THE CAPRICORN FULL MOON, 19 JULY 2016 – Legacy, Commitment and Power


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If Pisces is the Dream, then Capricorn is the Will to Make it Manifest. It is the energy of the lone mountain goat that surmounts incredible odds to make it to the solitary mountaintop, sacrificing so many creature comforts along the way. It is a deeply misunderstood sign and is heavily projected upon.

Capricorns are often stereotyped as being wholly unromantic, devoid of sentiment and entirely focused on achievement, ambition and power (at all costs). Whilst there´s a grain of truth to all stereotypes, that grain is often distorted. As a Capricorn, born to a Capricorn mother – I have had the privilege of witnessing what Love in a Capricornian form looks and feels like. It´s not cuddly, it´s not always that expressive – but it is focused and powerful. It can of course be used in a distorted form – but then – which energy is free from potential abuse?

Capricorn connects us, in a material sense, with the institutions of governance and the forms or persons we legitimate with status and authority. It addresses the relationships of power between those with differential access to resources, agency and control. In the case of the nation-state, it also includes access to arms and the ´right´ to use them. When it comes to the state and its civilians, it is often (if not always) an unequal relationship. With Pluto in Capricorn at this time, we also see an added emphasis on the institutions of finance and banking and how they (just as the state does) structure the life-cycle of individuals and society as a whole – for better or worse. With the Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015) we have seen widespread challenge to these institutions and a deeper shake-up of ´the system´ as we know it. The seeds have been set for change, and I look forwards to see the way it will all pan out.

Getting back to the present, as the state, (often autocratic) leaders, banks and other institutions that govern society (or appear to) have created so many imbalances in the world, people automatically distrust their power. What we forget is that these are institutions and individuals that have power so long as we continue to invest legitimacy in them (at least in a minimally democratic set-up). What has then ensued is a widespread distrust of power and status itself, rather than the recognition that in themselves – these are neutral things.

I would disagree with the phrase ´Power corrupts´ as it´s short-handed thinking.

Power in itself can neither do harm, nor do good unless wielded with intent.

What that intention is, comes down to you.

Wielding power in an ethical way takes a lot of groundedness, discernment and empathy. If your vessel is sound, go for it. Don´t fear it. Step up to the Dream and Dare to Make It Real.

The Capricorn Full Moon will go exact at 22:56 UTC time, 19th July 2016 at 27 degrees Capricorn. Look back to January 9th 2016, when we set the seeds for this event during the Capricorn New Moon. We will be asked to commit fully to something or someone (including the Self).

It´s a time to look at the long-term view – to understand what truly motivates us and what we are willing to strive for. An excellent time to consider the dynamics between home-career, mother-father, patriarch-matriarch and the various forms of relationships (and power dynamics) that society has asked us to live in (and accept without question). Changes in career, or your conception/relationship of whatever you´re doing with your life will be on the cards for many.

The key question is whether you´ve committed your energies to something worth doing and is that a legacy worth leaving behind in the world?

That need not be a huge project or giant aspiration, just a job well done. It may not be an occupation in the strictest sense of the word, but a commitment to an ideal or a particular role in life. For my mother, it was her children. For me, it is the work that the Dark Goddess guides me towards and the public-and-private partnerships that emerge to structure it all into being.

For you, it may be something wholly different.

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Astrologically speaking, it´s quite a potent Full Moon as:

(1) The Sun and Moon are part of a GRAND CROSS, with Juno at 1 Scorpio, Ceres at 0 Taurus Nemesis at 21 Libra and Uranus at 24 Aries. Let´s just say that there´s going to be a lot of tense, dynamic and transformative energies at work that question where, how, why and with whom we form associations and invest our efforts and resources. We will also look at what or whom nurtures or smothers us and how we can, or might want to do the same (where appropriate). We will also consider the ideals by which we live and the decisions that either uphold or contradict our understanding of ourselves and the society we live in. This is a potent time for re-configuring relationship/partnership dynamics.

(2) The Capricorn Full Moon is part of a DOUBLE YOD (Fingers of Fate). The first yod lasts for most of July and involves Mars in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries and Vesta in Gemini. The second yod is formed by Mars, with Vesta at its apex. Mars sextiles the Capricorn Full Moon to complete the alignment. Again – long story short – karmic waters are quickening to a point of culmination and commitment. You will have the chance to make powerful decisions with long-lasting consequences at this time. Some of you will find older forms of commitment as no longer resonant – and will begin your path of re-discovery through the breaking of these forms. It´s a highly volatile alignment, to say the least.

(3) The Sun and Moon are in a KITE (GRAND WATER TRINE + OPPOSITION). The Sun trines Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. A powerful alignment that enables us to dig deeply into our wounds, fears and vulnerabilities. The unearthing of the Shadow. The healing (and revelation) of the Wound and its Scars – across Generations. The Moon opposes the Sun, making it the focal point of this alignment (much as an arrow appears to point forwards from a bow drawn backwards) – in astrology we call it a Kite alignment.

(4) The Sun is inconjunct the GALACTIC CENTER. Those with placements near 27 Taurus and/or Aquarius will experience this as a profound Yod (Finger of Fate). Any alignment with the Galactic Center brings us closer towards discovering Paths, Teachers or Teachings which resonate with a far deeper understanding of the Cosmos and the way we negotiate our Paths through it. Watch whom you are drawn to, or drawn away from at this time. All bear a significant message.

(5) VESTA opposes the Galactic Center. Watch for messages that challenge or reinforce the way you think about your Path of Service at this time. An excellent time to consider getting an astrological / other type of reading that guides or orients you towards discovering that Path. Choose a facilitator you trust.

My current round of sessions opens between 23-29 July 2016, however – if you feel you absolutely have to work with me now, just get in touch.

(6) Other Exact Aspects (within 1 degree): Pluto trined the North Node, North Node square Great Attractor, Eris squared Thereus, Venus trined Saturn, Saturn squared Eros

I hope that helps you navigate this complex energetic alignment.

Let´s choose to leave Legacies worthy of our Descendants. 


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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3 thoughts on “THE CAPRICORN FULL MOON, 19 JULY 2016 – Legacy, Commitment and Power

  1. Chris Bell says:

    Absolutely amazing! I’m going through everything you have revealed here! Power struggles since my mother death recently, Bully brother thinks he is the new patriarch!
    Wounded generations… In abuse of few kinds
    And I wass just telling my spiritual group… My chart showed I am created by the part of the great mother …the beaker of stones/or forms?!

    Thank you so much! Big love

  2. odessathornhill says:

    Greetings Bairavee, I would like to have a mini session with you.  it’s been an interesting ride and I’m facing some obstacles that are stopping me from putting my work out there, and I need to.

    My husband I’m has been put in a detention center for 30 days – there’s the months end rent to cover. 


    So I say to myself to launch the online program as is, release my the single (song) I’ve just recorded, start putting my work out into the world and I run. Fast. In the other direction. 

    It feels so childish and it’s unproductive and I speak logically to myself, but it’s not logical. 

    So I technically have 6 children to mind until he is released. I’m not worried about them or me, I can handle them, it’s me and my issues around putting myself out there and being confident – although I know I’m good at what I do.

    Why am I so intimidated and afraid?? I keep hoping someone will save me, and or hold my hand and do the hard part…

    Please and thank you



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