At 13:52 UTC time on November 14th 2016, we will experience the full force of a Supermoon. The Taurus Full Moon will be at its closest point to the Earth than it has been in the past seventy years!

In energetic terms, it means that this lunation will be felt even more strongly than usual (depending on where you are in and how you process).

Astrologically speaking, we can connect the energy of this Full Moon to its preceding New Moon in Taurus  (7th May 2016). Back then, the Sun/Moon trined Pluto and many other aspects in alignment brought us the possibility to engage with an emergent ” form of consciousness that honors and engages with the material realm” .

It is the seeds of that New Moon that we now experience and are called to realize or bring into being.

Taurus is the energy of the Earth, its Abundance and Material forms and the relationships or arrangements that sustain it. Scorpio connects more powerfully to the Shadow realms beneath, within and without, bringing with it the energy of death, transmutation, alchemy and rebirth. There is so much more that can be said on either sign.

The Taurus Moon at 22 degrees conjuncts Sedna (25 Taurus) and Hekate (26 Taurus). We are asked to journey (immediately) to the darker, more hidden, dis-acknowledged, taboo, intimidating, powerful spaces within the psyche. The body, its sexuality, its physical experience are the key to unlocking these deeper experiences. The language and experience of embodiment that transcends (or simply bypasses) the cerebral or conceptual being is calling out for engagement. Get back in your body, your breath, your blood, your being – and you will instantly be transported into that space.

If that process makes you feel too vulnerable or unstable, practice self-care and/or find a facilitator you trust to make that Journey / Descent.

Sedna is the Woman who becomes a Goddess through her Surrender into Darkness. In mythology, She is thrown overboard from a boat by her father, into icy waters. She seeks to cling onto life with her fingers, and they too are chopped and thrown in after Her. Despite the trauma of absolute betrayal, Sedna is able to Surrender to Spirit in entirety, existing outside of the polarity of the victim-abuser dynamic. She allows herself to Surrender to the depths and in so doing, is transformed into a Protectoress of the Oceans. Her story inspires those of us who still grieve from the wounds of deep trauma and betrayal, especially through the figure of the Patriarch.

Hekate is the Goddess of the Crossroads. She is the Crone who patiently waits for us in the caverns of the Underworld with her lantern lit, her eyes kind, tired, wise – yet alive with the possibility of Choosing. To me, She is the Grandmother in the Darkness. She is the Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, Source-ery (borrowing a phrase from The Book of Stones) and Journeys Beneath/Within. She shows us that we always have guidance, even in the darkest of places and asks us to Trust in the Process and our Freedom to Choose the Path.

With The Moon – Sedna – Hekate conjunct, this Full Moon brings the energy of these ´Dark´ or Shadow Goddesses in full focus. A perfect time for making the Journey, or Descent into Shadow. Remember to practice energetic protection, stay grounded and/or seek a facilitator who knows how to navigate these realms directly. Shamanism provides a powerful conceptual framework and tools to do so, but again – find the right person to work with.

The Sun (22 Scorpio) conjuncts Astraea (21 Scorpio), Hygeia, Ceto and Black Moon Lilith (19 Scorpio). Long story short – it´s more of the themes described above. Hygeia tells us we can find healing through this journey, Ceto asks us not to fear but to befriend the Serpent/Dragon who appears (with some caution exercised), Lilith tells us of the Goddess-who-Awaits us Beneath and Astraea – well – She tells us that this process of Descent was woven into being by the Stars long, long ago … and is a part of our collective attempt at finding Balance once more.

The only warning that comes to mind is the of the Games that the Ego will play as part of this Process. Watch for games of projection, flights of fantasy, shortcuts that seek to lead you to power too soon, too quickly. Watch for the mind playing its game of control … and simply wave. It´s simply a part of the larger process.

There are more asteroids and bodies that add layers of complexity in the analysis of this alignment, but in substance – it´s pretty much covered here.

Our task here is not to Whitewash the Darkness or seek to Transmute it. It is an intrinsic and utterly interwoven part of our being. If at all there is a task beyond Understanding and Acceptance .. it is in recognizing where our Shadow hides our gifts – and our weaknesses (gifts not yet realized). And to bring these back to the The Surface – into embodied, Material, Tangible Reality.

Get ready to get deep – and to Face the Shadow … Again. Call on your guides … and prepare to take a Leap of Faith.

You never know where you´ll end up, or the world that you will partly manifest into being.

Tools: Labradorite, Merlinite (Gemstone), Black Pepper & Frankincense (Oils)


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post & Image ´Earth Mother from William Ricketts Sanctuary, Mount Dandenong´ © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved.

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    Duidelijk dus 😃😃 zie tekst.

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    Nog wat anders ken jij het transformatie spel? Ik heb die doos al jaren staan maar nog nooit gedaan. Zag dat iemand het weer als Workshop aanbiedt
    Van: Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam
    Verzonden: maandag 14 november 2016 06:52:23

    Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” At 13:52 UTC time on November 14th 2016, we will experience the full force of a Supermoon. The Taurus Full Moon will be at its closest point to the Earth than it has been in the past seventy years! In energetic terms, it means that this lunation will b”


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