A quick cosmic heads up! Mercury is now conjunct Vesta (15 Gemini), re-activating the Grand Mutable Cross (with the North Node, Jupiter, Neptune, South Node, Saturn, Great Attractor). Bear in mind that the Mercury-Vesta conjunction is also inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Those who have placements near 15 Scorpio and/or Leo will experience this as a potent Yod (Finger of Fate). Time for karmic waters to flow, and powerfully so.
Look to the spaces where you are called to enter at this time, be it in the physical landscape, or in the mental domain within. There is a great amount of release to be found through the evolution of new perspectives and the discarding of old ones. The Priestess bears a Message close to Home ….
At the moment I´m sitting in Sri Lanka´s Colombo International Airport – on my way back early to surprise my father and working with the energies here in this way. Irrespective of the vitriol that gets spewed when you talk about it publicly, blood was spilled here – of many ethnicities in a long-standing civil war that began in 1983.
A war that cost both sides so much in terms of loss of life. That left no one innocent, or blame-free. That ended with a horrific climax and loss of life in 2009. Despite UN-led investigations and footage from independent channels, the country has yet to come to terms with the event. And attempts have been made to present an image of ´life as normal´, albeit one that carries with it muted traces of it´s bloody past. The answers are found in the silences, the voices erased and unrepresented. And the energy of the event remains, amidst the beauty of the land. I leave you to your own research and conclusions.
But those who know, know. And they´re the ones with the biggest jobs right now. To hold, and transmute energy that has been so forcibly suppressed. Other energyworkers in conflict zones or places of violent disturbance (Orlando comes to mind) will absolutely be called to do similar energetic holding-and-shifting.
Because that´s where the shift begins. In You. Through You.
If your response to hate is hate, then that is all we will have, at the end of the day.
Have been working with some crystals (charoite, larimar, chrysoprase) and sitting in a meditative state whilst waiting for my connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur. This was the one place and the one airport I did not want to come to, not just yet.
But it all aligns. Been travelling from Scotland since the 20th – due to reach Malaysia on the 23rd. ( And if you have my dad on your friends list – don´t say a word 😀 )
And for those of you in the UK – we´re right at the cusp of the Brexit vote. Those of you who do decide to vote, my suggestion to you is to consider the impact of yes/no on your daily life, and the lives of those around you. Sometimes ideology alone cannot bring us to a clear decision, but a consideration of facts and details can. And we won´t all come to the same interpretation but we don´t have to.
On a broader note, as mentioned earlier with the Uranus-Eris/Haumea opposition, in Aries-Libra, we are seeing major shifts recorded in the Earth´s crust. Specifically in the San Andreas fault, beginning on the 20th (date of the Full Moon).
This isn´t meant to create a sense of panic in people, because at the end of the day — we´ve chosen to be here. And there´s work to be done.
Together, let´s hold a vibration of peace and forgiveness – especially in the face of the most violent forms of hatred. That is the best that we can do.
And the rest? Let´s see what the Universe has planned.
In the meantime, send Love everywhere you can, beginning with Yourself.
Hugs and Love,
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Image: Sediment off the Yucatan Peninsula. By NASA image courtesy the MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC. (NASA Earth Observatory (original image)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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