A Quick Note on Current Astro-alignments (29 August 2016)

Octavius - copia

Within the next 24 hours, Venus will shift into Libra and the Mercury Retrograde will begin at 29 Virgo.

There´s also a powerful Mutable T-Square involving the North Node (12 Virgo), South Node (12 Pisces), Neptune (10 Pisces), Saturn (9 Sagittarius) and Mars (12 Sagittarius).

Vesta (13 Cancer) is almost exactly opposed Pluto (15 Capricorn)

And of course, the Virgo Solar Eclipse is due on September 1st, woven into the Mutable T-Square described above. The Sun and Moon will approach the North Node, square Saturn and Mars and oppose the South Node and Neptune. This theme ain´t letting up any time soon. Here´s an article that talks about how you can work with all this Virgo energy.

Long story short – it´s a time of navigation. Choosing what paths you take, what roads of service you resonate with – and what must then be lessened or simply let go of.

You´ve been facing these energies quite a bit, so it´s nothing new – but what is significant is the Mercury Retrograde.

Miscommunication is likelier at this time – especially when it comes to the question of

who is purer?
who defines what is sacred?
who understands things better?
what is a sacred being allowed to do/be?
who judges it all?

Be open to multiple interpretations, but don´t let your voice get lost in the fracas … if it´s something worth your time saying, that is.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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