We´re right on the heels of the Virgo Eclipse and the start of the Mercury Retrograde – and already a shift has begun as Jupiter prepares to exit Virgo and enter Libra on September 9, 2016. Over the next 3-4 days, we´re going to be seeing the completion of Jupiter-in-Virgo´s lessons as we build up to a powerful Pisces Eclipse, Saturn-Neptune (exact) square and Eris-Uranus (exact) conjunction – – -all in the month of September 2016!

We are on the verge of completing a year´s worth of tutelage under the sign of the Earth-Priestess, the Virgin, The Facilitator. Things that no longer align with your values or service, ideals of purity, methods of sustainably co-existing with the planet and the material realm – will need to leave your energetic space – or you´re going to find yourselves investing a great deal of energy to keep them about.

Already, some have embarked on their new journeys, and others still await the great push. Some have found release and peace as they await the unfolding of their path (as per their past choices), and others count the days as the tension builds. It´s a mixed bag of experiences as we individually navigate the challenges of awakening to new forms of consciousness.

The next phase of this journey will involve partnerships – both personal and professional – ideally ones which support the work we do in the world. As Jupiter enters Libra, it will approach the Super Galactic Center at 1 Libra, what I consider to be the most powerful point – that we know of so far – in all of astrology. It is the center of the Lanikaea supercluster, of which the Milky Way and other galaxies are a part of. It is here that we look at the karmic contracts made between ourselves, others and the wider Cosmos. More on that as we study Jupiter in Libra on its own terms.

Truly, this is a time where the energetic currents are in the process of major clean-up, sweeping away all that does not Serve the Self, or the Collective.

There are other planetary alignments in the skies which equally impact our experience of this powerful shift.

On September 6 and 7, the Sun (14-15 Virgo) will be squaring the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) and trining Pluto (15 Capricorn). Even without the Jupiter transit, this alignment would be enough to bring about significant opportunities for transformation and re-alignment, albeit, not in the cuddliest way. The Virgo Sun shall focus on the ways it can find its best path through Service, Physical Health & Wellness, Rituals and Ceremonies, i.e. ways to honor the material vessel as a channel or conduit of Spiritual Energy.

The Sun´s square to the Great Attractor will bring all of us in contact with paradigms, teachers, paths and lessons that will push you towards the destination your Spirit is calling you for you to take. For some, it may even be a realization of how higher education, apprenticeship/mentorship or foreign travel may expand your horizons and better place you to do the good in the world you came to do. Conflicting views will certainly emerge at this time as different people take different paths, hold different ideals on what can, should and must be done to come together to heal what needs healing – in ourselves, the planet, and all else. Avoid the temptation to say MY WAY IS THE BEST, and try to celebrate the plurality of such views – for they are different channels through the Universe finds expression of its insatiable expansion and expression. To each their own, in other words.

The Sun´s trine to Pluto-in-Capricorn will ask us to face the question of the Personal and Collective Shadow and how it relates to Power, Prestige, Socially-Conditioned Ideas of Success and/or institutions of governance. You´re going to have to ask yourselves whom or what you Serve and whether you do so out of Fear, Expectation or the Spiritual Equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome. This may come through an individual at work, someone you see as an elder or authority, someone with a strong Capricornian placement in their chart – or someone with whom you have shared a personal, intimate or financial resource who seeks to wield power over you. For some, it may come through as the vibration of bullying or browbeating, and for others, the vibration of seduction or temptation (as Pluto/Scorpio rules quite a bit).

Happier expressions of this energy find ways to explore how being of Service is not the same as being Subservient, and how Power can be wielded to bring necessary change, structure and form to this material realms- in ways that are nurturing and restorative for all. Rituals and deep energetic work that seek to heal codes embedded in the body´s energy field and/or DNA will be powerfully timed at this juncture. I look forwards to the intensity and transformative depth that will certainly infuse the Vesta Sessions I shall be conducting on the 7th and 9th of September. Whoo boyyo!

You will be revisiting the decisions you make around 6-7 September when Mercury ends its retrograde on 21-22 September at 14 Virgo, the exact (current) position of the Sun.

Bear in mind that the Saturn-Neptune Retrograde exact square (10´24 Sagittarius-Pisces) goes exact on September 10, almost exactly a day after Jupiter enters Libra. I predict that this square will result in an explosion of creative, dynamic energy for those seeking to reconcile seemingly divergent views on spiritual experience and philosophy. For others, something will ´give way´ so that one option or approach emerges as ´the one to take´ at this time. It is a gift to have this exact square just as we prepare to forge partnerships, collaborations and to reach out to those with whom we seek to journey for the year ahead.

That being said, those who are ungrounded _ and unwilling to alter their paradigms will find this an incredibly trying time. Part of what will find significant challenge is the idea that suffering and wounds are the (exclusive) mark and path of finding the sacred. There are other paths to finding Spirit, other timelines of healing – should we choose to access them. Those in relationships that mirror the empath-narcissist dynamic will either find themselves sinking deeper into it – or hopefully – the clarity of insight that will allow them to walk away, or to transform their relationship to that particular energy signature.

Skies and Spirit merge at this powerful time to show us the Road we will eventually take.


Key dates (just a few of them) :


  • September 6-7 – Sun trines Pluto squares the Great Attractor (described above)
  • September 9 – Jupiter enters Libra!
  • September 14 – Jupiter conjuncts the Super-Galactic Center M 87 @ 1 Libra
  • September 16 – Pisces Lunar Eclipse @ 24 Pisces. The Sun and Moon will be squaring Mars @ 23 Sagittarius. Interesting times.
  • September 21/22 – Mercury Retrograde ends @ 14 Virgo
  • September 25/26 – Eris Retrograde conjuncts Uranus Retrograde! The Fiery Wave of the Dark/Rising Feminine, Pt. 2 @ 23 Aries ** !!! **
  • September 26 – Sun-Jupiter conjunction @ 3 Libra
  • September 26/27 – Saturn squares mean North Node and Mean South Node @ 11 Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces


For those of you still waiting for the veil to drop or the door to reveal itself, I would suggest postponing major decisions until the end of the September, if not the middle of October at the very least. That will give Mercury time to fully exit its Shadow, post-Retrograde.

Blessings and Love to the Collective.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Image: Jupiter from Voyager 1. By NASA, Caltech/JPL [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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