Poem: A Song for A Fool

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Do you not see the unshed tear
Do you not hear the tinkle of a heart shattered
Or the crunch of the callous as they lay their feet
On a bloody field of human debris

Of tissue, sinew, muscle, fat, skin, mass
Hopes, dreams, desires
Imagined destinies …

Emotions cast aside as carrion
The subject dissolved into obscurity

As she looks at you.

Do you not see the hollow heart?
That yearns to beat once more in the dark?

Her eyes seek to find in some pool of reflection
A kind soul in search of home

She seeks to know and be known
In the tendrils of the flesh

In the smouldering wet, red, space
In which mysteries are laid bare

As flesh meets the saint
In the hallow space of confession
The bed, the field, the dark corner of the night,
She seeks to know … and Be Known

Can you not see the woman? Or hear her cry?
The smile that masks a thousand yearnings …

The hips that sway in search of a finger to still them.

Is She that much of a Mystery?
Or is it easier to turn away

Would you turn to dust
If you heard the unspoken word

Would you turn to dust
If you felt the tear that seeks the ground

For some form of embrace?

Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 12-4-2015, Madurai, India

Poem & Image ´Psychedelic Love Letter´ © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved. Please do not use or reproduce without permission. See Terms of Use and Sharing onwww.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com

1 thought on “Poem: A Song for A Fool

  1. Aphrodite says:

    What deep and profound beauty Dr. B. Thank-you. This speaks on a level that words can rarely touch. It was certainly inspired. Amazing are you.


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