Well, I´ve spent quite a lot of the day trying to understand what and why I was feeling. As I said before, it´s not something that astrology purely explains in a conventional sense 🙂

In fact, the answer came from astronomy.

Intuitively and through an exploration of fixed stars – I came to conclusion that whatever was going on involved the constellation Draco. A study of the asteroids in that part of the sky did not yield any further clarity.

I left it for a while and found the answer through a friend. In retrospect, I should have just checked there first.

The Draconid Meteor Shower is tonight!!!!

(If we work on the assumption that planetary movements in the skies have an effect on us, then so too do meteor showers … )

What´s hilarious is that I had my browser windows open on studying different aspects on Draco as I read the link 😀 .

Though Draco technically refers to ´dragon´, the star at its head – Thuban – is clearly labelled as ´Head of the Serpent´. Instinctively, having a few key astrological bodies connected to this constellation, it feels like both archetypes are equally expressed. And the Dragon / Serpent Energy/Magic shares some strong common features.

The serpent has been understood across a wide variety of cultures as both creator and destroyer. It is an energy we both need to respect and to some extent, exercise caution around. There are various shades to this energy ..

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Now there is of course, the constellation Serpens – it brings (in my understanding) a different experience of Serpent Energy. Serpens´ energy appears to be more fixated on the Shadow (and ways to co-exist with it), whereas Draco captures a wider spectrum. These are preliminary thoughts and explorations, feel free to share if you have other interpretations.

What does all this mean to you as an individual, you might ask?

To me, the focus on Draco clearly explains some of the spiritual work and upgrades that I have been feeling – as with many others. This is a massive energetic impulse that clears what you might call energetic / karmic / ancestral DNA and related codes. Ancient cultures have represented this through the twinned dance of the serpents. In Western mythology, it is the caduceus – in India it´s the worship of the Serpent Mother and the intertwining serpent depictions that surround her. You´ll find other depictions elsewhere

Science is beginning to explore how t we inherit much more than our ancestors´ features, but equally their trauma (and – one may extrapolate – potentially their gifts). Article link from…/fearful-memories-haunt-mouse-descen… – and I suspect it will eventually confirm what spiritualists have understood for centuries, if not millennia.

Not everyone is in tune with it as people choose to operate at the level of consciousness that makes them feel the most comfortable. Walking on the edge of change isn´t easy or necessarily a happy path to take. So you will see a mixed bag of responses.
Some will be more positive. Others will be pained. Some will be inert and others will have a vague idea that something is going on but without being able to pinpoint why.

As I was tuning into what was going on I was drawn to my travels in Cambodia, where massive temple structures were built to honor the constellation Draco and to express its energy. Many of these are surrounded by huge Nagas – 5-headed guardian serpents held in place Garudas (eagles). I was drawn to the serpents depicting dancing on the Goddess Bhairavi and curled around the neck of Lord Shiva. And various other connections.

So, at an individual level – what does this mean for you? And what can you do about it?

This is a time where we can activate parts of ourselves that have lain in slumber for lifetimes. Sometimes to a positive effect and sometimes otherwise. The Serpent /Dragon is known for its wisdom and its old age – but at the same time it brings us caution.

If things get too intense, unplug and move to spaces which hold you and ground you.

If you want to dance in the double-helix spiral, then be my guest. Stones such as atlantisite, serpentine, stitchite will intensify the experience as will the shiva lingam. But know that this is not to be attempted if you are feeling absolutely ungrounded. Suggested colours to use in meditation: red and gold.

As I have written before, dealing with serpentine energies be it of a shamanic, celestial or chthonic nature requires a very, very, level head.

If you can, watch the Draconids and allow the activations they bring to move you to a deeper sense of consciousness.

For those of you wanting to calm the energy down (especially where you feel you may not be ready for it, e.g. in premature kundalini activations), use blue lace agate and larimar. Visualize cooling blue energy moving through your body.

Your energy body is naturally upgrading at this time – if you allow it to. Give it the room to do so and sleep as much as you feel the need to. Some of you will instead feel the need to burn, to dance to express all that you have suppressed.

A powerful time, to say the least.

Blessings to the Collective …

Let´s Dance! :



Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved.
Image: Sidney Hall, public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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