MERCURY (25 Gemini) SQUARED CHIRON (25 Pisces): The Message and The Wound (28-29 June 2016)

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Blessings Everyone! This alignment brings us the opportunity to heal our relationship with our sense of woundedness, or to intensify that pain.

Chiron´s wound in Pisces is that one that asks us to remain open, vulnerable, sensitive and wide-eyed in the face of a world filled with all kinds of psychic phenomena, emotions and energy swirling about in the Ocean of the Collective Unconscious.

By remaining open to that sense of vulnerability, some of us will get hurt in that process. Perhaps that pain will become a catalyst for growth, and perhaps it will intensify a sense of being trapped, victimized or even martyred. That comes down to your free will and spiritual experience thus far.

And some of us won´t get (as) hurt. We may discover that much of our wounds and the (seeming) inability to heal them lies in our inability to let them go, to forgive, to wipe the slate clean and cut the cords that bind, blind and drain us. Some of us spend all of our energy on fearing the wound, rather than experiencing it ourselves.

Perhaps it´ll lead us to a pathway for healing, maybe even transcending the consciousness of the wound entirely. Again, that´s down to you and your process.

The source, or catalyst for these changes comes from Mercury´s transit through its home sign of Gemini. Watch for messages that come to you, internally or externally – maybe through people you knew in early childhood, your siblings, or the people in your immediate environment.

Perhaps the message won´t come through people at all, but through a notebook you find written by a much younger self. One a stone on the ground. Or a feather floating in front of your nose. Or something of that ilk.

Here, ideas and messages come to transform the way we see ourselves and communicate our presence to the rest of Existence. We´re asked to find the words and expressions that are true and real to us.

And in so doing, we may hurt others – or ourselves – or we may heal them – or both. You can´t predict which way that will pan out.

Just aim to be truthful, clear and be willing to clarify your intent where required. What people will take from your words is never in your hands. Nor should it be. (The Joys of Free Will, eh 😉 ? )

When I look at other bodies in the skies, I see that the Mercury-Chiron square is part of a Grand Mutable Cross. Let´s briefly look at all four corners, shall we?

25 Gemini – Phaethon and Mercury. Same deal as discussed above. Phaethon asks us to look at which words shoot out of our mouths spontaneously – and to question what, or who it is – we may be rebelling against. He´s a bit of a teenage rebel who ends up recklessly endangering the planet and eventually gets killed for it.

25-26 Virgo – Hebe, Elatus and Hygeia. An important time to look at our sense of boundaries, particularly in matters of sexuality, healthy and channels of self expression. An excellent time to work on healing the parts of self that fall easily to seduction and temptation to inappropriate partners (not in a sex-is-bad-sense, but in a there-are-some-people-you-probably-don´t-want-to-have-sex-with-no-matter-how-tempting-they-appear). Hebe´s energy is akin to the young high school girl who gets lured by her much older (and creepy) math professor. (You get the idea). Hygeia focuses on paths of healing, whereas Elatus just needs to DECLARE whatever he´s doing to the world. Or at least to himself. But in an articulate, passionate manner, whoever your audience is.

6 bodies between 24-27 Sagittarius. Just getting into the most important of these.

Lachesis at 25 Sagittarius indicates that we have words and opinions that we need to ´release´ so we can begin a deeper process of healing. Sometimes you just have to let it out, so to speak. (But be as mindful as you can be through the process)

The Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius aligns us to the deeper mysteries and wisdom of departed saints, the Cosmos, Universal Intelligence (call it what you will). What what or whom we are drawn to at this time. Some people will show you the way you need to go, and others will show you the opposite. (Which is a different way of guiding you in any case).

23-25 Pisces: Manwe and Chiron. Manwe rules the elements of air and wind, allied strongly with the eagle. He reminds us to rise above the immediate concerns of the everyday and to look at things from the eagle´s perspective. Fly over the clouds and see the bigger picture, and in so doing, you will better understand the flow of karma that you are in (and have chosen to be in, and how to step out of it). Chiron´s role has been discussed above.

So – when you take all these players together as part of the Grand Mutable Cross, what you see is an a opportunity to dig deep and let loose! Honor your voice, your ideas, your wounds, your medicine, your wisdom, your vulnerability – honor it all.

And remember that as you do so, others are doing the same. The way it all comes together is generally an unpredictable one.

So if in doubt, clarify gaps in communication. Make no assumptions about others and what they might mean, ought to mean and how they should communicate.

Most of the mix-ups we see in communication happen when assumptions that do not match reality are made. It just muddles the process up further. And other times it just comes down to ambiguous communication – in which case take responsibility for your words. And say it like it is (to you, at least).

In the presence of grounded facilitators, mentors or simply friends who know what they´re doing – it´s a good space-time to look at different ideas, paradigms, karmic paths of healing-suffering-transcendence-and getting deeper with it all. And where you stand with it. Or you could just sit by yourself, under a tree, or by the sea and do the same thing.

Whether it´s a roar, a rumble of thunder, the spark of fire, or the lightest whisper – my friends – Find your Voice and SPEAK.

(Or write. Or draw. Whatever works 😉 )

Some recommended Crystals:
Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Chrysoprase, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Charoite and Fairy Cross – explore have a look-see and which resonates most with where you are and what you need at this time.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: They Looked at Her and Whispered to Each Other – By M. A. and W. A. J. Claus ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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    Title says everything.Curled up in a ball and grieved my heart out today.
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