The Gift and Curse of the Mind (A Brief Musing)



The human mind is both a gift and a curse. Through the mind, we have tools to visualize, imagine, analyze and structure our experience of reality. How successful we are depends on many factors, willpower being a crucial one.

But this is where things begin to get muddly. Sometimes the will to believe becomes to powerful that it overrides the mind´s capacity for discernment.

Very often, we begin to use that same mind to believe things which are untrue, or to buy into idealizations that do not match up with experienced reality. (And what ´reality´ is — is such a big question … I don´t think anyone can answer it in full without resorting to generalizations).

We then construct self-images, identities and worldviews on the basis of what we want to believe and experience, rather than what is there, right in front of you. Most commonly expressed as the disconnect between Spirit and Matter or the Lower and Higher Chakras (or whatever other dichotomy applies).

If our lives were entirely the product of our imagination, this would not be a problem. But the human mind, as powerful as it is, is still a teensy weensy receptor/transmitter as part of a much larger Universe. Intention and belief alone do not make things happen.

At some point, the illusion shatters. We recognize facets of the world/s around us that contradict what have allowed ourselves to believe. And so who we are and how we exist is equally put into question.

And then a choice must be made.

Do you sink deeper into the illusion, or do you try to find a deeper level of truth – whatever that may mean for you – through other means?

Perhaps it comes with the recognition that the line between truth and fantasy is a difficult one to draw. Perhaps an illusion can become real if we make it so.

Perhaps such wake up calls are best seen as calls to action. Not only at the mental level, but the emotional, spiritual, psychic and physical one in tandem. It is a necessary, but often uncomfortable step … to see the mind / mental constructs as a part, and not the only, or most important, way in which we engage with reality.

Seems to be a powerful theme for the Now.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

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