to facilitated or be facilitated through death – literal, metaphysical – and so on. There is a grief process that comes with the recognition that things, or people, have de-parted and are no longer in your lives in the way they used to be. This can just as well refer to older senses of selfhood. Chrysocolla and apache tears can help with this side of things.

Taking that all together, we see how and where this Grand Earth Trine leads us to even further opportunities for growth, healing and a general de-cluttering, or release of old forms.

Prepare to be butterflies, people 😀

We´re just wriggling out of our cocoons just now – or preparing to –  at the very least. Again, does depend on your own journey and chart activations as well – but this is the general sense I get with this alignment.

Ciao Ciao!

Bairavee Balasubramaniam <3

The Sky Priestess

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