22 August 2016 – Our Relationship with Darkness, Service, Spirit, Self and Path

Violet Womb with Name

We have three (near or exact) conjunctions of note in the skies:
Mercury – Jupiter – 26 Virgo
Uranus – Moon – 24 Aries
Mars – Saturn – 8-9 Sagittarius

Along with the Sun´s impending shift into Virgo (in less than 3 hours´time).

And an exact (within 1 degree orb) Grand Water Trine with Vesta (11 Cancer), Black Moon Lilith (10 Scorpio) and Neptune (10 Pisces)

Let´s talk about this a little further.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is going to be testing us. You are going to need to find the right words through which you can earn growth, mastery and competence in your particular role of service. Words – critical, sometimes shaming – will come your way. What you choose to say is paramount in setting the right energetic anchor. Look to my previous post on the significance of Virgo energy (and the Sun´s transit through Virgo) at this time, as we build up to a Virgo Solar Eclipse (September 1) –http://wp.me/p4OUNS-1ly

The Uranus Moon conjunction went exact a few hours ago. That would have resulted in explosive declarations, expressions – even erratic ones – of Selfhood. The voice of the instinctual self threatens to break through social convention and says: HERE I AM, DON´T YOU DARE IGNORE ME! Which, given the state of the world, is probably a good thing. It can be quite damaging, so watch out for overkill. Those of you who have been working closely with Uranus-Eris and the Self they call into being, will not see this as much of an issue. Others around you might, though.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction will take 2 more days to go exact on August 24, 2016. Look to the path you want to commit to, and how you use to channel your physical impulses and drives towards making that happen. That will more than likely involve choosing a Path, potentially one that expands your mind and horizons (i.e. through education, mentorship, foreign travel, etc. ). The conjunction is squared Neptune – the great dissolver … If the Path you´re on is not aligned with your Spirit, now´s the time to reroute.

Some of you will find it hard to look at and dissolve a long-held belief in your relationship with the spiritual world. This is to be expected. Some of you will relish the challenge. It all depends on what you believe and if it truly resonates. A lot of blindfolds are coming off at this time, a lot of bubbles burst.

Now, the Grand Water Trine with Black Moon Lilith, Vesta and Neptune is …. a whole other kettle of fish. Tearful catharsis, deep psychological / emotional journeying, ancestral work, shamanism, communicating with other realms, beyond the Veil, etc. All of the these themes are activated.

To me, at least – it is a time where we look at (especially) the Archetype of the Dark Goddess and how we Serve Her. How we understand the Path before us. Is it one of Surrender and Sacrifice, Loss and Grief – which we then (s)herorically overcome through Faith (old school style)? Do we need to remain Virgin Sacrifices or Martyrs to be Wo/Men of Faith and Spirit?

Does the Dark Mother have to Suffer, have to Persecuted to be Dark and Sacred ??? Can´t She be Dark and Happy???

Do we have a chance to choose a different mode of engagement?

Do we have to follow the course of the old scripts? The echoes of barbaric patriarchy and its attempted distortion of The Great Goddess?

That´s been the gist of what I´ve been asking Her as of late.

We´re in a new Age 🙂 (or, according to some, are very close to one) – let´s make the best of it. Let´s give ourselves permission to make new choices, new energetic relationships with Spirit.

And so it shall be.


Best Wishes,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess ; The Dark Mother’s Children

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3 thoughts on “22 August 2016 – Our Relationship with Darkness, Service, Spirit, Self and Path

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. I’ve been crying all day. Reading this helps me realign to a more preferable state. Blessings.


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