The Mars Retrograde began in mid-April at 8 degrees Sagittarius.

In the final week of May, Mars moved backwards into Scorpio, where it moved back to 23 degrees of the sign.

Yesterday (30/6), the Retrograde finally ended and Mars stationed direct.

Mars will leave Scorpio and re-enter Sagittarius in the first week of August, reaching 8 degrees (where the retrograde began) in the 3rd week of August.

Over four months of transition, with the energy just beginning to pick up once more.

In Sagittarius, Mars tests our will to launch, go forth and seek a new direction or path, as a means of knowing the self. In Scorpio, it asks us to consider how and why we act, exercise power or acquire what we desire for our own emotional security. This will have a special focus on intimate exchanges and mergers of resources.

I´ve been scrolling through Facebook and the results are absolutely diverse. Some are ending long-term partnerships, others are beginning them. Some grieve and others celebrate. There are simply too many ways the karmic waters of Scorpio have been navigated to find any generalizable rule.

One thing is clear though. We are waking up to our truer natures and those whom we choose to hold in our intimate spaces, or to choose to merge in some significant way with.

We´re now called to act on those realizations. How we do so will test us on whether we have truly learnt anything through the process.

Will you barge your way through, battering your will through the most delicate of exchanges?

Or will you realize that power is (usually) best expressed by knowing you have the skills, the strength and the depth to avoid crude displays of it?

This doesn´t just apply to individuals, but to larger entities – like nation-states.

Brexit (Britain exiting the European Union) is a key case in point – as has the wave of racial backlash that followed the results of its political referendum – and the will of the people who chose not to give into bigotry and hate.

These are all powerful, energetic choices. Ones that tells us with whom or what we choose to pool our resources with.

And more of those relevations will continue to unfold till early August, when Mars re-enters Sagittarius. That´s when many of us, having revised out inventory, cut away the deadwood, forged alliances or partnerships that truly enrich and nurture – will begin to launch forwards.

For now, many are still feeling the fall-out of the end of the Retrograde, whilst others reap its rewards. And the process continues to unfold.

Mars currently inconjuncts (or quincunxes) Eris & Uranus at 23-24 Aries and Vesta (the Priestess Asteroid) at 22 Gemini. Together these alignments create a Yod (Finger of Fate), a powerful configuration that brings deep karmic waters to a point of culmination. This particular Yod (with Uranus and Eris) lasts until the Final Week of July.

So the Journey Continues.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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