There´s a powerful Grand Water Trine in the skies right now, involving The Sun (4 Cancer), The Moon (4 Pisces) and Black Moon Lilith / the Mean Apogee (3 Scorpio). Grand Trines intensify the flow of energy and mutually amplify the natural intensity of each astrological body involved in the alignment. The Cancer Sun asks us to focus upon our deeper, innermost dwellings – the places, space and states of being we associated with the Home. One´s Womb, in an archetypal sense. Pay attention to the more tender, vulnerable emotions that come through the Crab / Cancer´s thick shell as these give you clues as to your deeper emotional make-up and requirements. The Pisces Moon similarly orients us to the realm of the unseen, navigated through subtle-yet-powerful psychic undercurrents. Follow that which takes you deeper within and closer to what you might call the Soul´s experience. Many who use the term refer to the conscious experience the Soul, whilst the unconscious or rather sub-conscious experience which cannot truly be put into words – without losing its essence. For the nature of Pisces, at the end of the day, is amorphous and formless. Ever-changing.

The role of Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio asks us to look at our (again) inner impulses and drives, those parts of us that seek greater control, power and authority. We are asked to reflect upon where, how and upon whom we project these desires onto, or who has done the same towards us. A truly revealing time in terms of the psychological-underpinnings of intense, intimate relationships. The same applies for those who work in shamanic realms, especially when bringing healing to ancestral lines and karmic entanglements. This is especially as the Sun approaches Hades (5 Cancer) in a day´s time. At present it is conjunct Hephaistos (3 Cancer), asking us to feel the flow of this energy and to bring stagnant energies into a more creative, dynamic and ultimately healing form.

Taken together, the three bring us into deeper karmic waters, intensifying all that we currently experience at the intrapersonal, interpersonal and collective dimensions of consciousness.

Practically speaking, drinking purified water (or water with shungite crystals added) would be of benefit, as will performing rituals of release (or simply being by) bodies of water. Salt soaks for the feet or salt baths may provide an added outlet of release.

There´s actually quite a few exact aspects in the skies that speak to a collective changing of time – especially in terms of the way we understand relationship roles and the constructs we use to evaluate them. For those who dare to do so and have the grounding in place, it is an excellent time to step into new roles – that therefore create potentially new patterns of partnership – and new ways of discovering intimacy. I´m not going to go into each alignment as they pretty much lead to the same conclusion. But for those who would like a list, here´s a partial one:

Mars (23 Scorpio) opposite Amor (23 Taurus),
Mars (23 Scorpio) trine Psyche (22 Cancer),
Venus conjunct Kronos conjunct Eurydike (9 Cancer) – all trined Eros (9 Pisces) and opposite Requiem (8 Capricorn).

This will play out in many different ways for people, and there´s many different ways of addressing each situation. What I would say is to watch the way you respond to your partner – and vice versa – and to give one another permission to step into new territory – and where appropriate – to do so … together.

For those of you not in a partnership, this may refer to your inner partnership with the Masculine and Feminine Archetype. The former is a reflection of the latter in any case. And the story of how the two relate, for many, is now being re-written.

Bear in mind that the Mars retrograde through Scorpio is about to come to an end on June 29th. The Grand Mutable Cross in the skies begins to die down at around the same time. And almost instantly, we begin the buildup to the Cancer New Moon on the 4th of July.

Its going to be a very busy week, energetically speaking. (But when hasn´t it been in recent times?).

Here´s an overview of some of the larger alignments whose energies continue to strongly influence the energies of the skies, as we perceive them. Bear in mind that different people will respond to this differently. Some of you will be freaking out, and others will stay calm. And neither is better or worse than the other – as the Universe works its magic through all modalities.

Some of you freaking out are in need of grounding, seclusion and silence, and some of you are dancing with the whirls of the storm – because that is exactly where you need to be and what you need to do. Let no one tell you otherwise. Sometimes the Universe teaches through chaos and tears, and other times through silence and stability (or a jumble of em all).

Some of you are extra calm, or even jubliantly happy because that is the way you´re facilitating the shift for everyone else – at the heart of it. But even there, its not always as straightforward as it looks. Many who feel calm and silent now will join the whirling dervishes later, and those dancing now will move the calm heart of the vortex in due course. And they will then join the first category, then first will join the second. And that´s how we keep the hokey-pokey going. No one stays static through the process.

There are some points where you will have to feel powerfully raw and human, and other times when you are the wind, or the rocky mountain, or the salty surf – it´s just part of the Dance. Let the shift move you and let yourself move into different roles as part of the process.

Be flexible about the process…

Some of you will need to speak, and others will need to stay silent at certain points. There´s just no generalizing it.

So it is best not to pedestalize any position and/or look down on its opposite. I´ve seen this going on as well in the past two days.

My current path is the messy dance in the arms of the storm, having done the quiet space holding at its heart a few weeks prior. And it will most certainly switch again.

And – now to the astrology….

There´s the Jupiter-North Node conjunction at 16 Virgo, trining Pluto at 16 Capricorn. I´ve written of that before – but in short – it´s an excellent time to re-think and re-structure your relationship with the material world, the daily acts or rituals through which you structure your life, your path of service, your relationship with the body-as-sacred-vessel, and the larger legacy you choose to leave behind once you leave this Earth-Plane … along with the relationship you have with institutions we have allowed ourselves to see as having the authority to govern us. Bear in mind that the exact Jupiter-Pluto trine happens tomorrow (26 June).

Those of you with placements near 16 Taurus are going to experience this as an extremely powerful Grand Earth Trine (or Kite, if you consider the South Node´s position at 16 Pisces as well).

Saturn, The Lord of Time and Karma (11 Sagittarius) has been up to quite a bit, still in an exact 1-degree T-square to Neptune, The Mystic (12 Pisces) and Asbolus, The Seer of Signs (12 Gemini). (Give yourself a hug if you feel you need one, especially if you have a placement near 11-12 Virgo). Of course, this is still part of the Grand Mutable cross that will continue to dominate the skies till the end of June, with Jupiter and the North Node completing the structure.

This Mutable T-Square is one that asks us to question the structures that seek to govern the world and set its course – by either dissolving these structures or making them more receptive to the spiritual realm, compassion, energetic paradigms – and so on. There´s a breakdown now of political arrangements not in tune with the mood of the collective unconscious (for better or worse) and in that process a great deal of grief and disillusionment. I refer of course to Britain´s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit). In the process, so much has been revealed as false, and so many hopes and ideals alienated in the process. After Brexit, certainly, there are going to be a lot of pieces to pick up. And new structures to rebuild, hopefully more compassionate, more inclusive institutional structures of governance. Time will tell.

At the more esoteric level, Saturn is opposite The Sphinx-conjunct-Atlantis (11 Gemini). Some of you will be consciously accessing and remembering information gained in earlier life-times from these civilizations. Or simply downloading parts of their consciousness. Larimar and Lapiz Lazuli are excellent allies in this process, though, they´re strong stones – use them only if you feel grounded enough to do so.

Uranus (24 Aries) is still conjunct Eris (23 Aries) and Ceres (The Mother Nurturer, 24 Aries). Long story short, we fly right now the more we stay to our truth and what honors the fire within. Practice self-care and walk your talk. It´ll be scary for some, and a welcome opportunity for others (maybe both). Ixion (23 Sagittarius) trines these bodies, bringing the possibility that you-or-others may give into the inner tyrant. Watch how certain you are about what you believe and the truth that you hold. One of the greatest tests of spiritual growth is to realize that not everyone has to think as you do in order to be on some meaningful journey of their one. Live and let live, so to speak. It will be quite a powerful alignment for those with placements near 23-24 Leo.

Uranus-Eris-Ceres also oppose Typhon (23 Libra) and Nemesis (24 Libra) at this time. Again, an interesting time for collaborations, partnerships and relationships. You may see old karmic debts emerge, waiting to be re-balanced – or simply – rumbles in your own consciousness coming through various partners, e.g. triggered by them. If without a partner or not in some significant collaboration, you´re going to see it playing out within your own psyche. Remember that you are always in a co-collaborative relationship with the Cosmos, in any case.

Last- but by no means the least – Vesta, the Priestess, squares the North Node and South Node at 17 Gemini. This is a pivotal time for those who walk a Path of Service to move away from old patterns of karma that force you to narrow your vision of what service is what how it is best performed. And to open new doors of awakening. The more mental baggage you release at this time will only make room for new ways of perceiving, serving and connecting with the Cosmos. It will be particularly powerful for you should you have placements near 16-17 Sagittarius as well.

There. A decent review of some of the major alignments in the skies now. I hope it gives you a roadmap to understanding what may be coming up for you, for those around you, and for the larger collective at this time. Stay open and hold onto to nothing 🙂 Whatever you need will stay (or come), and whatever you don´t, will leave.

Blessings from the Storm,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Doctapaul says:

    With my natal Black Moon Lilith at 3 deg Cancer, Juno at 24 Deg Scorpio and Venus at 15 deg Virgo – yikes – relationships, relationships, relationships….????

  2. Marge says:

    Thank you once again for such insightful writing. I had opened this email yesterday and read the first paragraph when I was called away. This morning I read the entire email and when I got to the end I saw the photo credit and went back to look closely at the photo as I had not really done so before.

    I was amazed to find an airplane as I have just woken from a dream about being at a very tiny airport and when a plane flew over everyone went outside to see it, but I missed it twice and was so eager to see the plane flying so close overhead.

    Now I am looking at the dream in the context of your message and my connection to it.

    Blessings, Marge

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Maggi Absalon says:

    Dearest Bairavee, I salute you for your bravery and truthfulness! I have seen how astute your eye is on the world. Your political antenna alerts you to the real significance of BREXIT and what has been started in the UK. I believe the awakened people have played a great part in exposing the lies + conspiracies of the elite and payed a high price for their trouble. You know that well. But these same people have, in their investigations discovered an even bigger deception which challenges even the most evolved amongst us. This is the shape of the earth itself.
    You may have come across and dismissed information about the flat earth as I did for a long time. But if you look again your inner compass will activate a truth crisis (Like you need that! right!) and pull you out of that last and final lie which is the spinning Globe. The real truth about our earth is so much more interesting and mysterious! The people who are awake to this have understood what is real and left the fake Globe just as the people of the UK have left the fake EU.
    I urge you to re-visit the subject dear sister, though it will disturb you greatly for a while. But you will find gentle, kind intelligent people in that community doing real scientific research and quietly destroying the scientism scam to keep us enslaved in false beliefs.

    With much love

    Maggi Absalon


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