QUICK ASTRO-UPDATE: 17 September 2016 (Mars trines Eris and Uranus, squares Chiron)


Mars at 24 Sagittarius trines Eris and Uranus at 23 Aries, squaring Chiron at 22 Pisces. Asteroid Pholus (the revealer) is nearby at 24 Sagittarius.

Translation: through these deep waters we navigate, our compasses may begin to point us in a new direction. One that helps us with that inexplicable tendency (you might even call it an addiction) we may have to navigate straight into karmic whirlpools.

Pay attention to new ways or openings that open new possibilities, potentially new outcomes.

The energy of the Feminine asks us to act, to take bold steps towards the creation of the Self we yearn to Become. This is a rising, raging energy – but one that, in itself, must learn to be accessed and integrated in way that doesn´t burn you out. Remember to ground out and take a chill pill (or build a blanket fort) – if it gets too intense. Just being is a perfectly valid response if things just get overwhelming.

Mars also sextiles Venus (22 Libra) and makes an inconjunct to Atlantis (22 Cancer) and Vesta (20 Cancer). Those with placements near 22-23 Taurus/Aquarius will experience powerful Yods (Fingers of Fate), bringing you swiftly to the karmic crossroads of choice. Do you choose to move into a new karmic cycle, or to remain in the one you´re in (and intensely so)?

Translation: Our relationships, partnerships, home-dynamics and emotions are pretty much ground zero. Expect upheavals if these parts of your lives are not in alignment with your spiritual aspirations and truest callings. A relationship that does not honor the Feminine in anyone who is a part of it – will have to change. As will family dynamics.

Bear in mind that we will respond to these alignments differently – and there´s also a lot more going on in the skies.

Full article with even more astro-info on the skies at present: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-1pS


Bairavee Balasubramaniam  <3
The Sky Priestess

For those of you seeking to work with me, please note that  Round 2 of the Vesta/Eris sessions will take place between 23 September – October 6. I´m waiting for Mercury to station direct. You can reach out to me to book sessions ad hoc, but bear in mind that it will be … an incredibly intense energy to navigate through. 

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