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I have been trying to write my astrological report on the upcoming Eclipse, and it keeps getting too intellectual. So I will write my report on the basis of subjective interpretations of events and synchronicites that keep unfolding.

This is a time in which we choose the Path to which we are Dedicated, the Path on which we Walk to find Spirit – and our Selves. And there will be many roads that are open to you. Some will call you and others will chase you away. At the end of the day, the only thing you can follow is your deepest and innermost spiritual .. instinct … for lack of a better term.

Several situations have unfolded themselves to me in which I have had to navigate many responses – ones which would have put on different paths of learning and experience. Some of the results of my choices have been instantaneous, and others will come with time.

I completed a process of mentorship with a beautiful Priestess – which is a role I rarely take up, only because I see it as a process of helping someone find their destination – even if it has nothing to do with my own.

To me a mentor does not say – this is my path, and it´s the best. But rather – that´s where you´re going and I´ll help to guide you as best I can till you get where you need to go.

The moment she made that full commitment to her road (energetically), the dynamic shifted and I knew my role was done. I felt peace, gratitude and much love.

Later she shared with me some wonderful information on the gut (ruled by Virgo) – it´s our ´second brain´, with 100 million neurons. She shared with me knowledge that our gut produces 95% of our serotonin in our body, a finding which (should) change our collective view on ways to treat depression and address a range of health concerns. This was news to me, so I learnt too 🙂

A friend reached out for some help for his education and research – and I reached out to you for some practical (Virgo) solutions. I managed to raise a small amount for him, with the goodwill of many other well-wishers, but he then refused to take it. His temple placed many restrictions on what he can and cannot do. I did the role that was asked of me, and realized that was all I needed to do.

This taught me many things. I do not mean to disparage anyone´s beliefs – but – sometimes you have got to put cultural/institutional conditioning aside (Sagittarius) and simply let Spirit speak (Pisces) – and move through you. As sometimes, the only person standing in the way of Spirit´s grace .. is really yourself, and whatever beliefs you have taken to be true (as part of the Ego-Mind).

It also re-inforced my belief in the importance of physical, practical material action – to get things done in this reality, without of course undermining the spiritual dimension/s.

When there is a glass of water in front of you – yours to take – and you´re thirsty – reach out and take it. As efficacious as they are, saying a prayer or mantra of levitation is less effective than actually – just – doing it.

Another Virgo insight. One my father taught me a long time ago.

As I reached out to one of the women who graciously sent help in a financial form, she asked me if I would receive the money instead.

This was unexpected. I usually give a lot more than I receive and so I asked if I could offer her a session as a thank you. She was delighted to accept. I did a brief card reading and kept getting (what would conventionally be classed as) ´negatives´. And it did not gel with her energy. So I looked at her chart.

I realized very quickly that I was not able to facilitate this woman. Her spiritual understanding was beyond any human facilitation. Which is a very , very, happy reason to not do a session for someone. I looked at possible dates and her future trajectory (of spiritual evolution, etc.) and I kept getting the same message.

So I got the experience of being unconditionally given something simply out of Love.

Which was a blessing. It is a rare privilege.

As you know I´ve been out of work recovering from my surgery – my university payments are late – and I´m also saving up to go for the Goddess Conference in Australia in November. (Just sent in my final workshop draft and video as well).

Financially, I´m not in a great place myself – but am glad to announce that I have recovered my health to the point where I can work again. So sessions will start soon and I hope to work my way through what I need. I´ll let you know more on that soon.

But back to this exchange:

It was just so beautiful to receive a gift without any expectation. Without any need (or even opportunity) to give something in exchange (workwise). It´s never happened before.

We had a lovely conversation and it was just a good thing. The lovely side of Pisces kicks in.

The build-up to this Eclipse hasn´t all been great – two friendships ended up having to part (at least in the material here and the now), neither of which was easy to experience.

And so much more has happened in the past few days, unfolding swiftly. But I hope these vignettes give you a flavour of the scope and range of what this Eclipse teaches us.

I try an astro-post tomorrow and see how it flows <3 Been getting some very, very powerful cues from the Ether that show me how to interpret this alignment <3 But from a subjective perspective, I hope this sharing has the same effect.

There´s just so many ways this Eclipse can unfold.

Here are some general tools you can work with

Crystals: Citrine (Natural/Untreated) ; Golden Topaz
Ray: Gold, Golden-Yellow
Supplements: Probiotics, Vitamin C
Chakra: Solar Plexus


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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