On 9-9-16, at 11:17 UTC, Jupiter will exit Virgo and enter Libra. Over the next 20 hours (from the time of publication),  Jupiter at 29 degrees Virgo will be revisiting all of the lessons, decisions and choices for growth the Priestess / Earth-Facilitator has inspired us to make since August 2015. In the final hours of this transit, we experience an intense focus on the search for our paths of Healing, Service and Dedication, the need to tie up unfinished business, giving the mind a thorough once-over until we are well and truly satisfied with our work.

Some of you will be enjoying this energy, taking decisive actions, maintaining their energy-boundaries/vessels, clearing space, performing rituals of healing, release and/or dedication, etc.

And some of you will be feeling loopy, scattered, unable to focus, burnt out, anxious – or simply overwhelmed. There´s a wide spectrum of responses that this shift brings out in all of us.

With Virgo´s penchant for neuroticism and being overly picky at times, there´s a lot of focus on the mind – and the belly (as She rules the alimentary canal).

Some of you may instead be picking at your own self-worth, the reasons why you are of service, and whether or not you deserve what you have / are. Some of you will project that unto others instead.

And some of you will be running to the loo, or wondering why you´re not.

For those of you wondering why this feels so, so, so intense – there´s a lot going on astrologically at the same time of this shift which will set the stage for other developments in September 2016- explained in this article.

For those of you are comfortable with this energy and seeking astrological guidance, work with your guides and facilitators of choice. In response to various requests, I opened up an additional day of Vesta Sessions for those of you seeking to work with me at the time of this transit. These sessions are fully booked for this current round but you can use the link given to contact me should you want to be placed on the waiting list. Round 2 of the Vesta Sessions will be held after the Pisces Eclipse on September 16.

And for those who are less comfortable and finding it hard to cope – I would suggest a blanket-fort, spending time with friends and family who (if they) can hold a space for you, visiting natural places and generally chilling out.

You don´t get brownie points for forcing yourself into action mode when your Spirit is saying rest.

What would help, on the other hand – is grounding.

Grounding is essentially the process of focusing your scattered energies into the Earth, and equally, being nurtured by the Sacred Roots/Flame of Mama-Gaia. It brings you ´back to this planet´ so you can take action in the here and now, or at the very least … not feel like you´re caving in with all this pressure.

You can use multiple techniques to ground yourself – here´s a list of general practices and tools that may help you (should you need it at this time).

Finding raw earth or soil to sit down on or walk on with bare feet
Sitting on the roots of a tree and leaning against its trunk (my favourite method)

Using certain gemstones like smoky quartz, boji stones, etc. either by holding them, placing them on the root chakra, or sitting with them in a circle. You can also work with calming stones or purifying stones, depending on your particular situation (see list below). The same goes for essential oils.

Avoiding stimulants like tobacco or caffeine for as long you feel the need to as the last thing you might want now is an extra buzz

Consuming foods that make you feel grounded – some prefer leafy greens, squash, nuts, and others prefer meat or chocolate (just listen to what your body is saying)

Increasing intake of Vitamin B and Omega 3-6-9 s (which support brain function) be it through supplements or foods where these naturally occur in high amounts. Bear in mind not to overdo it.

Detoxing / Releasing: Some of you may be feeling irritable with the sheer influx of energy wanting release, some of which may be older stuff related with early childhood experiences and conditioning. Salt soaks for the feet can help, as rituals of release, or, simply spending time by the ocean, or high up in the mountains (or any place in nature where you feel at peace). You may want to increase your water intake a little here.

Journalling: Some of you may need to express deep truths at this time, and may not want to share it with others. Write it down someplace. The need to be heard is a powerful thing, even if the only person who hears it is you.

Sleep: The brain needs time to integrate and process 🙂 If you’re feeling a little ragged around the edges, a little more sleep might help at this time.

Avoidance / Time-Out: (Yes, you heard me) If there are situations or people who simply trigger you, just walk away. Give yourself room to sort the situation out when you feel you can do so without entering into a victim-abuser dynamic (in particular). Go do something fun instead 🙂

Gemstones (these are generalities, always tune in first to see if this applies to you):

Blue Lace Agate allows you to release pent up anger through a gentler form of expression.

Smoky quartz and Boji stones provide deep sources of grounding.

Lepidolite may have a calming effect on brain function.

Amethyst can help you find some calm through turbulent waters

Selenite provides purification and cleansing (never put water on it though)

Here are two additional resources that you may find useful:

Grounding with Essential Oils – – remember to check for allergies

Grounding with Food – – remember to check for allergies

Last, but not least …

If the Virgo-mind keeps bothering you with ideas of how you´re lowly, pathetic, unworthy, inadequate, etc.

With all the Love you can muster, and in words that work for you

Tell it to Shut Up.

And that you Love it (You) Anyway.

Blessings, Hugs, Love <3

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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    Wow! So useful as applicable! Thank you for doing what you do and giving the energetic updates. This is the first time I’ve read you and I will follow you now! 💓 Blessings today and everyday!!!


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