Blessings to All. Over the next 12 hours, the Moon will be transiting between 10-17 Pisces. As it does so, it will conjunct Neptune & The South Node, oppose Jupiter & The North Node and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon has already squared The Sun, Vesta and Venus in Gemini. Together, all these bodies form a Grand Mutable Cross.

The Moon´s activation to each of these celestial players ignites the energy of the Cross and the many challenges (and gifts) it seeks to bring. The Grand Mutable Cross formed on May 26 and will last until June 28, involving the bodies mentioned above – and later – with Mercury as well. Please refer to ´Navigating the Dance of the Mutable Signs (May-September 2016)´ – – for a summary of this alignment.

With the Moon in Pisces, the Grand Cross is re-lit. We are asked to recognize the places within that connect us deepest with Spirit, or delude us into believing that we have done so. Some of us may also be re-living our deepest sense of woundedness, spanning across the karma of lifetimes.

Often the ´wound´ is conflated as this point of connection, but it is one of many. One does not have to be ripped away to allow Spirit through – but for many, this is the path that leads to that realization. Not the only way it can be done though.

It will be an intense experience for just about all of us. Though we will all respond to it differently.

Spending time in nature, grounding under a tree, practising mindfulness and meditation can help. As can just getting out there (if you have the energy to) and having some fun. Some of you may feel a lot more vulnerable – seek out friends or support networks that can help you hold your space through this process.

On top of all of this, we also see the Mars approach to Earth going exact at 2135 UTC time on May 30th – about 17 hours after the Moon finishes aspecting the bodies mentioned above.

Mars will be the closest its been to Earth since October 5, 2005. This kind of approach occurs once every 26 months.

Energetically speaking, this alignment can go either way, especially with Mars in Scorpio.

Where Scorpio can involve death, surgery, trauma, violence, pain – and so on – it can equally represent alchemy, regeneration, healing, re-birthing and transcendence.

Mars and Scorpio, in their own ways, speak to a very intense, primal, physical energy. It would be a good day to pay special attention to the body and it´s signals. Again, some of you will feel like soaring, and others will build a blanket fort.

I would say – just as a general rule, you are likely to feel a shift in the energy once the Pisces Moon trines Mars (now so close to the Earth, 28-29 Scorpio) and then enters Aries. The Aries Moon begins at 1:09 UTC time on May 31st.

Again, each of us will respond to this energy differently. And that is perfectly fine 🙂 Remember to practice self-care at this time. <3


Blessings and Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess



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