NAGA TIME! The Serpent, The Home and The Womb: An Opportunity for Intergenerational Healing – Venus opposes Pluto, trines South Node and Ceto


Venus is highly activated in the skies today. She (at 16 Cancer):

– opposes Pluto (16 Capricorn)
– sextiles North Node & Jupiter (15-17 Virgo)
– trines South Node (15 Pisces)
– trines Ceto (17 Scorpio)

And a bunch of other things. But this is enough to go on.

It´s a powerful day to evaluate how we have been traditionally taught to embody our femininity, sensuality, to experience pleasure (or not), to cultivate (or reject) domesticity – and what values we truly identify with in personal and professional relationships – both in the home and in the wider world.

We also see a very strong focus on the home-space, the energetic-karmic-ancestral connection with the Mother-Line – and equally – the need to ´clear house´ where appropriate.

A very powerful day for shamanically oriented work focused on the womb-space – and indeed – that´s been the theme I´ve seen with clients the whole day. If doing any high-intensity energy-work, choose your facilitators with care and do your due diligence beforehand. Make sure they can support you through the process.

Inter-generational healing is never a one-shot process. It takes time for the space to clear – and energy to make it stay clear.

Yesterday´s article featured the month-long Yod involving Mars (who will spend all of July in Scorpio) , Ceres , Uranus and Vesta (the Priestess) – so many truths are emerging for us all at this time . . . And so much of them from The Shadow Realms –

Also bear in mind that the Cancer New Moon – trined Neptune – is coming up on the 4th of July. Rituals by of release by water, salt soaks for the feet, etc. would be highly beneficial. Any kind of spiritual or psychic work will have … be of far greater intensity at this time. Bear that in mind if you´re planning to do anything of the sort at that time.

And – last but not least – facilitators who work with the Serpentine Archetype (and its connection with the Womb) are going to have their hands full as we approach this New Moon. Ceto is of course the great Oceanic Serpent, now in a trine with Venus and the South Node in Pisces (yikes!).

Working with the archetypes of the Eagle, the Lion, the Elephant, the Peacock as a form of counter-balance would be recommended. But, that´s more for those who work in those realms and have done so for a long time.

But I figured you´d like the heads up 🙂 as Venus is so near-and-dear to us all. What a prelude to the New Moon!


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

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3 thoughts on “NAGA TIME! The Serpent, The Home and The Womb: An Opportunity for Intergenerational Healing – Venus opposes Pluto, trines South Node and Ceto

  1. Blue dragonfly says:

    A vriend forwarded this massage to me. Bizar that was my day yesterday. When giving another woman the rite of the womb. ,while Standing in the ocean, me being the Red snake in Maya sign and releasing eons guilt and Pain from the time of creation of humankind. 1 july 2016


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