The New Moon in Scorpio went exact at 17:38 UTC, 30-Oct-2016 at 7 Scorpio. Mercury, Neptune, Eris and Isis play powerful roles in this lunation – The Dark Goddess brings us key Messages from the Depths of Spirit, ones that Challenge us to find Authentic responses to the Double-Edged Blade that is Power.

I´m going to explore (and summarize) some of the deeper energetic windows of change triggered by this New Moon through an exploration of astrological aspects made, starting slow and building up to a powerful crescendo.

Sun-Moon conjunction / New Moon at 7 Scorpio: This is a time to set powerful energetic intentions, ones that help us navigate the complexities of Scorpionic energy. This is the realm of sex, death, taxes, alchemy, magick, the occult, transmutation, trauma, violence, regeneration and resurrection. To make the most of this energy look to the places that hurt within or that call out for change. Sit with them, immerse yourself in the energies of the New Moon and allow these processes to be catalyzed. Those seeking to merge their energies with another – be it in a financial, sexual or shamanic sense – consider your choice carefully before engaging. The theme of sexual and energetic boundaries comes up strongly at this time for a wide variety of reasons. Different cultures have also understood this time of year as one in which the veil is thin and use this time to honor the Ancestors. Practice grounding and energetic protection – more so than usual – for those of you into the more .. magical side of things. You will see the culmination, or at the very least, germination of energetic seeds set at this time during the Scorpio Full Moon (May 10-11, 2017).

Sun-Moon conjunct Hebe (8 Scorpio): Hebe´s focus is on healing the wounds that surround the (perceived) loss of innocence. Rhodochrosite (the gemstone) and Rose essential oil will go a long way in working through such wounds. If pregnant, avoid certain oils (including Rose).

Sun-Moon trine Child (7 Pisces): Child, the asteroid, can refer to one´s inner child, relationships with one´s children, and so on. It carries a wide range of connotations. Inner-child issues that arise now may strongly be linked with past-life experiences, or simply experiences that do not resonate with a more logical, conscious, rational experience / narrative of life. Don´t judge what comes up. Just hold it in loving space. The Rose-Rhodocrosite combination will, again, be beneficial here.

Sun-Moon conjunct Mercury (9 Scorpio): Long story short, we find messages, perspectives, information and ideas emerge from the Shadow, be it experienced as an alternate dimension, shamanic construct or the deeper urgings of the subconscious. One may also find these messages come through intimate partner/s, shaman/kas and/or anyone who works with you at a profound energetic level. As Scorpio is involved – be sure that the messages you receive are both given and interpreted in an authentic form. Power is Scorpio´s gift and weakness. Do not succumb to false displays of strength or mastery and seek a deeper answer.

Mercury (9 Scorpio) conjunct Terpsichore (9 Scorpio) trine Neptune (9 Pisces) sextile North Node (9 Virgo) trine South Node (9 Pisces), etc.: Mercury, in terms of exact aspects, gets a lot more action than the Sun-Moon combination itself. Just as a general overview – pay attention to the messages that come through the subconscious / intimate partners, etc. Pay attention to signals that come through meditative states, dreams, visions, and so on. Sleep is a great healer and revealer at this time. If unduly stressed try working with the Lepidolite gemstone and/or Lavender essential oil. Some of you may also find the movement of the body in sacred dance to be especially cathartic at this time.

Neptune (9 Pisces) conjuncts South Node (9 Pisces): Release, Release, Release – that´s the name of the game. .. Let Sleep and Sacred Surrender guide you through the Veil. It´s time to let go of karmic baggage borne through the life-cycles. You´ll also be accessing long-forgotten gifts, if you allow yourself to do so (and if it´s the right time for them to emerge). Let go of the baggage and head on over to the North Node (9 Virgo). It´s time to find paths of healing, wholeness and service that are more rooted in the here-and-now. De-cluttering your psychic and physical space emerges as a key theme. Smoky quartz would be the stone of choice here.

Saturn (14 Sagittarius) conjuncts Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) and Venus (15 Sagittarius) and Isis (15 Sagittarius): I was wondering what was up as I kept getting drawn to Venus in the skies (here in Brisbane, Australia). She was so very bright two nights ago …. The Saturn-Venus connection asks us to look at our romantic, financial and other relationships of consequence and to ask ourselves – what – if any – is the long-term plan or potential here? Is the relationship / business / value system in alignment with the larger legacy we seek to build in the world? Or the path that we wish to travel?

The Great Attractor pulls and pushes us away from such choices without traversing much of a middle ground. Watch whom or what you get drawn to or pulled away from at this time.

Isis´ role in this alignment is a multifaceted one (given the nature of the Goddess herself). However, it would be safe to say that the relationship / connection / material bridge you build through Saturn and Venus would be one that needed to nurture the Feminine, in whatever form She chose to manifest. This would explain why I saw an Ankh (energetically speaking) surrounding Venus when I was looking up at her the other night. Isis has been coming through loud and clear in the meditative work I´ve been doing recently.

Eris (22 Aries) square Mars (23 Capricorn) sextile Circe (22 Gemini) trine Magdalena (22 Sagittarius) trine Iris (23 Sagittarius) trine Ixion (23 Sagittarius) trine Hera (21 Leo) opposite Haumea (23 Libra), Klotho (23 Libra) and Apophis (22 Libra) – – – and conjunct Uranus (21 Aries):

There are other aspects in the skies, but this is the last one I wanted to consider in this article. Long story short – Eris – The Dark Goddess – activates 6 Feminine / Goddess archetypes in the skies, as per the software I´m using. We´re asked to look at the multiple channels through which this energy emerges, bringing with it the need to re-structure the world and collective consciousness. I´ve written quite a bit on the Eris-Uranus alignments in the past and on the challenges of channelling the Dark Goddess, so I´m just going to leave those links at the end of this article for those who need a refresher.

There is a propensity to aggrandize or pedestalize all that we label as ´Goddess´ as being ´sacred´, ´holy´ and so on. Whilst there is so much of the Feminine that has been suppressed or kept hidden by patriarchal structures of thought and power, there´s a lot of the Feminine that´s also heavily distorted, in and of itself. Whilst in no way do I justify or condone patriarchy, there´s also a lot of energetic baggage associated with the archetype of the Goddess Herself. As more and more of us turn to the old ways and forgotten traditions, it is also useful to remember that so much of these were unbalanced, in their own ways. Let us not overlook that as we explore our relationship with Her. Those of us who remember the old practices will be able to speak to this need for caution, alongside embrace.

Eris´ square to the Mars also speaks of the need to bridge out to the Sacred Masculine and to recognize its equal status. The two halves make a whole. Shaming one and elevating another will only lead to a different type of imbalance in the long run.

Bringing it all together, it´s a very potent New Moon and one that asks us to surrender to the depths of our spiritual experiences and journeys, especially with the archetype of The Dark Goddess . True Alchemy and Transmutation is possible here, but only when we are willing to suspend the mind and it´s pre-judgements of what is powerful, sacred, authentic, and so on. You will see the culmination, or at the very least, germination of energetic seeds set at this time during the Scorpio Full Moon (May 10-11, 2017).

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For those of you in Australia, you may also want to consider attending gatherings/workshops in which I will be presenting on this and related material:

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Nov 9 – The Goddess In The Stars: An exploration of the Feminine Archetypes in Astrology (Melbourne)
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Just drop me a note to indicate interest in any of these events / gatherings or stay tuned.

Blessings and Love To The Collective,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: By Ägyptischer Maler um 1360 v. Chr. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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    Let’s not forget the Goddess of power herself Sekhmet rising on the ascendant near Brisbane, 1* away from Jupiter. Welcome to Australia, have a wonderful trip!

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    You put in hard work to facilitate guidance. On ya Bairavee x


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