A little over an hour ago, Pluto stationed direct. The Pluto Retrograde has ended, for now. What we see is a collective halting, a turning away from the inward focus or the intense process of descent. Significant turn-arounds or breakthroughs in perception on shamanic, ancestral, karmic or inter-dimensional matters (particularly related to the Underworld) will be quite likely at this time. Those who do not operate in these realms may interpret this as shift in the wind, so to speak. A lessening of a sense of pressure, relief from an all-out obsessive pursuit or burden carried by a more hidden aspect of the psyche. You will of course, continue to journey with Pluto and its current focus on the lessons of power, integrity, sexuality, intimacy, the occult, magick – and the question of how we use these to leave a legacy worth leaving behind – but in ways that are less veiled. You may also notice shifts in perception surrounding career matters or your larger idea of what it is you came to do.

The Sun has also been conjunct Jupiter at 3 Libra, close to the Super-Galactic Center at 1 Libra. All around, this is a significant time for the creation and dissolution of major karmic contracts. Angel Aura Quartz is a powerful stone that can be used to carry forwards this work and to take the lessons learnt during this powerful time – into the future of your own choosing/making.

Saturn´s square to the Nodes (11 Sagittarius-Virgo-Pisces) has also been exact over the past few days. It is a certainly a time of finding one´s feet / path / alignment in the world and whatever direction one chooses to take to find it. All choices are valid – just make sure you don´t reject a choice out of hubris and/or the weight of preconceptions surrounding what the Sacred must look/feel/talk/taste like. Remember that Neptune is nearby – and we face our delusions as we seek the sacred. Pedestals will fall – and this is a good thing. Most of the time they exist in your own mind than in any external facet of reality (which you co-construct through your own perception).

Last but not least … Eris and Uranus conjuncted at 23 Aries two days ago. Their effects are still rippling out into the cosmos and being felt at an intensely visceral level. Those of you who identify with the archetype of the Dark or Shadow Goddess have an easier label to use to interpret the Rising Erisian Energy. Here is an article, video and guided meditation for those who require more information on this particular aspect in the skies.

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Eris and Uranus square Vesta (23 Cancer) at this time. It is a potent, generationally defining moment for us all. We ask ourselves the question of who we truly are – and what we have, thus far, sacrificed of ourselves to fulfil some vision of service? For a woman, in particular, it is the prescription to forsake her identity, her emotions, her dreams, visions, and ideas … her wildness, her untameable, socially ´disrespectful´, sexual, irrepressible being so that a home and domestic sphere may exist for others.

We then ask, nay, realize that it is time to let go of such visions, as our most Authentic sense of Self is waiting to be birthed at this time.

Let yourself be you – as long as you do not hurt yourself or another in the process. (And no, walking out of a relationship or social arrangement of bondage and submission does not count as ´hurting another´ in this context). You don´t have to stop being a mother, a nurturer, a home-maker if you so choose – but you don´t have to be defined by those roles either. You don´t have to divorce them from the flame that is you.

Let others judge as they will. Let them walk away should your flame be too bright for them or force them to see that you can no longer be controlled.

This is your time to Roar.

Make it Loud, Proud – and from the Heart.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. SensuallyStar says:

    Absolute perfection and unbelievably, completely, totally what is going on for me right now. So beneficial to read this and see my thoughts, emotions, and fundamental desires put into words. It gives me so much courage and determination to follow through with what my intuition and my heart already know, but that my mind interferes with ceaselessly. Thank you so much for this post. A real game-changer for me.


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