Quick update: Won´t be doing sessions for most of July, till mid-August

Quite a few of you have been asking me about sessions and I´m struggling with the logistics of it. The net is so bad that I spend most of my time on less than 5 kb-s per second. The best alternative I can offer is a phone session, but please be advised that it will just be my voice on the recording. If that´s okay with you, those interested in booking sessions now – please send me a message 🙂
I will not be available after July 3rd till (what looks like) the mid of August. I will be in India at that time, organizing the start of my Sanskrit course and on pilgrimage to the North (Himalayan region & the Southern States, etc.). I may have a few days free between July 7-17, but again, playing it by ear.
I´ll be writing posts on my journey and astrological alignments as usual, but need to do some stuff for myself.
Ciao ciao!


2 thoughts on “Quick update: Won´t be doing sessions for most of July, till mid-August

  1. mdricex says:

    Please take care and be joyful, wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do! Much love, Marsha

  2. nmercolino says:

    Enjoy your time. I look forward to our next encounter. See/Hear you when you’re next available (late august… September is good too.) In the meantime, I’ll read your posts and participate in the universal exchange of love and energy. You are a bright light in my skies at the moment, my dear — and i don’t mind telling you often. Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I am learning so much.

    w/love, Nicky



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