August 26 & 27, 2016: Jupiter and Venus square the Galactic Center! and more …


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The 26th and 27th of August will be prime time for spiritual facilitation, ritual-work, astrological readings and so on. Jupiter will be conjunct Venus at 27 Virgo and both shall exactly square the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. See my previous articles for other alignments, also going exact in the skies.

Anytime anything comes close to the GC, you see yourself (and indeed, all of us) either pulled or pushed towards something. Be a Person, Path, Teacher, Ideology, Travel Adventure, University – anyone or anything that seeks to expand your horizons and to provide you and expanded sense of Self-in-Cosmos. Unsurprisingly, Astrology and Academia are ´ruled´ by Jupiter/Sagittarius – though more unconventional approaches to Astrology may find greater expression through Aquarius. The Galactic Center of the Milky Way sits at 27 Sagittarius at present. It shifts, very slowly, over time.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius – so it deals with the same themes as discussed above. Having finished its Retrograde, Jupiter now moves through the tail end of Virgo. With Jupiter squared the Galactic Center, what we are likely to see is the question of whether our Path of Truth aligns with our Path of Service – whether our mentors, guides or paradigms are taking us to where we are of greatest use. No matter how far flung the stars may be, our knowledge of them counts for little unless they can be have some practical use. That´s what Jupiter keeps asking us at this time. And a bunch of other things.  (The Mars / Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces asks us the same question, but in a different form).

Now, with Venus in the picture … that … already intense alignment takes on whole new dimensions. Here we are asked if our Path of Service aligns with the Feminine, considers the Earth-and-Her-Manifested-Reality, honours the material realm and its preservation – and so on. Partnerships – be it of a personal or professional nature – will be a powerful vehicle in teaching us these lessons. Relationships can go either way, in other words – especially when two or more persons find different answers to the question of : Which Road Do I Take?

Just a word of caution – Mercury will be Retrograding at 29 Virgo on August 30th. If you are going to use this energy for some powerful self-working, make sure you (1) stay grounded, (2) stay discerning and if you can, keep the focus on healing / purifying your relationship with the past and/or on inner states of mind and being. And make sure you work with a facilitator who is able to work with Mercury in inverse / retrograde energy. Not everyone can, and some are especially gifted in doing so.

Bear in mind a potent Solar Eclipse / Virgo New Moon is on the way on the 1st of September. The New Moon sits close to the North Node, opposes the South Node and Neptune and squares Mars and Saturn (Mutable Magic / Mayhem). Ai yai yai … The energy from this alignment alone is ramping up all else! And, especially with Mercury in Retrograde — it makes things a whole lot more intense. This piece addresses longer-term challenges and opportunities that astrological movements through Virgo present.

By way of the Saros cycles, the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Virgo (September 1, 2016) is preceded by the Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo on August 21/22, 1998. So, look back then and see what seeds, themes, energies are presenting themselves to you now. What connections or ruptures have emerged in the interim.

Generally speaking, the next few days are also blanket fort days for those who have difficulty staying grounded and/or whose sensitivity levels cannot take the intensity of these alignments. Seek help, shelter and sanctuary from friends/groups who are willing and able to provide grounding for you at this time. Avoid high-intensity work if this is the case.

Also, if you are thinking about trying a new approach, facilitator and/or modality of healing – check, check, again. Not the time to start something new.

Whilst I´d love to be able to offer sessions to the general public at this time, I´m afraid my guidance is still saying Rest. The stitches are taking quite a long time to heal.

If you´d like to be on the waiting list for when I get back into it, do let me know using the form below. I will however, continue to keep you informed via posts and articles.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess



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