ASTRO-ALERT (8-9 October 2016) + AUSTRALIAN ´SACRED DARKNESS´ WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT! The Sun (16 Libra) squares whilst the Moon (15 Capricorn) conjuncts Pluto (14 Capricorn). Pluto/Moon sextiles Black Moon Lilith (15 Scorpio).

The Sun (16 Libra) squares whilst the Moon (15 Capricorn) conjuncts Pluto (14 Capricorn). Pluto/Moon sextiles Black Moon Lilith (15 Scorpio).

In English, what this means is that we´re going to be looking at the deeper, darker parts of the Shadow Self. This will be a place where your greatest gifts and your vulnerabilities are hidden. Emotional outbursts or initiations take into us these deeper layers of Self. The Sun´s square to Pluto/Moon indicate stress, tension or other catalytic influences that come through a partnership or collaboration of some kind. Alternatively – through individuals who have these positions strongly represented in their charts.

The Pluto/Moon sextile to Black Moon Lilith encourages us to journey with the Shadow Feminine, to give room for the acknowledgement of hurts levelled against the Feminine (through all the Forms she expresses herself through). This may be a volatile time for some, so if you´re going to vent, do it in a way that doesn´t harm yourself or another. If you´re going to use your anger to address a deep grievance or imbalance, remember to use it as a fuel, but do your best to retain a level head.

For others, it will be a rich, rewarding experience into the domains of Shadow, Sacred Darkness and the Void-Space.

If you have placements near 14-16 Aries or Cancer, this becomes a Cardinal T-Square and/or Grand Cardinal Cross. Dramatic movements of energy to say the least, ones that ask us to re-align our energetic compass.

If you have placements near 15-16 Gemini, you´ll experience a YoD (Finger of Fate) that asks you to look at early childhood experiences, relationships with siblings, thought-forms, forms of cognition and expression that help you to navigate the deeper layers of the journey within. Writing, singing, talking will be catalysts for catharsis , revealing profound truths that result in a shift in perception.

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Unsurprisingly, given the astrology of the above – my workshop in Australia was confirmed earlier today. I shall be running a one-day workshop entitled  Sacred Darkness – a Journey into the Shadow, co-hosted by Priestess Kerri Ryan, MA on the 12th of November 2016 in Uki, New South Wales.

Priestess Kerri is a sacred sexual facilitator with many lifetimes of remembrance and service to the Goddess  who – among so many other things – runs the FB page Goddess of Sacred Sex.

Together we will be Journeying into Shadow and facilitating the rich, deep, darkness from which we all emerge, to which we all return. Darkness is a space of infinitely rich potential, from which all things can be made manifest or un-manifest.

To find out more about the workshop, please head to this link: 





Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

High Energy Upgrades / Activations through the Draconid Meteor Shower (October 7, 2016):

A Journey into Sacred Darkness (Verbal Introduction to the Process):

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