Blessings To All. There are multiple factors which explain the sheer level of intensity in the skies at this time – Uranus-on-Eris Retrograde, upcoming Eclipse Season, the Lion´s Gate and so on … All of this is true, valid and indisputable. But what amplifies all of the above is this … unusually long Grand Sextile alignment in the skies – involving ALL of the Goddess Asteroids!!!!!

Grand Sextiles are gateways to manifestation. The Universe essentially hands you a blank cheque and says … Cash it in. The Grand Sextile or Star of David alignment (it has many names in many different cultures – the Hexagram, the Shadkona Yantra, etc.) is one that is seen as highly protective.

It looks like two Grand Trines (Equilateral Triangles connecting 3 equidistant bodies) overlapping one another, one upwards and the other downwards. The alignment is surrounded by sextiles (60 degree angles), creating a hexagonal shape that houses it all.

In my experience, it´s the kind of protection that says ´Manifestation Guaranteed´ – but what that is .. is what you choose it to be.

In natal charts, Grand Sextiles indicate a person with multiple talents and the potential to synthesize things into a coherent whole. It can equally signify one who is pulled into so many different directions, lacking focus or a sense of defined purpose. (One of the reasons I love squares, but hey, I´m a happy-Cappy)

What tends to happen in a Grand-Sextile chart is that the person manifests exactly what their subconscious wishes them to manifest, as per the possibilities signified by the astrological bodies that make up the alignment (and the houses they are in). Things flow powerfully, almost ´like magic´ (it is, in point of fact) . The laws of causality appear to work in domino effect – when one thing goes right/wrong, so does everything else.

The sheer amount of energetic flow within this alignment makes it a challenge to navigate.

But whether this is a good / happy / desirable / word of choice flow again, comes down to the way the energy is used, focused and manifested.

One can manifest their personal version of hell – or – heaven, on earth – in other words.

What I see in the skies is an unusually long period where the Grand Sextile formation is in effect. We all get access to the Universe´s resources, in full flow. And not all of us know how to use, channel or harness that energy to its best, or most loving effect. So I hope this brief guide helps.

I call this the Great Goddess Grand Sextile as ALL of the Goddess Asteroids are involved:

Ceres – 2 Taurus
Vesta – 2 Cancer
Juno – 2 Scorpio
Pallas Athena Rx – 2 Pisces


Mercury/Venus – transiting through the end of Leo/start of Virgo
Requiem (Asteroid) / Hylonome (Centaur Planet) – at 1 Capricorn

This alignment began on July 28 and will last until August 14, 2016.

The nature of the alignment shifts when:

Mercury enters Virgo – 30 July
Venus enters Virgo – 5 August
Pallas Athena retrogrades into Aquarius – 11 August

The alignment is hyper-activated through the Moon´s conjunctions with:

Vesta @ 2 Cancer – 30 July and it´s opposition to Vesta @ 7 Cancer on August 14)
Mercury/Venus @ 27 Leo – 7 Virgo – August 3-4
Juno @ 4 Scorpio – August 9

Between August 13-14, an irregular Grand Sextile is present in the skies. In this case, that means the hexagon shape is intact, but not all trines are present within. This is formed by the Moon´s transit through Capricorn.


Yeah …. It´s … going to be a pretty intense 2 weeks – not taking into account other astrological considerations.

Here´s the gist of the kinds of energies we are asked to work with through this alignment:

Vesta in Cancer (now) – The commitment to service we bring to the spaces and individuals who make us feel that we belong ; or release from such conceptions, if no longer in alignment with who you are. Rituals by water and the ocean, in particular, will be of use. Asteroid Atlantis will be close to Vesta throughout this alignment!!!

Recommended gemstones: Aqua Aura Quartz, Larimar (careful, this one´s high intensity – excellent for past-life work), Aquamarine

Ceres in Taurus – The question of who/what nurtures you – or smothers you in this material plane (or vice versa). Walking away from material arrangements that do not give you room to grow ; creating arrangements for yourselves or others to grow. Rituals to/for/with the Earth-Mother will be of benefit, as will cord-cutting with overly attached familial ties.

Recommended gemstone: Mookaite Jasper (s´what jumped to me intuitively – feel free to work with alternate stones if you see fit)

Hylonome/Requiem in Capricorn – Okay, so they´re not astro-regulars in most readings, but that doesn´t mean they are any less important. Hylonome is the grieving widow who throws herself on the spear that impales her husband. She challenges us to question our sense of self-worth and whether we truly believe we can live without a partner. Requiem is the facilitator of endings, of different passages through life-cycles. Put the two together in Capricorn and I see the call to find new visions of success and achievement that empower you to stand on your own two feet (with or without a partner). Rituals of release surrounding ideals of self in which you are whole or complete only with another would be of benefit. Certainly a theme those who identify with the co-dependent narrative will strongly be drawn to at this time.

Recommended gemstone: Apache Tears to cry it out if you need to ; Black Obsidian if you need to cut through the illusion of incompleteness first. Use snowflake obsidian if you want something gentler.
Recommended reading: Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood (a life-saver)

Juno in Scorpio – Oh boyyo. The dark, deep chambers of the Underworld writhe, titillate and terrify us through the figure of the Soul-Mate. Doesn´t have to be someone you marry or love, but someone who makes sure that the doors of awareness open, and not necessarily in a nice way. But don´t fear the journey. Most of your gold is still hidden deep within 😉 And sometimes you create it by going through that journey in any case. Ready or not, you´re going to face your Shadow.

Recommended gemstone: Labradorite, Merlinite

Pallas Athena in Pisces – If you´re looking for a path through, don´t go with the Mind-first. Let the mind attune to the urgings of deeper spirit. Don´t be afraid to ask questions and to exercise discernment – s´part of the deal 🙂 Flow first with Spirit, and then fine-tune the experience. When Pallas Athena retrogrades into Aquarius, the Mind´s role is emphasized yet another. Best to keep the cosmic antennae ready for transmissions 😉

Recommended Gemstone: Smoky Quartz
Recommended Practice: Grounding / Earthing / Bare Foot on Soil / Sitting Under a Tree

Mercury / Venus in Virgo – Watch for ideas, communication, people, things, relationships, contracts – or really – anything that comes up in your every day life that shows you the way towards betterment, however you choose to define it. Try not to fret about what might go wrong, give things a go once you´ve sussed out the basics. A little bit of faith goes a long, long, way.

Recommended Gemstone: Carnelian (especially whilst both transit Leo), Dumotierite

You can make a crystal grid in a shape that resonates with you (two intersecting triangles, a hexagon, a square, something else) and sit in the middle of it. Or meditate with each crystal when appropriate (fi you´re called to them).

Another option is to work with the Merkaba – a 3-dimensional representation of the Grand Sextile – as part of your spiritual practice. You can get gemstones carved in this shape.

Salt soaks for the feet with essential oils can also help for grounding and release. Remember to check for allergies with oils. Frankincense for protection, Rose for unconditional love. There´s so many out there – just google what you need. <3

Generally speaking, the usual advice applies. Stay Open, Stay Grounded, Try to take Nothing Personally. We´re all in the Spin Cycle.

So yeah .. that´s a wrap.

We are all going to be dancing with these energies till mid-August, notwithstanding everything else that´s going on in the Cosmos.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: “Lock”, 17″ X 14″, gouache on paper, 2016 by Nataki McNeal Bhatti. Used with permission. For more awesome art by Nataki, head to The Whalesong Continuum .


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