Practical Guidance on the Sagittarius Full Moon (20-6-2016)


It´s one of those Full Moons that bring out and intensify all that we have been experiencing anyway in recent weeks. For instance, we see the hand of the:

  • the Jupiter-Node conjunction (an important time where we open pathways to greater service, guidance and healing)
  • the Solstice (a pivotal moment in the turning of the seasons)
  • the Grand Mutable Cross (now activated with Mercury and Vesta in Gemini, opposing Saturn and The Great Attractor in Sagittarius, squaring Neptune and The South Node and Jupiter and the North Node) – if you did want a writeup on the Grand Mutable Cross, look here:
  • and their trine to Pluto (the potential for transformation of old, entrenched structures).

And more.

Now I could do a long post that explained each and every aspect of this, but considering the sheer amount of energy in the sky my instinct is to focus on the practicalities of it.

– If you feel like flying, travelling, making a big leap or decision in the Path you take – do it.

– If you feel like old stuff is coming up, to the best of your ability, face it – or find someone who can help

– If it´s too much for you to face, seek shelter in safe, grounded space

There´s going to be a lot of powerful, and some mixed messages (and interpretations) flying around. Some of what you receive will be for you and will guide you to where you need to go. And some won´t be.

Some of you will find Teachers and Paths you require, and others will walk away from them – and into new directions.

Let it wash over you. Whatever message does come.

And center yourself to see which part of yourself is responding

The Ego? The Mind? The Heart? The Soul?

Which part of your body is resonating?

And what other message does that bring?

Unless you feel grounded enough and guided to do so, I would suggest avoiding high-energy activations at this time.

If, on the other hand – the signals say GO!

Then take that leap.

Bear in mind that this is the 2nd Sagittarius Full Moon we´ve had in a row and that it occurs at 29 degrees of the sign, close to the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).

There´s a clear message in the skies, for all of us.

Even if, especially with the Mutable Cross in play, it may seem otherwise.

Remember to find your center, ground out and – if you do need a focus – stay true to the Heart´s navigation and let it be your compass through the storm.

The Sagittarius Full Moon goes exact at 11:02 am, UTC time, 20 June 2016 – at 29 degrees! 🙂

Suggested Meditations:


Activating/Clearing: – do not work with this if you are feeling ungrounded!

Suggested Gemstones:

Lepidolite – calming the nervous system
Chrysoprase – clearing the heart, opening it to love
Charoite – healing karmic imprints, allowing the Soul to awaken to service

Suggested Essential oils (make sure you´re not allergic to them):

Rose – Unconditional Love and Protection
Sandalwood – Grounding and Sacral Activation (if appropriate)
Frankincense – Clearing and Protection
Neem – Protection and Earth-Goddess connection

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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5 thoughts on “Practical Guidance on the Sagittarius Full Moon (20-6-2016)

  1. janeliker says:

    How coincidental I should return here now..when this solstice full moon is conjunct my jupiter in sag and probably my ascendant too…not sure how to act because conversely I feel in total stasis!! Stuck mentally emotionally and def physically with an unusable right wrist/hand at present! Desperate to DO, simply unable to, and as for decisions that lead to action..also a definite no-no…so am at a loss (telling phrase as do feel lost and that ive lost all important to me) as to how this full moon/solstice relates to me, when it so SHOULD!

      1. janeliker says:

        I feel I have no other choice..and maybe it’s a chance to weigh up choices themselves. Thanks for replying and the reassurance though 🙂 what a glorious sunset too and in this area, the way the moon low down peered between the cloud “blinds” was sheer magic, making up for the otherwise atypical strangeness of this solstice for me.

  2. Ruby says:

    Thank you for the links Bairavee. I have just read above comments from Janeliker. I have been in a state of not knowing which direction, what direction as no direction has been offered to my deep psyche for nearly three years. It has been tough this not knowing, this stasis, this dark night of not knowing. We are in such a time of release, let go , surrender, trust. Deep changes are happening with and without our conscious awareness. I think there are many of us feeling stuck at present. Please know you are not alone in this. I resonated with all you said. We are powerful beings and when we know we will know deeply.


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