Mercury-Sun Conjunction in Scorpio, Venus squares the Nodes (26-28 October 2016)

Within the next 23 hours, Mercury will conjunct the Sun at 4 Scorpio (27 October 2016, 16:16 UTC) adding intensity to the current Venus-North/South Node T-Square at 9 Sagittarius-Virgo-Pìsces. Long story short, look out for messages, ideas or exchanges that stir from the depths of your being. Speak your truth and don´t compromise. Don´t feel obliged to merge or invest in another whom you feel will not hold their end of the bargain, no matter who says what.
You don´t have to be crass about it, but stand firm in what you understand as your truth. If you can, respect the fact that others will do the same and may possibly sit on the other side of the fence. This is no time to tiptoe around what your needs are, nor it is time to browbeat it into another. But it is a potent time to Stand, from the Depths of your Being, In Your Power.
That sends enough of a message as is.
The current Venus Nodal Square places the focus on relationships, connections, finances and other matters have to do with the here-and-now, and the people who make that possible. Venus in Sagittarius wants to take your relationships and material experiences to a grander scale, in search of The Truth Of The Bigger Picture. The North Node suggests that we seek to focus our movements towards the knowledge of healing, discernment and Service, whereas the South Node gives us permission to release past karmic ties, patterns and dynamics that now inhibit us. (There´s a lot more that goes on with the Nodes, this is a brief summary).
This is an excellent time to take stock of the material life you lead and the people and relationships that make it what it is. If it´s not leading you in the direction you need to go, Let It Go.
It´s quite a tight, focused energy – one that provides a challenging, albeit, powerful build up to the New Moon in Scorpio (October 30).
Blessings To All,

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Image: Black Hole Merger.jpg – By NASA/CXC/A.Hobart [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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